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… with regard to him, and evil in regard with Yazid.In response Yazid called him a liar who was among deviated ones. Burair challenged him to Mubahala (i.e. calling God’s curse down upon whoever is liar). Yazid agreed and they came before the…

… with admiration. Eventually the guests leave, and Benny, drunk as usual, launches a verbal assault at his brother, claiming he is a fake and a liar, to the protestation and horror of Francie’s mother. Alo is totally dejected and leaves.

… to release the prince, whom he considered a traitor and a liar. Only after a year Michał managed ot escape, but for a long time he was not able to return to the country where the Russian troops remained and stationed, especially in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Roman Catholic priest and a former Jesuit, despite the fact that Peck consistently called Martin a liar and manipulator. Other criticisms leveled against Peck included claims that he had transgressed the boundaries of professional ethics by attempting to persuade his patients to accept Christianity.

… them to lose all of their gifts in the process. They end up near the totem and hide, just as Cortés’ men and Tzekel-Kan arrive. When Tzekel-Kan finds the blocked entrance, Cortés accuses him as a liar, and Tzekel-Kan is taken prisoner as they leave.

With her large breasts and her long nose, Miss Mao, Mao Zedong’s monumental icon, appears as a hybridization of Minnie and Pinocchio. She is a grotesque image of a monstrous mother figure and a liar. As Claude Hudelot and Guy Gallice, show…

With VIP access given to him by Sandie, Derrick tries to meet Jhnelle at a shoot for her music video. He tells her that he’s sorry and that what he felt for her was real, but she accuses him of being a liar and says she can’t believe that, then walks away with Derrick calling after her.

… exposed Wheately as a liar and man of bad character and argued that the jury had no choice but to acquit. His argument that the judges had misstated the law led to angry exchanges between counsel and the Bench. The circumstances which led to…

… katana to Hershel’s neck. Rick appeals to the militia claiming that everyone isn’t too far gone and they could still peacefully live together and resolve their differences, echoing Hershel’s statements. The Governor calls Rick a liar, and swings…

When the Commissary General, Brigadier General Charles P. Eagan, was called to testify, he strongly denounced Miles as a liar. This resulted in Eagan being court-martialed and being suspended from duty until he reached the mandatory retirement age.

When money enters in ‒ then, for a price, I become a liar ‒ and a good one I can be whether with pencil or subtle lighting or viewpoint. I hate it all, but so do I support not only my family, but my own work.

… her as a target and as a liar to the whole family. Julian decides to leave for America then. Greg decides to give Jasmine another chance for them because he does not want Julian to leave, so he asks Jasmine to chase him. Julian planned not…

… it back to Nome. A pity-playing Steele is exposed as a liar and abandoned by the other dogs, ruining his reputation. Reunited with Jenna and his friends, Balto earns respect from both the dogs and the townspeople. He visits a cured Rosy, who thanks him for saving her.

… neighborhood to chat with me, and you come and go in my house and laugh behind everyone’s back. But you must know that my mother will not be ashamed to tell you that you’re a liar and a scoundrel. You better leave before she sees you, and face it, she’ll kick you out, Panayiotis. Then she’ll marry me off to someone else, and I’ll be freed from you, Panayiotis.

… simmering dispute on military matters. The incident began with an argument on the street outside of the Fannin Hotel, the headquarters of Maj. Gen. John B. Magruder. The two officers had quarreled in the past, but this time Wharton came into Magruder’s quarters and, as Baylor later claimed, called Baylor a liar. Baylor shot the unarmed Wharton and killed him instantly.

Walpole and Müntz fell out, and Müntz left Walpole’s employ in 1759. One version is that they quarrelled over Müntz’s relationship with one of Walpole’s servants, whom he subsequently married. Another is simply that Walpole called Müntz a

Visitors begin in the Spymaker Training Base where they find out about basic spy skills in a number of interactive exhibits. These include spotting a liar, cracking a code and breaking into a safe.

… already gone through their land. Tessouat knew this to be false and denounced Vignau as a liar and braggart. Under pressure Vignau confessed.

Upon returning to the island, Ellis angrily calls Mud a liar, says he used the boys to do what he was afraid to do, and turned them into thieves. Running away, Ellis falls into a pit containing water moccasins and is bitten. Mud jumps in…

… (the precise cause of the quarrel is unclear) calling him a coward, a braggart and a liar. Howth in turn accused Moore of plotting treason with Hugh O’Neill, and, bizarrely, of trying to raise the Devil. Although Moore had undoubtedly been…

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