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Zélie and her friends arrive at the White Coffin. Watching Pierre win a knife fight and performing a wild dance with one of the club’s showgirls, she is intrigued and strikes up a conversation with him. Pierre recognises her from the…

Zsasz is later seen again in the Gotham Underground story arc where, in issue 3, he appears in a disguised Batmans cell at Blackgate Prison and attempts to kill him with a knife. He ends up cutting Batmans arm just as he was waking up and the resulting fight ends with Zsasz being knocked unconscious and Batman being rushed to the hospital.

Zest is used in some cocktails not only for flavor and aroma but also for color as a garnish. For use as a cocktail garnish, zest often is cut in a long spiral called a twist. Cocktails featuring a twist include Dry Martini and Horse’s Neck. For maximum flavor and aroma, as in mulled wine, zest is simply cut from the fruit with a knife.

Zero Tolerance Knives (ZT Knives) is a knife brand of Kai USA, headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, United States. Both Zero Tolerance and Kai USA are members of the KAI Group, a global cutlery company.

Sinbad kills it with a knife. Zenobia takes what is left of her potion, turns into a gull, and flies back…

… characteristics. Sent by McCullen with the Baroness and Storm Shadow, Zartan breaks into the Pit and disguises himself as a G.I. Joe Pit member. He murders Cover Girl with a knife as she reports to General Hawk, taking them by surprise. When the…

… watched and waited as Ally entered the women’s bathroom. According to police reports and a later confession by the killer, when Ally opened the door to leave the restroom, Paul Leahy stood in the doorway with a knife in his right hand and shoved…

Zal used one of the feathers he received from Simurgh when his wife Rudabeh was in a difficult labour and it looked like she would lose her life as well as the unborn baby. The Simurgh appeared and instructed him to run a feather across his wife’s belly like a knife. That is how Rostam was born.

Mamezo acts as Agemaki’s partner instead. Mamezo provides Zakuro a branch of cherry blossoms which can be used as a knife by pulling one out of his mouth.

… acceptance from Agemaki, whom she trusts. As the series progress she falls in love with Kei but doesn’t know how to express her feelings. When she fights spirits, Mamezo provides her with a branch of cherry blossoms that turns into a knife.

Young women surround the Academy, waiting to take their places as students. Cordelia officially invites Queenie and Zoe to be her Council and they accept. Downstairs, Fiona (Jessica Lange) awaits her. Fiona expounds that the Axeman (Danny Huston) assisted her, and that she implanted a vision into him of killing her. Even though Fiona is quite ill and aged, she is still trying to make good on her plan to kill the new Supreme. Fiona expounds that when Cordelia was born, Fiona knew of her impending mortality and that she must die for her daughter to truly live. Cordelia laments that Fiona was always her villain. Handing Cordelia a knife, Fiona insists that her daughter put her out of her misery, now that she is powerless. Cordelia declares that no one can help her move on to the end, and that Fiona must let herself go. As they hug, Fiona dies in Cordelia’s arms. Fiona awakes, young and restored, to a rooster crowing outside a farmhouse, where the Axeman’s vision of an idyllic life together is played out. She is repulsed, and he tells her that every morning she awakes unaware of what has transpired; she wants Cordelia back. While this place and situation are the Axeman’s heaven, for Fiona, they are her hell. In the background, Papa Legba (Lance Reddick), having claimed Fiona’s soul, smiles at her.

Young two boys between 8 and 14 years are taught Kuthiyottam, a ritual dance in the house amidst a big social gathering before the portrait of the deity. Early in the morning on Bharani, after the feast and other rituals, the boys whose body is pierced with a silver wire, one end of which is tied around their belly and an arecanut fixed on the tip of a knife held high over their head are taken in procession to the temple with the accompaniment of beating of drums, music, ornamental umbrellas, and other classical folk art forms, and richly caparisoned elephants.All through the way to the temple tender coconut water will be continually poured on their body. After the circumambulation the boys stands at a position facing the Sreekovil (Sanctum Sanctorum) and begins to dance. This ceremony ends with dragging the wire pierced to the skin whereby a few drops of blood comes out. Kuthiyotta Kalaris’, run by Kuthiyotta Asans (Teachers or leaders), train the group to perform the dances and songs. Normally, the training starts about one to two months before the season.Boys of this locality received well training in performing Kuthiyotta chuvadu (dance)and paattu (song) from their childhood itself.

Young reporter Tintin, his dog Snowy, and his friend Captain Haddock spend an evening at the music hall. There, they witness the performance of a clairvoyant, Madame Yamilah, who predicts the illness of one of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition members, who recently returned from an archaeological expedition to the Andes mountains. They also view the act of a knife thrower whom Tintin recognises as General Alcazar, former President of San Theodoros. Meeting him backstage, Alcazar introduces them to his Indio assistant, Chiquito, and learn that he was deposed (once again) by his rival General Tapioca.

You can cut the atmosphere with a knife as the teachers retire to decide which one is this year’s winner, and when Sarah makes a surprise appearance to wish all three of her fellow ladettes the very best of luck, there is relief and genuine joy. After all the deliberations, the trials and tribulations, Ms Harbord finally emerges to announce that this year’s winner is Nicole and there isn’t a dry eye left in the house.

Yangjiang is the base of Yangjiang Shibazi, a knife manufacturer.

Yancy owns a riverboat, the Sultana. (The actual riverboat of the same name sank from a fire/explosion on April 27, 1865, with a great loss of life, including returning Union soldiers.) His weapons of choice are four-barrel Sharps pepperbox derringer handguns carried concealed (one held by a clamp inside the top of his hat, one in his vest’s left pocket under his jacket and one up his jacket’s left sleeve in a wrist holster) and a knife in his belt. (A belt buckle inset with a toy single-barrel derringer, sold by Mattel at the time and popularly associated with Yancy, did not resemble anything that the character actually used.) He is an expert marksman. He also carries a cane or a riding crop with hidden swords and is said to have iron fists: one punch and his opponent remains unconscious for a day. Yancy dresses elegantly, most often in a white suit with a long coat, ruffled white shirt, a silk vest, a sash instead of a belt, a black under-the-collar bow tie, and a white flat-topped straw hat with curled brim.

Xander gets himself a car in the hope it will make him useful and cool. At the Bronze, Xander rear-ends Jack who is sitting in a parked car. Jack threatens Xander with a knife, but when a cop shows up, Xander covers for Jack and gains his respect. They go to get the rest of Jack’s friends who, being dead, need to be raised from their graves.

Wylde remained in the first start at the start of the season, making ten appearance until he suffered a groin injury, resulting a knife. Wylde made his return, where he came on as a substitute for Kenny McLean, in a 1-0 loss against Motherwell on 20 December 2014. Weeks later on 1 January 2015, Wylde scored his first goal of the season, where he scored from a penalty in the last minutes, in a 2-1 loss against Kilmarnock. Wylde was released by Saints at the end of his contract, following the club’s relegation from the Scottish Premiership.

Wrote Daily Telegraph critic Neil McCormick:DeVille and his band reached deep into blues and soul, the classic romantic pop of Ben E. King and The Drifters, with a side order of Spanish spices and New Orleans Zydeco swing. They favoured castanets over tom-toms, and accordion over distorted guitars, and Willy delivered his vocals with a sweet, tuneful flexibility that brought out the emotional resonance beneath his nasal sneer. What the wiry, dapper DeVille had that tied him to fellow CBGB resident bands like The Ramones, Television, Blondie and Talking Heads was an edge. He was drawing on some of the same musical areas that Bruce Springsteen’s epic rock dipped into, but Willy was an entirely different creature, a macho dandy in a pompadour and pencil mustache, with the dangerous air of a New York gangfighter and an underbelly vulnerability that came out through the romanticism of his music. Springsteen sounded like he was your friend in desperate times. DeVille sounded like he couldn’t quite decide whether to serenade you or pull a knife on you.

Writing ink is usually water-based and is much less viscous than the oil-based inks used in printing. High quality paper, which has good consistency of absorption, enables cleaner lines, although parchment or vellum is often used, as a knife can be used to erase imperfections and a light-box is not needed to allow lines to pass through it. Normally, light boxes and templates are used to achieve straight lines without pencil markings detracting from the work. Ruled paper, either for a light box or direct use, is most often ruled every quarter or half inch, although inch spaces are occasionally used. This is the case with litterea unciales (hence the name), and college-ruled paper often acts as a guideline well.

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