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Until the 1840s, punsch was served as a warm punch, created just before consumption: a sugarloaf was placed upright in a large bowl, hot water was poured over it to make the sugar dissolve, and arrack, unflavoured spirits and German Rhine…

This represents the earliest rawmilling technology, and was used to grind soft materials such as chalk and clay. It is rather similar to a food processor. It consists of a large bowl (up to 15 m in diameter) into which the crushed (to less…

There are two identical fountains, one in each square, located centrally at the intersection of the walkways. At the base of each fountain are four stylized fish surrounding an ornate pedestal that holds a large bowl in the shape of a seashell.

The “Walls” is an impressive geological feature that forms a large bowl shaped amphitheater. Embedded in the limestone are bowling ball size holes from which water drips and spouts, creating a unique water feature. This amphitheater gives…

… between 10 December and 5 January. The nests are a large bowl built of grassy vegetation and soil peat, that is 1 metre wide at the base and half a metre wide at the apex. Incubation takes about 11 weeks and both parents are involved. They are…

The valley opens to the northwest Vicdessos valley at Capoulet, and to the south it forms a large bowl. The valley has an average altitude of 810 m.

… candlestick and a half-filled glass carafe, or flask. There is a large bowl or sink on the lower ledge. The floor tiles are formed from blue and white, geometrical patterns, mostly covered by the carpet centered around the base of the throne.

… his entrails removed for some occult purpose, such as a divination ritual, after being taken from a cross. Simon of Trent (d. 1475), in the fifteenth, was held over a large bowl so that all his blood could be collected, it was alleged.

… divination ritual. The story of Simon of Trent (d. 1475) emphasized how the boy was held over a large bowl so all his blood could be collected.

The second contest involves dexterity. Atsamaz manages to dance on the edge of a large bowl without spilling any of the liquid inside. However, Soslan dances on the tops of a number of knives which he throws onto a wooden board, and the gods proclaim him the winner.

… garment typical of a layman, trimmed with blue and tied with a red sash. He is surrounded by a blue-orange nimbus and dark green aureola. In front, an ornate table supports a large bowl of myrobalan fruit and precious jewels.

The porcelain from Thailand were consisted of a large bowl with a fish design drawn in iron pigment inside made in the Sukhothai kiln. As for the stonewares, it was a black brown glazed four-eared jar and was manufactured in Noi River kiln.

The park has a 4 m vert ramp with extensions and 18 m wide, making it one of the biggest vert ramps in the Southern Hemisphere. The park also has a large bowl as well as a beginners’ bowl, rails, small quarters and a street circuit. Lights…

… church and has a large bowl supported by four plain pillars. Hanging over the chancel arch there are the royal arms of Queen Anne (1702-1714) which were adopted by the crown after the union of England and Scotland in 1707. The church organ was…

… morbidly obese woman (Ann Marie Bates), uncovering a large bowl of baked beans from which the face of Stan Ridgway emerges. The Los Angeles studio photography which was done in one nearly 24 hour span left the production bereft of extras…

The fountain consists of a large bowl supported by two standing bears—as well as several frogs, turtles and even a couple of seals—along with some granite putti on the outside of the fountain.

The falls is 35 ft tall and 10 ft wide. Eagle Creek cuts through a narrow channel and shoots powerfully into a large bowl that resembles a punchbowl. This waterfall was responsible for the waterfall classification type of punchbowl.

… the chancel is a sedilia and a piscina. The font stands under the tower and consists of a large bowl with buttressed sides. The stained glass in the windows was designed by Shrigley and Hunt of Lancaster. The two-manual pipe organ was made in about 1875 by Henry Ainscough and was originally in Barnacre Lodge.

The bread is mixed with the white cheese (sirene) (sugar can be added for sweetness) in a large bowl.

… socialite’s maid, who is in the process of preparing a large bowl of punch. Curly finds that the drink is “not sweet enough” so, and ends up adding Alum salt to the mix, mistaking it for powdered sugar. Within minutes, everyone is mumbling their words as their lips become puckered.

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