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… club Partizan where he stays for a longer period and played for all youth selections. Đurić started to play basketball at the urging of his friend Slobodan Ivković.

… murder). Čakr-paša was known to have had lived together with Jelena in Viti Bor for a longer period, but did not have any offspring. He was also remembered as a great horseman, riding a white mare.

…Ó Muirí has published four collections of short stories and a longer work called Ré (Epoch). He was granted a bursary of 10,000 euros by the Arts Council of Ireland to aid him in his literary work. His collection Cogaí (Wars) won an…

…Èn declines as a regular adjective, with three genders èn, êna, êno and full case forms. There is also a longer form of the masculine nominative singular, êden, which is used when the numeral does not modify a noun directly. Èn has plural forms, which occur with nouns used only in the plural form (pluralia tantum), but no dual forms.

… record of Live like Ali, die like Hussein as part of a longer talismanic inscription was published by Tewfik Canaan in The Decipherment of Arabic Talismans (1938).

Zoom burst is a technique which entails the variation of the focal length of a zoom lens during a longer exposure. In the moment that the shutter is opened, the lens is zoomed in, changing the focal length during the exposure. The center…

… mechanic. Tanner traveled by ship to Great Britain in 1855, and because of ill health chose to take a longer voyage from Liverpool to Bombay, India aboard SS Culloden in 1856. After two round trips, one as third officer, Tanner chose sailing for his profession.

… would have a longer career if he moved from behind the plate, so Zeile moved, with some reluctance, initially to first base and then to third base in 1990.

… is why the modification came about. The Yugoslavian version of the RPK, the Zastava M72, is a longer barreled member of the M70 family and is the weapon upon which the Tabuk is based.

Zamboanga del Norte has a mild and moderate climate due to evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. Its southern portion has a longer dry season.

… 56% support of a longer presidency and extended term of parliament among the Russians. The support, however, was lower in big cities.

Youth players would not always accept promotion to the first team, but it was generally considered that a longer time in the academy would increases the chances of a youth player signing a provisional professional contract with the first team.

… purple develops into an intense dark ruby and the nose develops a more complex aroma that can include hints of cinnamon, chocolate, liquorice, flowers, black fruits, herbs and even woods such as oak. The taste is subtle, round, and full. It loses its sharpness and develops a longer and smoother finish.

… whether to accept the role. He has moved to Sydney to work on Home and Away. In comparison to his role on Tangle, Younes felt Home and Away offered a longer period of time to unravel a character.

Yoshida left in 1990 and continued his prolific and lauded career with Ruins and in other projects. He was briefly replaced by drummer Yasuko, but Zeni Geva found a longer standing replacement in Eito Noro. This lineup began extensive…

Yonggary was released in South Korea on July 17, 1999. It was later re-released with updated special effects and a different story as 2001 Yonggary on January 20, 2001 which had a longer running time of 95 minutes. 2001 Yonggary was re-titled Reptilian on its American and Canadian release.

… event which began in 1991. In 2013 there were 35,000 participants. The event takes place in the Spring, with a short route of 6 km and a longer route of 11 km through the hills and valleys that surround Yokneam. The 2014 walking event is scheduled for April 17, 2014.

Yo-yos with a higher moment of inertia will have more angular momentum when spinning at a given speed, and thus will spin freely for a longer period.

… changed their name accordingly to Yeovil Rugby Club. In 1895, the cricket club committee announced that there was provision for a longer lease, of five or seven years, and that they would make improvements to the ground to enable it to host first-class cricket. The ground was also used for field hockey in the early 20th-century, hosting a Yeovil Hockey Club.

List were hosted by Tarzan Dan, there were numerous hosts to follow from Aashna, Leslie and Exan to Rob and Danielle. As of fall 2005, Hit List has gone on an indefinite hiatus. Hit Lists run lasted 14 years on YTV. Only Video & Arcade Top 10 has had a longer run on YTV.

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