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… a project O chowaniu żołnierza kwarcianego (On the raising of the kwarciane soldiers), in which he argued for the need to raise a larger army to deal with the Tatars and the Cossacks. The project was however not approved by the parliament.

… struggled to develop a port, which had to compete with nearby Klaipėda and Liepāja. A Larger port was constructed in the second half of the 17th century, especially since 1679, when it was leased to English merchants. It was destroyed in 1701…

…Ürgüp is one of the more economically developed districts of Nevşehir province and as one of the three city centers of the province with a population exceeding 10.000, it has historically had a larger center than Nevşehir. An important part of the population consisted of Anatolian Greeks, before the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923.

…Österplana 065 is believed to have originated from a larger asteroid, and belongs to a meteorite type that does not presently fall on the Earth.

… part of a larger complex that includes a presbytery and cemetery and a municipal park along the banks of the scenic Rivière des Prairies.

Zynga Bingo is a social network game developed by Zynga and released on Facebook in February 2012. The game is part of a larger franchise called Zynga Casino, which was announced in October 2011 at the company’s Unleashed event, and also includes Zynga Poker.

Zwerchhof: The Zwerchhof (L-shaped) type of house included a larger Streckhof-type structure with an adjacent row of stalls for livestock, each stall facing out onto a covered walkway. This is how the L-shaped floor plan developed.

With a new immigration from Chile and Peru, Zurita at the head of the government was able to bring the settlers a larger measure of prosperity than they had previously enjoyed and treated all parties with equal justice. In honour of the union…

Zur, who is incapable of blocking or crouching, can throw darts and run away from opponents. As Super Zur, in addition to his previous moveset, he can block as well as gaining a larger moveset (including the World Conquest Cannon) and the ability to regenerate health over time.

Zumwalt’s successor as CNO, James L. Holloway III abandoned plans for the SCS and instead proposed a larger and faster design, the VSTOL Support Ship, or VSS. By June 1976, it was planned that the VSS would be 690 ft long and would be…

Zululand is one of the 11 district municipalities (“districts”) of KwaZulu-Natal province. The seat of Zululand is Ulundi. The majority of its 803,575 people speak IsiZulu (2011 Census). The district code is DC26. It is part of a larger historical area also known as Zululand.

Zoun-in is in a small village called Mori, Shizuoka in Japan. Suzuki arrived during a 100-day practice period at the temple and was the youngest student there. Zoun-in was a larger temple than Shōgan-ji.

Zoo Lake is a popular lake and public park in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is part of the Hermann Eckstein Park and is opposite the Johannesburg Zoo. The Zoo Lake consists of two dams, an upper feeder dam, and a larger lower dam, both constructed in natural marshland watered by the Parktown Spruit.

… cook, and will provide so many servings and earn so much money for the restaurant. As the restaurant builds up savings, the player can buy more and better furnishings and equipment, fancy novelties like a jukebox, ATM, or pizza oven. The player can even purchase pets, and a larger size for the restaurant.

Zoho Survey is an online survey creation tool, launched on July 1, 2013. It is part of a larger suite of cloud-based (“software as a service”) applications, the Zoho Office Suite. Zoho Survey provides its users with unlimited free and…

… which has a similar bandgap (~3.4 eV at room temperature). Compared to GaN, ZnO has a larger exciton binding energy (~60 meV, 2.4 times of the room-temperature thermal energy), which results in bright room-temperature emission from ZnO.

An application to the case of feral pigs in California, suggests that allowing landowners to capture the recreation benefits associated with wild pigs, and thus transforming their land into a multiple-use resource, results in a larger steady-state population of pigs and increased returns to landowners.

Zitz (Morgan Ziegler) is the leader of the ‘Toads. He is a tactical genius and an economical fighter, preferring fighting methods that allow him to conserve his strength. Zitz has a larger build and is slightly taller than Rash. He is…

Zipera is a Polish hip hop group connected with WWO and Fundacja in a larger crew called ZIP Skład.

Zimmerman was nominated and elected Secretary of State on the Republican ticket in 1938 and served until his death, polling a larger vote at each subsequent election and in 1952 again received the highest total ever given any candidate for any office in the state.

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