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… and the city is also reachable by a local railroad from Vinkovci as well as the state road D55. The 2011 census recorded 96.72% Croats in the municipality.

… play at the 2010 edition, and offered time at a local studio to compose and record a couple of new songs. The result is this album.

…Željko Burić was born in 1955 in Šibenik. On 3 June 2013 he became the mayor of Šibenik. Prior to his first term as mayor, he served as the director of a local hospital. He studied at School of Medicine at University of Zagreb from 1974 to 1978.

…Żelechów is a local centre of education, up to secondary school. There are many schools offering education in different areas of knowledge.

…Šárka is an old female given name of Bohemian origin. In the Czech Republic, it is the seventy-second most common female name. Šárka is also the name of a cliff on the north-western outskirts of Prague. The mythological heroine, Šárka, is said to have jumped from this cliff out of remorse for helping to lure Ctirad, a local hero, into a trap.

… remains of a forest. In the Macedonian language the word for forest is шума/šuma. The Albanian expression pronounced as shumë is according to Pianka Włodzimierz borrowed in this instance possibly from a local field name from a time when Zagračani was a Macedonian village, becoming the name of the village.

…Štefánik was born in Košariská, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia), on July 21, 1880. He had 12 brothers and sisters, two of whom died at a young age. His father, Pavol Štefánik, was a local Lutheran pastor, and his mother was Albertína Jurenková. He attended schools in Bratislava, Sopron and Szarvas.

… educated, middle-class son of a bank clerk, loves jazz music and has spent two years as a forced labourer in a Messerschmitt aircraft factory. Danny belongs to a jazz and swing band of middle-class young men that plays in a local café and…

…Škaljić was born and educated in the eastern Bosnian town of Rogatica. He became a local judge in his birth-town as well as the towns of Fojnica and Srebrenica.

…Šikole was first attested in written sources in 1374 as Sycolach (and as Sykhawlou in 1441 and Sycolach in 1493). The name is derived from *Šikovľ(an)e, probably based on the root *šik- (cf. Slovene šikara ‘thicket, bushes’ and Kostel dialect šikara ‘steep area difficult to access’), referring to a local geographical feature.

…Šemsa’s singing career began after her mother moved the family to their grandfathers home in the Širokac village of Sarajevo, where a singer by the name of Sena lived. Sena was married to an accordionist and performed at a local kafana…

… town of Bodrum. In the meantime, he is also trying to win back his estranged son, who turned his back on him years ago because of his infamous career. However, as Şahin K. strives to win back his son, he unwillingly becomes a local hero to whom the entire town turns to get their problems solved.

…Śródmieście (“Downtown”) Culture House was created by Resolution of the City of Bialystok dated. 4 February 1991. It a local cultural institution that operates as a center of art education and carries out tasks in the fields of education, cultural education, the dissemination of culture among children and adolescents and adults.

…Śrem is 45 km to the south of Poznań, a local road junction on the road from Poznań to Rawicz; other roads lead from the town to Września, Leszno and Głuchowo. The Śrem District has a population of 39,672, of which about 31,000 live in the town of Śrem.

…Ścinawa’s educational institutions include an elementary school and a junior high school. The town is also home to a local day care.

…Ōta, Tokyo held a local election for the city assembly on April 22, 2007.

…Ōdachi was born in what is now Hamada, Shimane, as the younger son of a local sake brewer. After his graduation in 1916 from the law school of Tokyo Imperial University, he entered the Home Ministry. He rose to the post of Deputy Manager of the Local Affairs Bureau, and was appointed governor of Fukui Prefecture in 1932.

… when the Nazi regime gained control under the town. On January 1940, a local Judenrat was established in order to organize the Jewish life in Łęczna under Nazi restrictions. During the Holocaust, around 2500 individuals who lived in town…

…Łuszcz committed suicide on 26 December 2000 at around 6.15 a.m. by jumping from the window of his ninth-floor apartment. He was pronounced dead in a local hospital at around 6.45 a.m., leaving behind his wife Justyna and his 3-year-old son Filip.

…Łukasz Masiak (ca. 1983 – June 14, 2015) was a Polish investigative journalist who founded and edited a local internet news portal Nasza Mława in Mlawa, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland, before his murder that was suspected of being related to a story he had published on a mixed martial arts organization.

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