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…Žikić continued his career as a journalist, writing for music magazines and working on television and radio. He wrote theatre plays Elvira je kul (Elvira Is Cool), Overdouz (transliteration for Overdose) and Ples aveti (The Dance of the…

… then to Italy where he joined the Overseas Brigade of the Yugoslav Liberation Army and returned to Yugoslavia. After the war he worked as a journalist and studied Comparative literature and Slavic languages and literature at the University of…

Prague and actively engaged in politics. Since 1899 he also worked as a journalist in the party newspaper Právo lidu and as a public speaker. He also published several theoretical works.

… journalism. Šalčius later worked as a teacher in Šilutė district. He was a prominent critic of tsarist Russia so soon he had flee from political persecution. Then Šalčius began his first travel through China, Japan to the United States where he continued his work as a journalist.

…Şükran Moral (born in 1962 In Terme, Samsun) is a Turkish artist, best known for her exhibitions with her performances, videos and installations. Also, during the 80’s and 90’s, she wrote poetry and worked as a journalist and art critic in Turkey. Şükran Moral currently lives and works in Istanbul and Rome.

…Ştefan Secăreanu (born January 8, 1959, Chioselia Mare) is a journalist and politician from Moldova.

…Şevket Pamuk is the older brother of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk, and also has a younger half-sister, Hümeyra Pamuk, who is a journalist.

…Şerban was born in Buzău. Before 1989, he taught Marxism at Polytechnic University of Timișoara. After taking part in the Revolution, he became a member of the Timişoara Society and a journalist for Timişoara newspaper.

…Ľuba Lesná (born March 21, 1954) is a contemporary Slovak investigative journalist, filmmaker, novelist, and playwright. While her earlier work focused on plays, since Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution she has worked primarily as a journalist, writing also several books and a novel, Prípad medička (The Medical Student Case), being rewritten as a play. Lesná worked with Prime Minister Iveta Radičová, as an analyst in the Slovakian Office of the Government from 2010-2012.

…Đaja married three times. His first wife was French and she died young. He got married for the second time to a village teacher from Bavanište, Pančevo. They had a daughter, Ivanka Đaja-Milanković (1934-2002). Ivanka worked as a journalist in Sremska Mitrovica, where she died, though she spent a long time living in Canada. Already at the advanced age, he married for the third time, to Leposava Marković (1910-91). She was his former student and collaborator and worked as an assistant…

…Þóra Arnórsdóttir (born 18 February 1975), is an Icelandic media personality and a candidate for the presidential election in June 2012. She has worked as a journalist and news editor at the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. On 4 April 2012 she announced would stand against the incumbent, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, for the Presidency of Iceland.

…Østhagen was a journalist for Hamar Arbeiderblad from 1945. He was a member of Elverum municipality council from 1945 to 1947. From 1947 to 1951 he was vice mayor of Elverum. He served as a deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament…

…Østby was a journalist in the Elverum newspaper Østlendingen from 1949 to 1991; was involved in local politics in Elverum municipality between 1959 and 1967, and was a member of Hedmark county council from 1965 to 1967.

…Øksnevad was a journalist for Dagbladet from 1912 to 1920, was press attaché in Paris 1920 – 1924, and again journalist for Dagbladet 1924 – 1927. He was editor-in-chief for the regional newspaper Romsdalsposten 1927 – 1933.

…Øgrim has been a journalist since the late 1980s writing for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Dagens Naeringsliv, Ballade and Oslo Business Memo, and Oslo Innovation Magazine and Blue Frontier Magazine. He also is a speaker on topics relating to art and technology.

…Ömer Çelik worked as a journalist and political scientist. He joined the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and became political advisor to the party leader.

… 2000. Before participating in politics, Ólína worked as a journalist, reporter and TV-anchor at the State Broadcasting Station (RÚV) from 1987 to 1990.

…Ó Gadhra relocated to Dublin following his graduation where he began reporting as a journalist for both broadcast and print media. He began working for as a reporter for the Irish language publication, Inniu in 1966. He also began working…

…Éva Vica Kerekes – Zuzana – A journalist and a love interest of Vedral. She later helps Cajthaml.

…Éva Circé-Côté (1871-1949), born Éva Circé in Montreal, was a journalist, a poet, a librarian and established the first public library in Montreal in 1903. She wrote under several pseudonyms during her lifetime, including: Colombine, Musette, Jean Nay, Fantasio, Arthur Maheu, Julien Saint-Michel, Paul S. Bédard.

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