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…Κyriaki Sto Horio (Sunday in the village) – A journey to different towns and villages across the country, giving viewers a glimpse at life in rural Greece, the traditions, music, culture, history and problems that the residents face. An…

Belgrade. Thus, Ilija also moved to Belgrade for his studies. As a student in 1905 he joined Serbian Chetniks. That same winter he made a journey to Macedonia to scout the situation and next year he joined the unit of Aksentije Bacetović („Baceta Rujanac“) and took part in battles as well as in national propaganda in Macedonia.

… the fleeting impressions of the moment. He greets the gently rolling hills and coolness of the forest and delights in the view of the Danube valley below with its widening rivers and vistas. In Put (A Journey), a magnanimous allegory, Branko…

… him that year and enabled him to undertake a journey to Paris. This stay allowed him to become familiar with the Cubist painters, who did not however find favour in his eyes – apart from Roger de La Fresnaye – as, in his opinion, they simply…

… sadistic Dr. Matarga, they still open a portal to the after life with disastrous consequences. Along the way they each take a journey to the sides of each of them.

Geneva, Konstanz, Lausanne, Lucerne, Munich, Romanshorn, St. Gallen and Winterthur. There are some 13 trains per hour to Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Zürich’s main city centre station, with a journey time of between 10 and 15 minutes. By changing trains at Hauptbahnhof, most other places in Switzerland can be reached in a few hours.

Zyro is a young boy who saw Gingka’s final battle seven years ago and has wanted to become a Blader ever since. With his Bey, Samurai Ifrit, he sets out on a journey to become a great Blader following the same path as Gingka’s.

Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room is a 2012 book by Geoff Dyer.

Zoe and Taro make a cameo appearance in LostMagic, a later game developed by Taito. They appear older than they were in Magic Pengel, Taro in particular seems to have aged a bit. The fact that they’re a bit older and on a journey (like the one they left on at the end of Magic Pengel) suggests that LostMagic takes place some time after Magic Pengel.

… several years, where he worked as a teacher. However, he continued his artistic research and in 1898 he started out on a journey through Europe, developing close contacts above all with the French landscapists. He took part in the Esposizioni…

Zhivopisets was notable for its political sharpness and variety of satirical genres. The magazine published Отрывок путешествия в*** И*** Т*** (A Fragment of a Journey to*** I*** T***) and Письма к Фалалею (Letters to Falaley), which…

… a royal cash advance for such a journey to Zelenka along with fellow composers Christian Petzold and Johann Georg Pisendel. New documents concerning the arrival of Petzold and Pisendel in Italy have now surfaced. Since Zelenka was not travelling with his colleagues, it now seems very unlikely that he made the trip to Venice.

Zayd’s wife Safiya disliked his travels to Syria. Whenever she saw him preparing for a journey, she reported it to al-Khattab, who would reproach Zayd for abandoning their religion. Zayd did not bother to explain himself to al-Khattab, but he rebuked Safiya for trying to humiliate him.

Zandvliet puts his outlines directly on the canvas, or paper. He doesn’t sketch out his idea, but likes to make his work like a journey. He never knows how the final work will going to be. Lines are important for him. With the lines he expresses the feeling in the figure that he draws. The colors he uses are psychedelic and contrasting.

Zanardelli focused his attention on the issue of the South: in September 1902 he undertook a journey through Basilicata – one of the poorest regions in Italy – to see for himself the problems in the Mezzogiorno. Zanardelli was unable to…

… music teacher at the Jesuit school in Munich, for several brief periods of time. The last mentions of Zach in contemporary sources indicate that in January 1773 he was at the Wallerstein court, and according to the Frankfurt Kayserliche Reichs-Ober-Post-Amts-Zeitung of 5 June 1773 he died on a journey, at Ellwangen. Zach was buried in the local church of St Wolfgang.

… a stone within his village, which determines him as the next Hero. Due to these events, Yoshihiko must embark on a journey to the Evil King’s castle to find a cure for the plague that has stricken his village. Along the way, he finds many new companions and allies, who help Yoshihiko reach his ultimate goal.

… worked on his geography, the first draft of which was ready in 1224. After a journey to Alexandria in 1227 he went to Aleppo, where he died in 1229.

… southern Belgium. Thus begins a journey across Wallonia, on which they face unsettling encounters with random people and humorous situations.

… motivate and inspire collective projects amongst the present-day proletariat. Characters throughout traditional Russian folktales often found themselves on a journey of self-discovery, a process that led them to value themselves not as…

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