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… by letter until his return to Copenhagen. He lived only a little more than a year after the Copenhagen fire, dependent on friends for lodgings and having to move three times; the winter was harsh and when he fell ill, he had to have…

… with his family. Shingo is carefree and outgoing which is often a source of animosity from Yuugo, but he becomes a little more responsible after marrying Alexandra, a young Russian girl he meets during his travels.

Your arrive in Manhattan fresh off the plane with a little more than the shirt in your back. Find friends, find profitable employment and hopefully true love.

December at All Saints Chichester. At some uncertain date, in 1812 or 1813, he joined Delabere Pritchett Blaine (1768-1848) in conducting a veterinary infirmary in Wells Street, Oxford Street. This partnership continued for a little more than twelve years, when the business passed into Youatt’s hands.

… 22.00-22.30 in June. Typical daytime temperatures in the midsummer are a little more than 20 degrees C, the sun is strong and skies can be clear. Winter in Denmark tends to be cold, with temperatures averaging at zero degrees Celsius and days that are dark and short between October and March.

Yazmacıyan used scenery, color harmonies, and subjects that are of very close resemblance to Mıgırdiç Civanyan (1848-1906). His brushstrokes however are a little more careless and sloven. In order to be able to make a living from painting…

… selected for the Munich Olympics. At the Olympics he won all five bouts by fall, spending on the mat a little more than 7 minutes instead of 45. His next Olympic victory in 1976 was less spectacular because he wrestled the whole tournament with two broken ribs. After that Yarygin was selected as the Soviet Olympic flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

… was just over 459 ft long and 63 ft abeam. When fully loaded she had a displacement of 13910 LT and drew a little more than 26 ft. She was powered by a single steam turbine capable of generating , and attained a top speed of 16.5 knots km/h during her trials.

Yam powder is available in the West from grocers specializing in African products, and may be used in a similar manner to instant mashed potato powder, although preparation is a little more difficult because of the tendency to form lumps.

… album sold 67,000 more copies. In its third week it sold 35,000 copies bringing its total sales to 259,000 copies. In its fourth week, it sold a little more than 25,000 copies, and the fifth week it sold a little less than 25,000 copies. The album has sold 459,000 copies in the US as of January 2015.

Worton was tasked by Mayor Bowron with the job of cleaning up the department. A little more than a year later, Worton resigned on August 9, 1950 and was replaced by his chief of Internal Affairs, William H. Parker, whom he had groomed for the office.

… bit of quiet painting. Meanwhile, the Professor has revealed himself to be an inherently selfish man, while Mr Prout is suddenly far more reasonable. He and Mrs Prout soon resolve their differences, and he tries to be a little more considerate to her.

Working behind closed doors, it took a little more than a year before, at E3 2006, finally announcing the N-Gage mobile gaming service, set for a 2007 release. They also started showing off next-gen titles such as System Rush: Evolution…

… ceremony be held. At their September 2 meeting, the commission agreed with Stuart, setting a date for the ceremony a little more than two weeks later.

Japan to India in 1785 where Titsingh had become head of the Dutch East Indies Company trade operations at Hoogly in West Bengal. The final version of Titsingh’s dedication of the book to his friend Masatsuna was drafted in 1807, a little more than a quarter-century before the book was eventually published.

Woods is one of many ballplayers who only appeared in the major leagues during World War II. In his three seasons with Boston he appeared in 85 games, starting a little more than half of them.

… equal to that of all the other schools of the kind combined. In 1908, it was reported that of the more than 3,000 students who received instruction in this school, about 15 came from foreign countries, the rest from the United States. The enrollment for the year 1906-7 was a little more than 200.

Women usually don’t want to work as hard as a man… women tend to think a little bit more about their family, wanting to be at home more time, wanting to have a little more leisure time.

Wollman was sworn in as governor by his brother, Roger Leland Wollman, who was serving at the time as Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court. The new governor’s term lasted a little more than five months, ending on January 1, 1979…

… capabilities because the once-separate disciplines of business and scientific electronic data processing had developed to the point where one machine could handle both. SDS captured a little more than two per cent of the overall digital computer market in 1966 and continued to grow with the market.

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