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… lecturer and then adjunct of the Natural History and Botanics Department at the Jagiellonian University. In 1837-1853 he worked as a land and water transport inspector of Kraków.

…Ó Cíonga died shortly after, survived by his wife, Margery, and their children. Mrs. King was supported by James Ussher, Bishop Anthony Martin of Meath and Sir James Ware in a land dispute with William Bayly, who in 1638 had seized a benefice of Ó Cionga’s.

…Île-de-France has a land area of 12011 km2. It is composed of eight departments centered on its innermost department and capital, Paris. Around the department of Paris, urbanization fills a first concentric ring of three departments…

…Étrembières territory is a land extension of 8 kmlong (5 miles), located at foot of mount Salève, and at banks of Arve River, between Annemasse, Gaillard and Bossey communes. The commune has a population of 1600 inhabitants (2006). The…

Zoombini Isle, the Zoombinis’ homeland, has been taken over by the evil Bloats. The Zoombinis flee but end up in a mysterious and treacherous land. Players must guide the Zoombinis through this land to reach the safety of Zoombiniville, a land of hope and prosperity for the Zoombinis. The game was made in 1995, and released in 1996.

Zita (portrayed by Becky Lee): Daughter of a land developer tycoon.

… 1792, the Danish Governor Bungalow built in 1784 and a series of tomb stones built during the 17th and 18th centuries. The settlement inside the citadel is modeled like a small European town with a land gate and wooden doors leading to the main street, namely, the King’s Street.

Zhaoyuan County (Chinese: 肇源县; Pinyin: Zhàoyuán Xiàn) is a county under the jurisdiction of Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, China. It has a land area of 4,198 square kilometers and a population of 450,000. The postal code is 166500. The county seat is located in Zhaoyuan Town.

Zhao She was one of the sons of Zhao He (趙何), King Huiwen (惠文王) of the State of Zhao. He was employed as a land tax collector. Although he was not holding a high or powerful position, Zhao She carried out his duties according to the law.

Zhabei, formerly romanized as Chapei, was a district of Shanghai with a land area of 29.26 km² and a resident population of 847,300 as of 2013. It is one of the downtown districts of Shanghai. It is the location of the Shanghai Railway…

Zerat refers to a land ownership system in early colonial India. The zerat system was particularly common in Bengal and Bihar. It refers to the private land of the landlord, which would often be cultivated by peasants. Zerat was mainly…

Zeelandic Flanders is the north-eastern part of the large historical region of Flanders which today lies mostly in Belgium. It shares a land border with the Belgian provinces of East and West Flanders. It is a latitudinally oriented strip…

Zastrow was originally planned as a Wood Badge camp, but was made a backcountry camp in favor of the program at Philmont Training Center. The camp is home to a land navigation and geocaching program. Zastrow is a common camp to pass through or stay at for crews at the beginning or end of their South Country treks.

Wales Island. It has a land area of 183.14 sq mi, making it the 34th largest island in the United States. It has no permanent resident population. It was first charted in 1793 by James Johnstone, one of George Vancouver’s officers during…

Zambito was born in Italy. He was a land surveyor in the 1980s and was described as president of Ciment National Inc. and Entreprises de construction Stertalco Inc. in 1986. He later worked as a travel-agency operator and real-estate broker.

Zahlé has been a land of emigration since the early 19th century, with most people emigrating to the Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. During the Civil War in the 1970s and 1980s, a new flow of migrants left the town for…

ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) 47868 has a land area of 58.11 sq. miles and a water area of 1.64 sq. miles for Census 2000.

ZA Freiberg: Established in the commune in 2008 and also shared with Le Thou, it produces concrete blocks in large volumes with a land area of 65,500 Sq. M.

Yên Thành is a land midland half mountain, half plain. Northern border districts of Tân Kỳ, Quỳnh Lưu, Diễn Châu; east Diễn Châu District; southeast district bordering Nghi Lộc, south district Đô Lương, the west district of Tân Kỳ.

Yunaska (Yunax̂sxa) is the largest of the Islands of Four Mountains group in the Aleutian Islands of southwestern Alaska, United States. It has a land area of 66.834 sq mi and no population at the 2000 census.

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