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…Țurcanu had five brothers. He married the daughter of a lawyer and fellow Bukovinan; they had a son. After the King Michael Coup of 23 August 1944 he began to flirt with Communism and it seems he joined a pro-communist student association, and well as the Romanian Communist Party.

…Žemaitaitis was born on 30 May 1982 in Šilutė. In 2005, hew graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Vilnius University. Until 2007 he worked as a lawyer and assistant at courts. Between 2007 and 2009 hew worked as an assistance to the…

…Štefan Tiso (October 18, 1897, Nagybiccse, Trencsén County, Kingdom of Hungary – March 28, 1959, Mírov, Czechoslovakia) was a lawyer and president of the Supreme Court of the 1939-1945 Slovak Republic which was a puppet state of Nazi Germany. He was a cousin of Josef Tiso, the President of the Republic.

…Šekularac was born in Štip, Republic of Macedonia, to a Serbian father Bogosav hailing from the Vasojevići region in northern Montenegro and mother Donka Markovska from Macedonia. His father was a lawyer whose job took him to Štip where he…

…Şahin is a lawyer and a graduate of Istanbul University faculty of law. Before entering parliament, he was involved in regional politics, serving as the mayor of Fatih district in Istanbul, with the Welfare Party, and later with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party.

…Ġużè Muscat Azzopardi (September 1, 1853 – August 4, 1927) was a Maltese lawyer, poet, novelist and social commentator. He studied in the Mdina Seminary, and in the University of Malta, where he graduated as a lawyer in 1875. He was married to Tonina Fenech, and had three sons Ivo and Ġino, who were both writers, and Anton, a composer.

… socialist ideas in the Balkans. Born in Novi Sad into an affluent family, Mijatović studied in Zurich to become a doctor in medicine but became a lawyer by profession. He joined the United Serb Youth (1866-72), and was part of the…

…Čeferin was born in 1938 in Ljubljana to Anica Čeferin (born Kačnik) and Emil Čeferin. His father was a lawyer and an expert in cooperative agricultural law and a professor the University of Ljubljana. Čeferin earned his baccalaureate at a…

… year, Čalfa took up Czech citizenship and started working as a lawyer in Prague, heading law firm Čalfa, Bartošík a Partneři.

… for the Board of Representatives of the Independence Party in Hafnarfjörður. Þorgerður Katrín is educated as a lawyer from the University of Iceland and graduated in 1993. That year she begin career as a lawyer in the firm Attorneys at Höfðabakki. From 1997 to 1999 she was director of the Social and Current Affairs Department at the National Broadcasting Service.

…Ögmundur has a bachelor of law and states that he want to become a lawyer after his football career.

…Ödön Mikecz (27 May 1894 – 21 January 1965) was a Hungarian politician and jurist, who served as Minister of Justice in 1938. He finished his law studies at the University of Budapest and in Zürich. He worked as a lawyer in Nyíregyháza…

…Óscar Julián Ruiz Acosta (born 1 November 1969 in Villavicencio) is a Colombian football former referee and current referee instructor. He is also a lawyer.

…Ólafur was educated at Akureyri Junior College (matriculated 1935), and studied law at the University of Iceland (graduated 1939, Hdl. 1942). Following postgraduate studies in Denmark and Sweden, he worked as a lawyer and accountant, before returning to academia, becoming a lecturer and serving as a professor of law at the University of Iceland 1947-78.

…Évelyne Dhéliat has a daughter named Olivia, who was born in 1968 and who is a lawyer. She stated in 2013 having two grandchildren.

…Émilie Barthe was the daughter of Joseph-Guillaume Barthe, a lawyer, journalist and political figure in Canada East, and Louise-Adélaïde Pacaud, the sister of Édouard-Louis Pacaud.

…Émile Maurice Léon Coulonvaux (26 February 1892 – 10 March 1966) was a Belgian liberal lawyer and politician. Coulonvaux was doctor in law and a lawyer. He became an alderman (1927-1928) in Dinant and was also liberal senator (1939-1946 and 1949-1961) and President of the Liberal Party in 1937-1940.

…Édouard Vincent Joseph Dreyfus González de Orbegoso, 5th count of Premio Real (1876-1941) was a French Catholic businessman of Jewish descent, a lawyer, painter and writer, who was also an amateur composer under the pseudonym of Jean Dora.

… administrative, family, commercial, property and human rights cases. She worked as a lawyer on contract in the Department of Promotion.

London to train as a lawyer and returned in 1963, having completed his training. He started working as a lawyer and joined the Turkish Resistance Organisation, serving as a legal adviser in the Limassol District headquarters. He then served as…

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