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… particularly vulnerable to any possible sea level rises caused by global warming. There is also a lack of land for specifically designated rugby pitches.

… of autism disorder: the social and communication barriers and the narrow interest and attention to detail. Baron-Cohen associated the social and communication barriers with a lack of empathy, not only a lack of theory of mind but also an…

… included outbreaks of Typhus and Shigellosis, a lack of gas and electricity, and widespread homelessness and orphancy. By the end of the summer of 1945, schools had re-opened and Hohenschönhausen Castle began functioning as a hospital,…

… and states a lack of will to denounce false opinions and prejudice because of that connection. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called it the first anthology about conspirational thinking in the humanities and a serious and readable contribution to the field.

… futuristic idealism. Only two issues of the magazine were published. A third one was prepared but never published, owing to the controversy surrounding the magazine and a lack of money. Today, Orpheu is known for being one of the finest and most important examples of Portuguese literature, and for introducing modernism in Portugal.

… long wings in place of arms, and stubby feet similar to Togepi’s. Its dove-like design is further referenced with its newly acquired empathy, as Togekiss will only appear when people respect one another and when there is a lack of strife within the area.

… the vmPFC was correlated with goal values and that the exertion of self-control required the modulation of the vmPFC by the DLPFC. The study found that a lack of self-control was strongly correlated with reduced activity in the DLPFC. Hare’s…

… newspapers and magazines; however, these are on the verge of dying out, due to a lack of interest on the part of the local (Hawaii-born) Japanese population. Stores that cater to the tourist industry often have Japanese-speaking personnel. To show their allegiance to the U.S., many Nisei and Sansei intentionally avoided learning Japanese.

Today, the town is overcrowded due to rapid population growth and a lack of town planning. Much of the agricultural land that produced figs, almonds, olives and carob has been confiscated or cut down by Israeli authorities, or has been absorbed into the expanding built-up area of Al-Eizariya.

Today, the terracotta sculptures are very highly sought after on the international art market, and so artifacts continue to be dug up without documentation of the contexts in which they were buried. A lack of extensive archaeological study…

Unterwasser by rack-and-pinion railway. While the lower section of this project between Appenzell and Wasserauen was built and is still part of today’s active railway network, the rest of it was halted due to a lack of funding. Finally,…

Today, the station purely acts as turning/shunting point for the thrice-weekly Transnet Freight Rail limestone traffic to Saiccor. As a result, the station still houses a diesel shunter. It also acts as the storage point for the unused carriages of the Blue Train, which have been vandalised through a lack of permanent staffing of the site.

Today, the city attracts a wide variety of creative manufacturing, art producers, and light industrial companies wanting to lease space in the area. There is a lack of available land for new construction, and the demand for affordable,…

Today, the National Troupe Folk Art Center or the National Dance of Ariana practice the traditional dances Tunisian dances. The national archives notably suffer from a lack of documents related to these dances and folk arts.

… result of a lack of proper maintenance. Two exceptions to this process of decay are the Lima Cleaning and Pressing Company Building and the adjacent Armory-Latisona Building; these two historic buildings have been identified as key to the area’s historic nature.

… result of a lack of proper maintenance. Two exceptions to this process of decay are the Armory-Latisona Building and the adjacent Lima Cleaning and Pressing Company Building; these two historic buildings have been identified as key to the area’s historic nature.

… the United States, primarily in the south-central states (notably Texas), but with a range that extends as far east as South Carolina and Florida, and as far north as Nebraska and central Indiana. Their range has consistently expanded in North America over the last century due to a lack of natural predators.

Carl Perkins and The Carpenters. CCR toured from mid-1969 – 1972 using their own massive Kustom 400 PA system due to a lack of quality backline PA systems in venues at that time. As a result, CCR concerts were superior in sound quality, but the cost of transporting the equipment made touring a money losing deal for the band.

… due to a lack of demand. With the dedication of a new shopping center (The Cladow-Center), life has partially moved out from the village’s center. Nevertheless, this area still offers a rich, long-established selection of stores and restaurants.

Today, Cairo’s low quantity of parks has only been worsened by rapid increases in development and a lack of urban planning. Where green spaces do exist, they are poorly distributed and inadequately maintained. While some residents are…

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