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… liability. Zuzu is an adrenaline junkie who is competitive, loud, and practically fearless. He’s impulsive and cool, quick to laugh at a joke, impatient when it comes to manners and protocol, and a good sport most of the time. Voiced in the UK by Joanna Ruiz and in the US by Katie Leigh.

Zsa Zsa and her friends uncover the body of Owen Turner (Lee Ross) in Albert Square’s gardens, and are horrified. The next day, Zsa Zsa makes a joke when Leon speaks after saying nothing all day, and he leaves. She finds him and…

Ziggy makes this comment as a joke to his (union) accomplice as they steal cars from the docks.

Yujin and Jeong-she were discussing their celebrities idols in their rooms and facial beauty in their room. The girls laughed out loud after sharing a joke.

Your LL Bean Boyfriend is a Tumblr blog showing models from the L.L. Bean catalog with romantic captions. It was started as a joke but has spawned a companion blog named Your LL Bean Girlfriend and several imitators. The blog has received…

Young-min visited Hae-yung while conducting lessons. He made a joke that there was an insect on her nose while they talked.

Young-min came out of the room and asked for his sister just as Fengguan entered the house. Hee-dong wondered if Shin cheng-shu, the man who wrote a letter to their family, was the singer himself. Young-min dismissed it as a joke.

… males. At age 85, Yorick is institutionalized following a joke interpreted as a suicide attempt. After imparting advice to one of his clones, he frees himself from his straitjacket and escapes.

… also just outside Yoon’s studio building. At first, Yoon takes it as a joke or prank call and tells the terrorist to proceed. He watches in shock as the caller follows through on the threat and detonates explosives that cause Mapo Bridge to collapse, killing innocent people and trapping others.

Yoji Shinkawa was in charge of designing the Orbital Frames, the games mechas. Initially, the Frames were to feature unique transformations, but he determined that flying and skating with Jehuty was enjoyable on its own. As a joke, Shinkawa…

… filming and dreams to be a successful director in the future, but his dream is often tossed around as a joke by people he knows, with the exception of Xiao Min. These three best friends complement each other, forming a strong friendship, but all this comes to a halt when Yi Jia finds herself pregnant.

… bolster morale and that there would have been no realistic hope of resisting a German assault. Even the Home Guard came to be seen as something of a joke, as exemplified by the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army. However, what can be seen today are just the most visible and robust remains of a massive programme of fortification undertaken in a very short period.

… threatening to reveal his clan to the world. He reluctantly joins, but doesn’t approve of being blackmailed and the idea of working with a gargoyle hunter. Yama also doesn’t like the idea of Fang joining (as he made a joke at the expense of a suicide).

Xircom was also equally innovative in its working environment. Employees were encouraged to express their creative natures, fostering a positive and creative environment where new ideas and efficiency flowed as easily as the waterfall in their indoor fish pond, which was originally constructed in front of the Engineering Vice President’s cubicle as a joke.

Writer Mike Schur made a cameo appearance in the episode, appearing in a photograph as Dwight’s Amish cousin Mose. The idea for Schur to be Dwight’s Amish cousin had been a joke among the writers since the first season. Mose was based on an actual participant, with the same name, on the UPN reality show Amish in the City.

… filling in such names on a ‘lifelines’ feature for the press as a joke. His first group in Birmingham in the early 1960s was the Falcons, which he left in 1963 to join Gerry Levene and the Avengers. He then moved to Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders (the band later became the Idle Race). He attended the Moseley College of Art, but was expelled in 1964.

… boarder”. Referring to her as a boarder was supposedly a joke, however the way in which he treats her in the movie proves that this is her true position. She is merely a boarder, she has no claims or ownership to the property or the money and…

… probabilistic nature of the universe. There is also the idea that God interferes supernaturally in ways that mask the presence of the supernatural – perhaps at the quantum level where scientists cannot precisely determine anything. This tends toward making a joke of everything scientists strive for.

… after attempt and pass for two. Blake scrambles and finally finds Banks in the end zone to win the game. Dean Elias wanted to get rid of the football program and sees the new players as a joke, but TSU president Purcell fired him when he found out he was trying to get rid of the football program.

With the assistance of San Jose producer Controller 7, the group also created a joke video on YouTube called Rick James the B-Boy from Buffalo. Unrelated to the album, the video features Double K imitating Rick James while he raps to classic hip hop tracks.

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