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…Žudije are the guardians of the tomb of Christ (In Croatian: čuvari Kristova groba) which is a predominantly Catholic tradition in the region of Dalmatia, Croatia. Their name is of greco-roman origin and most probably means a Jew. Žudije…

Zvike Nevo’s documentary, which unfolds in chronological order from Gutter’s birth in Lodz in 1932, is mostly about his survival as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Zhirinovsky was born in Almaty, the capital of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, modern-day Kazakhstan. His father, Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein (or Wolf Andreyevich Eidelshtein), was a Jew from Poland, and his mother, Alexandra…

Zhao Yingcheng 赵映乘 (Hebrew name: Moshe ben Abram; 1619-1657?) was a mandarin in China during the Ming dynasty and a Jew. He and his brother Zhao Yingdou, also a mandarin, held important government posts in the 1660s.

… cosmonauts with greenery at the Russian (later International) Space Station for decades. He was trained and prepared as a cosmonaut himself but scandalously removed from the Program for seducing the daughter of the Program’s Director. It didn’t help either that he was a Jew and not a Communist Party Member at the time.

… population, less than 7 percent of the budget is allocated to Palestinian citizens. He describes the 1.5 million Arab citizens of Israel as second-class citizens while four million more are not citizens at all. He states that a Jew from any…

Yossele the Holy Miser was a Jew who lived in medieval Poland in the Kazimierz Jewish quarter of Kraków. His apparent stinginess but hidden generosity is at the center of a well-known tale of Jewish folklore that speaks to one of the…

Years pass and Ezra grows to become a successful jeweler, well known to be so good and a Jew. Hannah (Meena Kumari) grows into a beautiful young lady and attracts attention from many. The Emperor of Rome arrives in Rome for the marriage of his son Prince Marcus (Dilip Kumar) to Brutus’ niece Princess Octivia (Nigar Sultana).

Years later, a grown Hannah (Rattan Bai) is rescued by the Roman Marcus (K. L. Saigal) from Roman soldiers who have accosted her. Since Marcus is in disguise of a Jew, Hannah believes him to be one and brings him home. The two fall in love…

Yakov Aleksandrovich Slashchov (Яков Александрович Слащёв; 1885-1929) was a leading commander of Baron Wrangel’s Crimean army who reconciled to the Soviets and returned from Constantinople to Moscow in 1921. He was killed in his Moscow apartment by a Jew named Lazar Kalenberg, apparently in revenge for the execution of his brother.

Soviet choreography. However, as at the time a large-scale anti-Semitic campaign was going on, Yakobson, who was a Jew, was fired from the theater. Nevertheless, Shurale remained popular with the audience and continued to be shown for a long…

Yahudi Ki Ladki (The Daughter of a Jew), published in 1915, became his best known work. In the coming years, it became a classic in Parsi-Urdu theatre. It was adapted several times in the silent film and early talkies eras, notably Yahudi Ki Ladki (1933) by New Theatres, and by Bimal Roy, as Yahudi (1958) starring Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari and Sohrab Modi.

X was a lifelong bachelor but married a Jew on December 1, 1935. He was a Mischling but on December 1 he will be classified as a Jew.

X has one Jewish and one non-Jewish parent, who never marry. He is born 10 August 1936. He is classified as a Jew. If he had been born two weeks earlier (e.g. 27 July 1936), he may have been classified as a Mischling (1st degree), depending on when his parents married (or if they did at all).

X has one Jewish and one non-Jewish parent and they are married 15 October 1935. He is born two years thereafter. He is classified as a Jew. Same result if he is born 1 November 1935.

X had left the Jewish religious community but rejoins it on 1 December 1935. He was a Mischling but on 1 December he will be classified as a Jew.

X had been married to a Jew for years but on 1 November 1935, their divorce becomes final. He is a Mischling (1st degree) as a result. If the divorce proceedings had lasted for two more weeks, he would be classified as (and would always remain) a Jew.

X had always worshiped as a Jew but on 1 November 1935 he converted to Catholicism. He is a Mischling (1st degree) as a result. If he had waited two more weeks to convert, he would be classified as (and would always remain) a Jew.

Wolff was born in Berlin, Germany. After a career as a commercial photographer in Germany, Wolff emigrated to the United States. A Jew, he left Berlin for New York in the late 1930s. In 1939 in New York his childhood friend Alfred Lion had co-founded Blue Note Records (with…

Wolf’s memoir, My New Orleans, Gone Away, was published by Delphinium Books in 2013. The book, which reached the New York Times e-book best seller list in 2016, celebrates New Orleans and explores the issue of growing up as a Jew in the South.

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