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…Българска железопътна компания АД (transliterated: Bulgarska zhelezoputna kompaniya AD), in English, The Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC) is the first privately held railfreight company to obtain a license in Bulgaria.

…ŁKS Łódź were denied a license by the Polish FA because of financial issues. ŁKS filed several appeals against this decision, but were eventually left without any success.

…Đuro Đaković of Croatia (Yugoslavia) also held a license from EMD and manufactured locomotives for the Yugoslav Railways.

…Özgan’s shooting sport career began in 2004 when the Turkish Shooting Championships were hosted in her hometown of Giresun, Upon urging of her friends, she applied for a license to shoot, and took part in the competition as the only female athlete. She won the championship on her first attempt even though she had not used a firearm before.

Zotero 2.0, released in February 2010, added online features like metadata and file syncing and group libraries, and included a license change from the Educational Community License to GPLv3. Development of Zotero 2.0.x continued until October 2010, when Zotero 2.0.9 was released.

Zone B covers the sea grass beds inside the reef. Both commercial and sport fishing are allowed in this area with a license.

… unable to get a license for the right to participate in the first league through licensing regulations of UEFA and FFU. The investors of Zhemchuzhyna guaranteed stable funding only if the club moved to Yalta.

… while arresting him, the truck driver kills him using the blades of a pair of ice-skates as a weapon. The murder of his former partner makes Zhang even more determined. He follows up on a license plate written down on a pad of paper…

Zenobia was a merchant ship launched in 1815 at Calcutta, India. She traded with India under license from the British East India Company (EIC), and made one voyage for the EIC. She then became a Free Trader (i.e., no longer required a license). In 1852 the P&O company purchased Zenobia to use her as a coal hulk. She was broken up in 1871.

… as a condition of the license was misuse. In that case, Hazeltine had required an unwilling Zenith to pay a percentage of all its sales of electronic equipment in order to be granted a license under Hazeltine’s patents. On the other hand,…

Zekri gained his coaching badges, a UEFA A License, in Italy’s famous football coaching centre, the FIGC Settore Tecnico Coverciano.

Association of Slovenia the deadline for the documentation was 31 March. On 3 May the club was informed that they do not meet the criteria to obtain a license for the next season. Čubić left the club in December 2015.

Zantop traces its origins to 1946 when the Zantop family set up Zantop Flying Service. In 1952 it was granted a license for commercial flying: The name was changed to Zantop Air Transport and the company operated as a freight airline for the auto industry.

Junior 2000 pickup. In 1998 SAIPA took over the Zamyad company, who then undertook the production of the Z24, a license built version of the 1970-1980 Nissan Junior with a 2.4-litre engine. Since 2003, this truck is sold under the Zamyad brand. Zamyad produces a rebodied version of the Z24 called the Shooka.

ZDF is financed by a license fee of €17.50 per month, which must be paid by all households in Germany, save handicapped people and persons on social aid. ZDF shares the income with ARD and Deutschlandradio. The fees are not collected…

ZAS Airline of Egypt was founded by two brothers, Sherif and Emir Zarkani, as a freight airline. Operations started on November 23, 1982 with a flight from Cairo to Amsterdam to London. In 1987 ZAS was granted a license to carry passenger charter operations. Flights to Jeddah for the Hajj were begun that year and then flights to Western Europe.

Z1 is operated by První zpravodajská a.s., which holds a license for digital terrestrial television broadcasting in the Czech Republic. První zpravodajská a.s. is owned by J&T Finance Group, one of the leading investment firms in the…

Yugo, Global MotorsBricklin wanted to import a simple, low cost car to the U.S. market, was introduced to Zastava located in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia. Zastava had begun producing cars in 1953 under a license from Italian Fiat. In 1984, the entire Yugoslav car industry produced 236,000 cars, 58,000 of which were exported.

Bengali. Before becoming Miss world Japan 2016 she worked as a translator and Art therapist and also has a license to train elephants.

York began teaching at Bethlehem Church in Guilford County, North Carolina in 1831 and received a license to preach there in 1833. He was ordained as a deacon in 1838, but was not made a member of the North Carolina conference of the…

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