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… flashed a look of steely malevolence; in her speech to the revolutionary tribunal – asking for the conviction and execution of Charles Darnay – she played it large and to the rafters. The film was only nominated in the Best Film and Best Editing categories, not even its star, Ronald Colman getting an Oscar nod.

Yuichi happened to be on a luxury cruise with his girlfriend Soo-yeon, and he took her onto the deck to take a look of the ship approaching Kobe before returning to their rooms. As Ji-soo took a second shot of the couple dancing, she was…

… stories. Scores are awarded based on how closely each player manages to mimic the action required. Afterwards, players have to do a series of pick-up shots by assuming various facial expressions for the camera, such as an evil grin or a look of intense concentration. Videos can be shared to people in different households via links sent by Xbox through email.

… remnants of his family with the Mundines moving out. Mosby, unsuspected, leaves town on a bus, apparently with a clear conscience but a look of maturity.

Women also employ a look of innocence in order to further play out this idea of cuteness. Having large eyes is one aspect that exemplifies innocence; therefore many Japanese women attempt to alter the size of their eyes. To create this illusion, women may wear large contact lenses, false eyelashes, dramatic eye makeup, and even have an East Asian blepharoplasty, commonly known as double eyelid surgery.

With an area of 3.24 hectares, Raj Bhavan Gardens is the centre of attraction to the visitors. The trimmed grass gives the lawn a look of a green carpet spread out, and the artificial water fall, and the three green houses add to the charm of the gardens. Dendrobium, Aranda, Catlia, Arachnis, Moecara, Vanda and Dove orchid grace it. A good collection of Rose and Bigonia are…

With a look of horror in her eyes, Madame Darnier, scratches her hand with the same poison she used to kill her husband (for the Man in Grey has only pretended that Darnier is still alive) and is soon beyond help.

… her offspring (and unaware of what her child has been doing to Mickey), furiously pursues him with a look of relentlessness on her face. Her angry rampage causes chaos and destruction through the farm fields and grasslands until she lifts the lower portion of her gigantic body and slows Mickey’s movement.

While on their way to inform the Platoon Sergeant of their findings, they were distracted by a disembodied wailing sound. Jeremy notices Chester walking out towards the wilderness and follows behind, only to find Chester with a look of fear…

Harper’s attempts to explain), culminating in Lance preparing to throw Harper over the balcony ledge. Although Quentin calmly manages to talk Lance out of it, Lance calls off the wedding instead. Quentin gives Harper a look of disapproval before leaving, as Harper has brought all of this on himself.

… the agent speaks with a look of disbelief and the wife shuts the door. The agent looks in house and frightens the son. The agent explains the situation to a police officer as the man and his wife talk to another officer. The agent is ushered away and drives away in his car.

… is played for the third time, Gaga is shown wearing a faux-polar bear hide jacket. She walks towards the man, who is sitting on a bed and unbuttoning his shirt, while drinking a glass of vodka. Gaga has a look of indifference on her face…

… with velvet, stiletto heels with heavy ankle chains. The result was to exaggerate a look of sexual aggression, turning fuck me’ shoes into signifiers of ‘fuck you. The punk influenced youth counterculture continues with this trend, part of the wider trend of fetish fashion.

When giving, give magnanimously with a look of kindness on your face, and give more than what is asked of you.

Man in Grey gives her a look of admiration, while Constance, flirting heavily, pleads for him to stop the unmarried sergeant from going through her personal belongings. Swayed by her beauty, the Man in Grey announces himself at her service and Constance drags him off to her room.

… and lands in a portable toilet ahead, where she gives a look of desperation towards the camera, showing she has failed to do so, and signalling that black-haired Lavigne has finally won the man’s affections. Blonde Lavigne then takes her new boyfriend into a bathroom stall and slightly opens the door after a moment and pumps her arm in victory.

look of tranquility and steadiness. Each Buddha’s right hand is raised with the palm toward the viewer in the semui-in (Sanskrit: abhayamudra) style, conveying the Buddha’s power to aid others. The left hand rests on the left leg, palm up,…

To the right of the painting, daemons drag terrified women away. The woman in the lower right hand corner turns to see flames reflected in the eyes of the daemon who holds her from behind, with a look of horrified guilt on her face. Behind her, other women struggle helplessly with the daemons or are carried away unconscious, having fainted.

Three years after Martin completed his version, Ford Madox Brown produced another painting entitled Manfred on the Jungfrau. This later oil-on-canvas version depicts Manfred up close, with his facial features and a look of horror clearly visible, as well as the same chamois hunter.

… decreased since, but their industrial core often keep being seenable today. Duparquet and Cadillac, for example, have kept their boomtown appearance, through their street organization, even if the industrial and population exodus gave them a look of oversized village.

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