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…Żaneta Hortwitz was born in Warsaw, into a Jewish family, as a daughter of Gustaw Horowitz (1844-1882) and Julia née Kleinmann (1845-1912). Her paternal grandfather, Lazar, was the Chief Rabbi of Vienna. Her family changed their name to…

…Źmitrok Biadula was born Shmuel Yefimovich Plavnik on April 23, 1886 in the small town of Pasadziec in Vilna Governorate (now in Lahoysk Raion, Minsk Voblast) to a Jewish family.

…Švenčionys or Svintsyan Ghetto was a Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Švenčionys (pre-war Second Polish Republic, post-war Lithuanian SSR). It operated from July 1941 to April 1943. At its peak, the ghetto housed some 1,500 prisoners. It was…

…Šterk was born into a Jewish family, to father Vjekoslav-Alois Šterk and mother Lina (née Jelinek). In Zagreb he finished elementary school and graduated from the Gymnasium. Šterk participated in the World War I and was imprisoned in…

…Štajnberger was born on 15 February 1916 in Zagreb to a Jewish family of Mavro Štajnberger. In his early youth he joined the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia. In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War he went to Spain as a volunteer, soon…

…Šolom Moiseevič Dvolajckij (Шолом Моисеевич Дволайцкий, S. M. Dvolaitsky; 1893-1937) was a Jewish economist active in the Soviet Union.

…Šlomović was born in Đakovo (Austro-Hungarian Empire) in 1915 to a Jewish family of Bernard and Roza Šlomović. He had a brother, Egon.

…Šiauliai was the second largest city in independent pre-war Lithuania, and its Jewish community, numbering 8,000 in 1939, was the second largest in the country. The city had elected a Jewish deputy mayor. Jews were involved in the…

…Šajber was born in Gradina, near Virovitica, to a Jewish family, Scheiber. His family suffered terrible devastation during the Holocaust, 37 of its 42 members have been killed by Ustaše.

…Şalom is a Jewish weekly newspaper published in Turkey. Its name is the Turkish spelling of the Hebrew word שלום (Shalom). It was established on 29 October 1947 by the Turkish Jewish journalist Avram Leyon. It is printed in Istanbul and is…

… were sent to Sobibor death camp and died. By that, the Jewish community of Łęczna had ceased to exist.Nowadays, a few Jewish establishments from the past still exist in town, among them the big synagogue, hosting the local museum, the small museum, hosting a local library and a Jewish cemetery.

…Łaźnia Nowa Theatre was preceded by Łaźnia Theatre, located in Kazimierz (former Jewish district of Kraków). The theatre was originally located in a cellar which used to serve as a Jewish mikvah, hence the name łaźnia (public bath in Polish). After the theatre was moved to the district of Nowa Huta (literally New Steelworks), the word Nowa (New) was added to its name.

…Émile Waldteufel (German for forest devil) was born at 84 Grand’Rue in the centre of Strasbourg. His grandfather and father were both musicians; his mother Flora Neubauer, originally from Bavaria had been a student of Hummel and had met Haydn; she was a keen singer and dancer also. From a Jewish Alsatian family of musicians, the original family surname had been Lévy. His father Louis had a respected orchestra, and his brother Léon was a successful performer. When Léon won a place to study violin performance at the Conservatoire de Paris, the family followed him there.

…Élie Semoun was born in France to a Jewish family of Moroccan and Algerian origin. In 1980 at the age of 17, Semoun wrote two collections of poems and two plays. Beginning in 1988, he had regular appearances on the television series Vivement lundi! on TF1, where he played a horse mounted on rollers.

…Éliane Levy-Valensi was born in Marseille to a Jewish family. In 1930 she moved with her parents to Saint-Mande (Val-de-Marne) near Paris.

…Édouard’s grandfather Édouard Dreyfus (1788-1866) was a Jewish shopkeeper in Wissembourg, who moved to Paris. His father, Auguste Dreyfus (1827-1897) had ventured to Peru where he became rich from trading in guano and converted to Catholicism. He married twice, his first wife died in Peru, the second time, again in Peru, he married to Luisa María González de Orbegoso, Marquise of Villa Hermosa, who was the mother of Édouard. Édouard graduated as Bachelor of Law (1897), Bachelor of Maritime Law (1897), then Doctor of Law (1903).

Zádor was born in Budapest in 1904 to a Jewish family. She took a degree in Art History at Pázmány Péter University. She volunteered to work for Professor Antal Hekler at the Eötvös Loránd University for a decade.

Zábřeh was originally a Czech town with a German minority and a Jewish community. Most Jews were killed during the Nazi occupation and the Germans were expelled in 1945. Abandoned houses were occupied by Czechs from different parts of the Czech Republic.

Zylberfarb was born in Rovno in 1876. In 1906 he became a founder of the group Vozrozhdenie and the Jewish Socialist Workers Party (SERP). From the very beginning he was a member of the Central Council of Ukraine (March 1917) as member of the United Jewish Socialist Workers Party. Zylberfarb was a member of Little Council. On July 27, 1917 he became a Jewish representative at the General Secretariat of Ukraine (regional government of the Russian Republic). During the October Revolution Zylberfarb became a member of the Regional Committee in Protection of Revolution in Ukraine. After the independence of Ukraine, Zylberfarb became a Minister of Jewish Affairs in Ukraine. During 1918 to 1920 he was a rector at the Jewish National University and the Society in support of development of Jewish Culture (Culture League) in Kiev. In 1921 Zylberfarb moved to Warsaw where he headed ORT. He died in Otwock in 1934, and was buried in Warsaw.

Zwigoff was born in Appleton, Wisconsin to a Jewish family of dairy farmers. Raised in Chicago, Zwigoff moved to San Francisco in the 1970s and met cartoonist Robert Crumb, who shared his interest in pre-war American roots music. Zwigoff, who plays cello and mandolin, joined Crumb’s string band R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders with whom he recorded several records.

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