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… angry on her younger sister. And it is soon later that Zubeida gets to know that her husband has secretly got married for the second time to a lady named, Neelam (Ayesha Khan Jr).

… after hearing an evangelical preacher and brought this witness to his mother and brother, who also became convinced of its truth. After neglecting to kiss a Greek Orthodox priest’s hand, Zodhiates was expelled from school. A lady named…

Yukiho’s distant relative, Reiko adopted Yukiho after her mother died. She is very strict in teaching Yukiho to behave like a lady.

Yug tries to prove that Chandan had lied to the court about his involvement in the murder. Virendra is jolted when he sees a lady at the crime scene wearing the same sari as Trishna had worn on that fateful night. Yug proves that Chandan…

… then-headquartered in modern Xuchang, Henan). His mother was a Lady Zhu, who was a sister to Zhu Quanzhong, the eventual founder of Later Liang but who predeceased the founding of the dynasty. In his youth, it was said that Yuan Xiangxian had a kind and generous disposition.

Your Baby Is a Lady is an LP album by Jackie DeShannon, released by Atlantic Records as catalog number SD-7303 in 1974.

Yoshino started to appear in the reproduction VTR of Fuji Television’s Wakatte chōdai!, and then she has a reputation for the S character because of Noch’s role as a lady played at Gyōretsu no dekiru Hōritsu Sōdanjo.

Years later in the 1970s Raymond Morrison would be in the music business and release a few reggae singles on the Hawk Records label as Ray Morrison or with a lady friend Tamara as Ram and Tam. He also managed a club in Swiss Cottage during the 1970s.

… uncle Menon. Karthy, a lady party worker with strong naxalite leanings develops a strong passion towards Shivan, but he is unaware of it. Vasu (Jayaram), his close friend since childhood, is a fun loving character, who always saves Shivan from several issues.

Wrenfordsley later joined the colonial service and was appointed as a puisne judge at Mauritius in 1877. Wrenfordsley was then appointed Attorney General of Jamaica, then on the death of Sir Archibald Burt in 1879, was made chief justice of Western Australia. He arrived there in the Bangalore on 5 March 1880 accompanied by a lady, probably his sister.

… effects to be removed, ostensibly because his rooms were needed for a lady and her maid. In reality, the landlord doubts Tellheim’s ability to pay, since he is already in arrears.

… second highest in the United States. An addition on the east, including a Lady chapel, designed by Charles T. Matthews, was constructed from 1901 to 1906. The Lady Chapel’s stained-glass windows were made between 1912 and 1930 by English…

… daughters learned the essentials of being a lady of the elite class, the arrangement encouraged and maintained valuable connections between Philadelphians of high status and southern planters.

Women who had been looked down upon as daughters of Eve, came to be regarded as objects of veneration and inspiration. The medieval development of chivalry, with the concept of the honor of a lady and the ensuing knightly devotion to it,…

… she wrote of fondly, “There was a lady, Mrs. Keckley, I knew, formerly from Baltimore, who proved to be an ardent friend to me in my great emergency….” Stewart was born free and Keckley a slave, but both women saw a need to be active in the burgeoning civil rights movement of the late 19th century.

… yellow ribbons, pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. As a very popular artist of the 17th century, the Dutch Golden Age, Vermeer depicted many women in similar circumstances within interior, domestic scenes. The same woman also appears in The Love Letter and A Lady Writing a Letter.

With the success of her first book, Bosnak abandoned the television industry altogether and began writing full-time. In 2006, her first novel, 20 Times a Lady, was published in the United States by HarperCollins. It served as the basis for…

With one of his poems Guilhem began a poetical debate on the question whether a lady is dishonoured by taking a lover who is richer or more powerful than herself. The one known poem by the trobairitz Azalais de Porcairagues appears to…

With her older sisters, Cecily was present at the wedding of their brother the Duke of York in 1478. In 1480, Cecily was named a Lady of the Garter, along with her next elder sister Mary.

… set by a Lady Gaga concert on 19 November 2010. The venue attendance record for ice hockey was set on 12 November 2008, when Malmö Redhawks hosted Leksands IF in front of 13,247 people. Ground was broken on 10 January 2007, and the arena was…

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