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Tokimitsu is a pet project of the Aura Development Center. He was taken by the A.D.C from living with his older sister, Nene, who is the priestess for a local shrine. However, he is only cooperating with them in order to fix his sister’s…

Tohajeot (토하젓, 土蝦젓) is made with toha (토하, 土蝦), small shrimp caught only in clean freshwater of valleys. It is a local specialty of South Jeolla Province. It is also called saengijeot (생이젓).

… by Cunningham Broadcasting, WGTU is operated through a local marketing agreement (LMA) by Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of NBC affiliate WPBN-TV and full-time satellite WTOM-TV. However, Sinclair effectively owns WGTU due to Cunningham’s ownership structure. Both stations share studios on M-72 west of Traverse City.

… living as a singer in a local troupe but otherwise has never left. Eventually she strikes up a friendship with a ten-year-old boy, Xiao Yong who becomes her closest confidante and defender in the community that scorns her.

Together, the four decide to renovate the bar and get the business running again. Meanwhile, Beth’s ex, Nick, has come from the United States to try to get back together with her. They later discover that Angelito’s father is being held captive by Cortez, a local gangster (Busey).

Together with the villages of Kotovane (Котоване) and Stupnytsia (Ступниця), it administratively forms a local village council.

Together with the rest of Upstate New York, the Commons suffered through the 1990s with many empty storefronts. Rothschilds, a local department store, closed in the early 1980s, and its successors, Iszards (the only store outhside of the…

Together with his friend and business partner Robert Levy, Reeves purchased the Cleveland Rams franchise in 1941 from a local ownership group for $135,000. The team was a comparatively young one, launched in 1936, and finances were tight,…

Together with Top Shelf Productions, Choice TV developed a local series which aired in the Spring of 2014 on the channel’s Thursday Food Night.

Together with René Zwaap, he founded MokumTV, one of the best viewed programmes of Salto TV, a local television station in Amsterdam. For MokumTV he made several documentairies, later released on DVD.

… residents. Only St. Martin’s church would have been spared. An outline map was made public on 30 November 1910 with few objections recorded. A Local Board inquiry followed on 17 February 1911 which required negotiations with landowners to allow for…

Together with 15 other individuals, in July 1968 Lumenta participated in the establishment of Organisation of Amateur Radio Indonesia (ORARI), a local member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). His code name was YB0BY.

Together he and his partner, Suzy Croft, established a local community project, Battersea Community Action, in 1978 and a national initiative, the Open Services Project, in 1987. Each of these were participatory projects concerned with…

Tofa is a Local Government Area in Kano State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Tofa.

Todd’s Taste of the Town: Usually shown in the second or third quarter, game analyst Todd Blackledge highlights a local eatery.

Todd was born in the Rucker community of Rutherford County, Tennessee to a local farmer, Aaron Wilson Todd, on July 27, 1872. He married his wife, Minneola Wilson, on July 3, 1895. They had two sons; Andrew L. Todd Jr. (who would become mayor of Murfreesboro) and Andrew L. Todd III (1929-2010).

Todd was born in Walthamstow, London. His father was a stallholder in a local street market and Todd left school at the age of 14 to work in a barber’s shop. He also worked as an assistant to a plumber before being conscripted into the…

… eventing, acting as coach for the NZ Olympic Eventing team at Athens in 2004. He continued to compete in eventing at a local level and to support the sport in general.

Todd Branch has the last name of a local country doctor.

Today, these privately owned châteaux serve as homes, a few open their doors to tourist visits, while others are operated as hotels or bed and breakfasts. Many have been taken over by a local government authority, or the giant structures…

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