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With only a little of his life span left, Aoi is searching for Arcline Cole, the enemy nation’s war hero who killed his childhood friend. However, the true identity of this war hero turns out to be Dis, the person who helped Aoi and gave…

With his former team, the Boston Red Sox, down three games to two in the 2007 American League Championship Series, Bill Mueller was brought in to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of game six to bring back a little of the magic that his hit against the Yankees in 2004 had brought. The Red Sox went on to win the game 12-2, the ALCS 4-3, and the World Series.

While being followed by the Lugash Army, as well as Cato, Gambrelli ventures to a castle located outside the Lugash capital city where in a climatic gun battle, Gambrelli gains access to the castle with the assistance of the army and after confronting Hans and his henchmen, defeats them, with a little of Cato’s help and rescues Princess Yasmin.

… family business was in rice and coconut. Instead, Koon-Teck suggested he start the engine with a little of the diesel he had left and then introduce coconut oil, which Eng-Hye had plenty of, when the engine was warm. This worked and Eng-Hye was the only one, among his rivals, who did not have a fuel problem.

… the reserved Mysteries are renewed. The priest will cut an extra Lamb (host) for that liturgy and after the consecration, just before the clergy receive communion, the priest will take the extra Lamb and carefully pour a little of the…

We see a clip of the now infamous ‘John The Postman’ performing at the Electric Circus, Manchester. Album of the week is Jonathan Richman Live, and we listen to a little of ‘I’m a Little Dancer’ (audio only over stock footage). The founder…

Volume Two covers the presidential terms of James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and a little of Martin Van Buren. The Treasury Department at Washington, D.C. is illustrated as the frontispiece and includes the portraits of John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren.

Verditius: Artificers and enchanters who cannot perform magic without tools. They craft great items, putting a little of themselves into their finest creations. Pride in their creations is often their downfall, making these Magi prone to the most deadly sin. The domus magna is Verdi in the Roman Tribunal.

Various types of things to do while in the Cuyamaca Mountains include family activities, alone time, or a little of both. The Cuyamaca lake provides family with safe, affordable camping grounds. This includes places to pitch a tent, or…

… around itself. Jarvis realizes that the creature is silicon-based rather than carbon-based; neither animal, vegetable nor mineral, but a little of each. The strange combination of a creature produces the solid substance silica and builds itself in with the by-product, then sleeps for an unknown length of time.

… starting, a hand air pump was used to pressurise the fuel tank and encourage fuel flow, together with pre-heating of the burner coil by lighting a little of the fuel in a tray below it.

… philosophy of Plato, incorporating only a little of Aristotle in with the more neoplatonist elements. Following Anselm, Bonaventure supposed that reason can only discover truth when philosophy is illuminated by religious faith. Other important Franciscan scholastics were Duns Scotus, Peter Auriol and William of Ockham.

Ummidia Quadratilla, was a wealthy Roman woman and was a member of the gens Ummidia. She died in the reign of Emperor Trajan (98-117) within a little of eighty years of age, leaving two-thirds (ex besse) of her fortune to her grandson and…

To understand how the Internet is managed today, it is necessary to know a little of its history. The original ARPANET is one of the components which eventually evolved to become the Internet. As its name suggests the ARPANET was sponsored…

To prepare the ka’i ladrillo are needed: toast peanuts and molasses. Some varieties of the dish also include a little of sour orange or grapefruit juice, which give it a bittersweet taste and diminishes the excessive sweetness.

… the labor or machine itself should be considered when selling an item and that a little of every item should be priced to include this factor of labor (St. Claire 24).

… blossoms between the two, though, it doesn’t last long as the ex-boyfriend of Yao Mei-qi fatally strangles her. As Xiao-wei lacks the power to prevent the corpse from decay, she forced to relinquish it, but not before Jia-bo comes to love her and learn a little of the truth.

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was a Catholic Trappist monk and priest. Like his friend, the late D.T. Suzuki, Merton believed that there must be a little of Zen in all authentic creative and spiritual experience. The dialogue between Merton and Suzuki explores the many congruencies of Christian mysticism and Zen.

This lecture exposes a little of the impulse and the creativity that are hidden within us and contemplates how we can apply those abilities during our day-to-day work hours.

… included club names, team colors, and city symbols. The nicknames have sometimes been dubbed by the media, other times through conscious marketing by the team, or sometimes a little of both.

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