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…Šokac (Šokački jezik) was a language listed in Austro-Hungarian censuses. Population censuses performed in Austria-Hungary recorded the native language of the citizens, whereby Šokac was declared as native language to one part of the…

…Ömie (Aomie) is a language of Papua New Guinea. Half of speakers are monolingual.

…Äiwoo is a language spoken in the Reef Islands and Nendö (Santa Cruz Islands), both part of the Temotu Province in the Eastern Solomon Islands.

…Âṣkuňu is a language of Afghanistan spoken by the Ashkun people – also known as the Âṣku, Ashku, Askina, Saňu, Sainu, Yeshkun, Wamas, or Grâmsaňâ – from the region of the central Pech Valley around Wâmâ and in some eastern tributary…

…Àdhamh Ó Broin is a Scottish Gaelic minority language activist, specializing in the revitalization of Dalriada Gaelic and other peripheral Gaelic dialects. He has been raising his children to speak this previously moribund Gaelic dialect. Ó Broin was also a language consultant for the TV series Outlander.

… is also known as Zápara and Kayapwe. The members of the Záparo ethnic group now speak Quichua, though there is a language revival effort beginning. Záparo is sometimes confused with Andoa, though the two languages are distinct. Záparo has a subject-verb-object word order.

Zionists generally preferred to speak Hebrew, a Semitic language that developed under conditions of freedom in ancient Judah, and worked to modernize and adapt it for everyday use. Zionists sometimes refused to speak Yiddish, a language they…

Zialo (self-identification Ziolo) is a language spoken by the Zialo people in Guinea.

Yuyu (Yirau) is an extinct language or dialect cluster of southern South Australia. Walsh treats Yuyu as a language with Ngawait, Erawirung, Ngintait, and Ngarkat as dialects; Berndt and Berndt (1993) list those as dialects related to Yuyu.

Yurí (Jurí) is, or was, a language previously spoken near a stretch of the Caquetá River in the Brazilian Amazon, extending slightly into Colombia. A small amount of data was collected on two occasions in the 19th century, in 1853 and…

Yummy Yummy (also known as Food For Life) is an episodic drama filmed by Singapore’s now defunct SPH MediaWorks and Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited in a joint collaboration. It was released in August 2005. The series is notable for being one of the few Singaporean co-productions in a language other than English or Mandarin Chinese.

… considered to be a language isolate, and was therefore called Sym Ket or Southern Ket; however, the Ket considered it to be a distinct language. By the early 1990s there were only two or three non-fluent speakers remaining, and the language was virtually extinct. In the 2010 census only one ethnic Yugh was counted.

Yuchi is classified as a language isolate, because it is not known to be related to any other language. Various linguists have made claims, however, that the language has a distant relationship with the Siouan family: Sapir in 1921 and 1929, Haas in 1951, and 1964, Elmendorf in 1964, Rudus in 1974, and Crawford in 1979.

… dohas, composed in Kamarupa during the tenth and the eleventh centuries, should be a mixed Maithili-Kamrupi language bearing close resemblance to modern Assamese, the direct offspring of the old Kamrupi. These dohas were composed in a language which could be easily understood throughout Eastern India.

York English is a language school in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, People’s Republic of China. The school specializes in children’s education.

Yolngu speak a dozen dialects of a language group known as Yolngu Matha. English can be anywhere from a third to a tenth language for Yolŋu.

Yimchungrü is part of the Ao family of the Sino-Tibetan languages. Yimchungrü is severely endangered, meaning it is a language at a very high risk of extinction this century. The number of speakers is about 90,000 people.

… official languages was taken seriously. A visitor arriving at main train station of the Belarusian capital Minsk saw the city’s name written in all four languages above the main station entrance. Yiddish was a language of newspapers, magazines,…

Yiddish is another example of a language that uses resumptive pronouns readily, as can be seen in the example below.

Yetfa and Biksi (Biaksi) are dialects of a language spoken in West Papua, Indonesia, and across the border in Papua New Guinea. It’s a trade language in West Papua up to the PNG border.

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