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…Łęczna Lake District Landscape Park or Łęczna Lakeland Scenic Park (Park Krajobrazowy Pojezierze Łęczyńskie) is a protected area (a Landscape Park) in eastern Poland, established in 1990, covering an area of 118.16 km2 in the geographic…

… nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden and legs spread holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

Zones of visual influence are used to identify the parts of a landscape that will be affected by a development. They are of particular use to landscape architects in determining visual intrusion as part of an environmental impact assessment. Zones of visual influence have been used extensively in wind farm development. A map will be created showing the number of wind turbines that are visible from a particular area. A cumulative zone of visual influence is used to define the cumulative effects of many developments.

Ziwa bears evidence of human occupation for all the major archaeological periods identified in Zimbabwe’s archaeological sequence. That is from hunter-gatherer periods of the Stone Age to historical times. The 3337 ha of land comprise: Stone Age deposits, rock art sites, early farming communities settlements, a landscape of later farming communities marked by terraces and field systems, hill forts, pit structures and stone enclosures, iron smelting and forging furnaces and numerous remains of daub-plastered housing structures.

Zepuntke was born, raised, and resides in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. His father, Lutz, is a landscape architect working in local government. His mother, Klaudia, is a community nurse and local Social Democratic politician in Düsseldorf, who was elected to the city council in 2009 and became one of three Honorary Mayors serving under the city’s Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel in 2014. He also has a sister, Nora, who works as a teacher in special education.

ZCB, a joint project of Ronald Lu & Partners and the Construction Industry Council and Development Bureau, is the first zero carbon building in Hong Kong, built in 2012 on Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay Industrial Area. It costs HKD $240 million, covering a total area of 14,700 square metres of land, comprising a three-storey building and a landscape area. It houses seven zones: indoor exhibition and education area, eco-home, eco-office, eco-cafe, multi-purpose hall, eco-plaza, outdoor exhibition areas and Hong Kong’s first urban native woodland. 90% of the site area covers with plants, served as recreational use, 60% of which is planted with local vegetation.

Yuan was born in Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. He was part of an artistic family; his nephew Yuan Yao was also a landscape painter. Yuan painted landscapes and garrets, as well as bird-and-flower paintings and paintings of beasts. His landscapes and garrets contained accurate compositions and minute details that were suitable for construction.

Young Knight in a Landscape, or Portrait of a Knight, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Vittore Carpaccio, now in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection in Madrid. Dated 1510, this is the earliest full-length portrait in Western painting – on the assumption that it is a portrait, as seems likely. It is characteristic of Carpaccio that apart from this important innovation, the style of the work seems in other respects to look back to the previous century. From some date until the 20th century the painting had been given the monogram of Albrecht Dürer, and Carpaccio’s signature overpainted. The realism and detail of Carpaccio does in fact show Northern influence.

Yoshida’s artistic career was a long struggle between fidelity to his father’s legacy and freedom from it. Hiroshi Yoshida, a shin-hanga landscape artist, dictated Tōshi’s early artistic development. In 1926, Tōshi chose animals as his primary subjects to distinguish himself from his father, who was a landscape printmaker. However, in the 1930s, Tōshi started making landscape paintings and prints similar to his father’s works. Father and son traveled together and even painted side by side. From 1930 to 1931, Hiroshi and Tōshi traveled to India, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Calcutta, and Burma.

Yawang graduates and starts working for a landscape development company, but becomes the target of unwanted romantic attention from Qu Weiran, the boss of a company that has connections to Yawang’s employer. Xia Mu confesses his feelings for Yawang; she replies that she will always be there for him as his older sister, but her heart belongs to Tian. After a company event, Yawang is drugged and raped by Weiran. When Xia Mu finds out about the assault, he goes to Weiran’s office to confront him. Yawang races there to stop him from doing something rash, arriving just as Xia Mu shoots Weiran. She rushes Xia Mu out of the building, and he goes…

Allosaurus. It hails from the Upper Shaximiao Formation and was the largest predator in a landscape which included the sauropods Mamenchisaurus and Omeisaurus as well as the Stegosaurs Chialingosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus and Chungkingosaurus. It got its name after its discovery site in Yongchuan, in China.

Wynn Creasy is a landscape artist based in Alexandria, Virginia. She is known for her landscapes of the Virginia country side, and her use of intense color in oil and oil pastels to recreate the sensations of her childhood in Virginia.

Wyck’s name, as nobody with the last name Wyck ever married into the family. On one of his many travels, Reuben came across a landscape sketch of Wyck the Seat of Richard Haines esq. Believing that Richard Haines was a relative, Reuben…

Wuyuan, on the boundary of three provinces in Jiangxi’s northeastern corner, has a landscape dotted with strange caves, deep secluded rocks and numerous historic sites. Wuyuan County is home to some of the best-preserved ancient…

Worldwide, she has sold over 10 million albums and 20 million singles. Starting in 1998, while still active in music, she has branched into an alternative career as a landscape gardener.

Working as a landscape architect while he was enrolled at McGill University’s School of Urban Planning, Nicholls was one of five current McGill students, alongside undergraduates Mylène Freeman, Matthew Dubé, Charmaine Borg and Laurin Liu, elected to Parliament in the 2011 election following the NDP’s unexpected mid-campaign surge in Quebec.

Wooded Dunes, also known as Dune Landscape, Peasant Cottage in a Landscape, Wooded Dunes and Cottage in a Grove is a 1646 oil on panel painting by the Dutch Golden Age painter Jacob van Ruisdael. It is in the collection of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

… meters) among their breeding pools and neighboring freshwater swamps, cool-moist ravines, and/or upland habitats. Genetic neighborhoods of individual pool breeding populations extend more than a kilometer away from the breeding site. Thus, conservation of this species requires a landscape (multiple habitats at appropriate spatial scales) perspective.

Woman with a Landscape of Rain (Mujer con paisaje de lluvia), (1988), VIII Premio Felipe Trigo.

Wolfe was born in Richmond, Virginia, the son of Louise (née Agnew), a landscape designer, and Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Sr., an agronomist.

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