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… with a large dance hall, which was converted into a simply-decorated chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This chapel accommodated thousands of the faithful for more than 20 years, even after the dedication of St. Procopius Church, closing only in 1919.

… basis. Žižka took a large part in the organization of the new military community and became one of the four captains of the people (hejtman) who were at its head.

Daukša owned a large dairy farm. In Łomża, Žemaitis attended a primary school while his parents were working. In 1917, Žemaitis returned to Lithuania and settled down in the village of Kiaulininkai, near Šiluva, where his grandparents…

…Železnik has a train station, and the railway passes on the western outskirts of the neighborhood. Also, a large train station and a marshalling yard is located in the nearby neighborhood of Makiš.

… the Oriental Institute Expedition to Semna South which excavated a Middle Kingdom Fortress and a large Meroitic cemetery. His interests covered Egyptian religion, Ptolemaic hieroglyphs and Nubiology.His 1968 book on the concept of the ba in Ancient Egypt was the first in depth study of the subject.

…Škoda Auto started to manufacture a large, seven-seat SUV Škoda Kodiaq in 2016, intended to be a true off-roader, it was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016 and sales began at early 2017.

…Šimić did not write a large literary opus during his lifetime. However, some of his poems could be called anthological, like Pjesnici (Poets), Veče i ja (The Evening and I), Opomena (Warning), Ručak siromaha (The Poor Man’s Dinner), Žene…

…Ševčík was an opponent of fascism and therefore joined the Slovakian résistance movement. The Slovak résistance opposed the nominally independent Slovak republic that was established in 1939 by monseigneur Jozef Tiso but to a large extent…

…Šenoa’s requirements to provide literature for the people paved the way for Realism. The cultural framework of the time was bound up with national and political issues, and many young writers were involved with political parties. A large number of writers from the various Croatian provinces helped to bring the new direction into Croatian literature.

…Ōyama, who spoke and wrote several European languages fluently, also liked European-style architecture. During his tenure as the War Minister, he built a large house in Tokyo modelled after a German castle.

Molly Star Racer, a television series was developed in cooperation with Jetix Europe, with animation production by HAL Film Maker and Pumpkin 3D, a large portion of which was done in Tokyo, Japan. It aired in more than 100 countries including Japan. In the US, the series aired on ABC Family and Jetix/Toon Disney between June and December 2006.

…Łukaszewicz authored a large number of works on geology, most of them published in Russian language. He also authored memoirs on the assassination attempt he took part in, first published in a white émigré journal Byloye and then in a book form in 1920.

… be done before Euro 2012, it was not finished by July 2014. This caused a large worker protest, after which the contract was broken. However, now the A4 north of Łańcut is expected to be completed sometime in 2016Other Polish cities located by the E40 highway are Wrocław, Opole, Katowice, Kraków, Tarnów, Rzeszów and Przemyśl.

…Ľubica (Leibic, Leibitz, Любіца) is a large village and municipality in Kežmarok District in the Prešov Region of north Slovakia. It is now mostly housing development district with a lot of panel block houses.

…İzmit has a large oil refinery and major paper and cement factories. Ford Motor Company has a plant here in a joint venture with Otosan, assembling the Transit/Tourneo (including the new V362 Transit/Tourneo Custom since late 2012) and…

…İzmir once had a large Greek and Armenian community, but after the end of the Greco-Turkish War, many of the Christians remaining in the city were transferred to Greece under the terms of the 1923 population exchange between Greece and…

…İzmir is a transportation hub for eastern Anatolia. İzmir has an extensive bus system, a developing metro and commuter rail system and a large urban ferry network. The city also has a highway to Çeşme and Aydın as well as a ring around the city. Mass transportation is operated by four separate public agencies all owned by the İzmir Municipality.

…Ġan Anton Vassallo (6 June 1817 – 28 March 1868) was a Maltese author, poet and professor. Although he wrote a large amount of literary works, he is best remembered for his poem Tifħira lil Malta.

…Định Bình Lake (Hồ Định Bình) is a large artificial freshwater lake in Vĩnh Thạnh District, Bình Định Province, Vietnam. Work began creating the dam on Côn River in May 2003. It has a capacity of 226 million cubic metres. The lake and dam are expected to provide irrigation for some 12,545 hectares (over 48 square miles).

…Đuričić was born into a large blue collar family from the village of Kupinovo, the province of Vojvodina, Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia). He only completed primary school before entering workforce through a series of temporary menial jobs.

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