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…İrfan Orga (October 31, 1908 – November 29, 1970) was a Turkish fighter pilot, staff officer, and author, writing in English. He published books on many areas of Turkish life, cookery, and history, as well as a life of Atatürk, and a universally admired autobiography (Portrait of a Turkish Family, 1950). He also wrote two educational books for children.

…Ādapāpa. Female attendants on the ladies of the families of Zamindars, who, as they are not allowed to marry, lead a life of prostitution. Their sons call themselves Balijas. In some places, e.g., the Kistna and Godāvari districts, this class is known as Khasa or Khasavandlu.

…Étienne de la Croix (Diocese of Évreux, 1579-1643), was a French Jesuit, missionary to India and author of a life of St Peter in Marathi: Discurso sobre a vida do Apostolo Sam Pedro em que se refuta os principaes erros do gentilismo (Goa, 1629).

Worcester, and Æthelstan’s son Æthelwine. Byrhtferth of Ramsey, author of a Life of Saint Oswald in the early 11th century, devoted considerable space to Æthelstan’s family, several of whom were buried at Ramsey. The epithet Half-King comes from Byrhtferth’s writings. Several members of the family were buried, or reburied, at Ramsey.

Guthlac, written by the monk Felix, appeared soon after Guthlac’s death. Nothing is known about Felix, although Bertram Colgrave has observed that he was a good scholar who evidently had access to works by Bede and Aldhelm, to a Life of Saint…

…Áed was a member of the Uí Bairrche. He was bishop of Sletty, County Laois, and patron of Muirchu Maccu Machteni, who at Áed’s request wrote a life of Saint Patrick, which is contained in the Book of Armagh.

Zvezda provided early living quarters, a life support system, a communication system (Zvezda introduced a 10 Mbit/s Ethernet network to the ISS), electrical power distribution, a data processing system, a flight control system, and a propulsion system. These quarters and some, but not all, systems have since been supplemented by additional ISS components.

Zuckerman was knighted in the 1956 New Year Honours, promoted Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in the 1964 New Year Honours, appointed to the Order of Merit on 23 April 1968, and was awarded a life peerage on 5 April 1971, taking…

Zubaan has a considerable list of academic books examining issues of gender. It has a growing list of autobiographies of women, the best known of which is A Life Less Ordinary by Baby Halder. As part of its initiative to publish broadbased…

Zsasz appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us comic, interrupting an argument between Superman and Batman, taunting Superman and asking him if he felt the ‘release’ from taking a life. Wonder Woman then has Cyborg open Zsasz’s cell door, much…

Zoticus is known for his opposition to the Montanist heresy. Zoticus suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Septimius Severus, about the year 204. A life of Zoticus, the Vita Zotici, was written during the reign of Michael IV (1034-41).

… type and capable of relaying telephone, fax, data and television signals with a life span of 15 years. In September 2010, Iran announced that it will build and launch the satellite locally as the foreign contractors had refused to complete…

Zohar began to look toward a life after football before F.C. Ashdod was able to coax Zohar out of retirement. In 2003, he opened up a bar-restaurant, called Saga, in the Tel Aviv marina. At the time, it looked like things were working out…

Zoetrope is an Irish Experimental film directed by Rouzbeh Rashidi that tells the visual report of a family. Zoetrope deals with the quality of being expressive, explores the locations & reveals a life in a small house and its surrounding. The film slowly evolves and shows the history of nothingness of the characters who are in Zoetrope.

Zoe receives her grounding at church, where an assortment of inner-city residents range from a former opera singer to a student seeking to educate himself for a life in a profession. The opera singer falls by the wayside when ego gets in…

… and a life for nearly 40 years. Their parallel lives are explored in The Nun and the Crocodile: the Stories within The Nun’s Story, a paper given by Debra Campbell at the Women and Religion section of the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting on November 21, 2004.

Zindagi A life of Kinner (2012), based on the story of Jagdev Dhillon, talks about the lives of the third gender, Eunuch (Hijra). The film was directed by Harman Aggarwal and was showcased in Punjabi International Film Festival, Toronto and Delhi International Film Festival.

Zillmerisation relates to the valuation of a life insurance company by an actuary.

Zhu Xiangdong (Zhu Houren) owns a bakery and leads a life of material comfort. He is married to Yu Fang (Xiang Yun) for years but they remain childless. Yu Fang knows that her husband is a womanizer but she condones his philandering ways.

Zhou YuLi He Zhou Pu’s only child, he lost his mother when he was very young, and lived a life arranged by his father, Zhou Pu. The youngest CEO in the tech industry, he’s the most eligible bachelor in China and Lou Xiaoqian’s avid pursuer.

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