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Rao);arrange a failed assassination attempt on him at the next party meeting, which will ensure that he will get votes through sympathy. His aide Farooq (Posani Krishna Murali), says that such a thing is possible, but will cost a lot of money. He…

Xu is a regular racegoer and part of the inspiration for her business came from growing tired of paying a lot of money for hats and deciding make her own. She studied millinery with Waltraud Reiner of Torb and Reiner and started her…

… tried to reopen it, but again lost a lot of money, although he did not become bankrupt. After some years of closure, a new group bought it in 1844, but were bankrupted by the high cost of the incline which they started to build.

… exploits Chung’s wife Tseung Yu-Chu (Kiki Sheung) to carry out his plan by feeding her with information about the stock market. Chu trusts him and therefore follows his advice blindly. She earns a lot of money through King’s information and influences all the other housewives to follow her lead.

… cause an economic disruption if enough fish die off, which can seriously harm the global economy as the fishing industry makes a lot of money worldwide.

Without good economical resources, it was almost impossible to build a big dam where a lot of money would be needed, but the command area people did not lose hope.They organized a Panchayat again and asked every family of the village Khandip to contribute in the project. Every family of the village contributed a minimum of 1000INR to the project. Those who could contribute more added an extra 11,0000-21,000 INR. The work started with this funding only.

With the Lord Mayor’s blessing Hammon attempts to court Rose. She is not forthcoming and Hammon decides he would rather pursue a shop-girl he knows. The Lord Mayor is displeased with his daughter and sends her back to their country house.Master Scott reveals to the Lord Mayor that Simon Eyre has made a lot of money on the sale of the Dutch cargo. The Lord Mayor promises to do business with Eyre.

With the $38 million deficit of the Astrodome, control of the Astrodomain was passed from Judge Roy Hofheinz to GE Credit and Ford Motor Credit. This included the Astros. The creditors were just interested in preserving asset value of the team, so any money spent had to be found or saved somewhere else. Tal Smith returned to the Astros from the New York Yankees to find a team that needed a lot of work and did not have a lot of money. However, there would be some bright spots that would prove to be good investments in the near future.

With replica artifacts the copies to be “museum-quality” have to reach a high standard and can cost a lot of money to be produced.

With a new identity and a lot of money in his pocket, Ferraço decides to conquer the beautiful Sílvia. She falls in love with the man she knows as Ferraço and accepts his offer of marriage. Maria Paula gatecrashes the engagement party and makes a big scene. Silvia remains engaged to him, and he becomes her first great love. Sílvia and Maria Paula both vie for Marconi Ferraço’s attention. It remains unknown whether Maria Paula is interested in love or in revenge. Sílvia is slowly revealed as a psychopath, willing to go to extremes to stay with Ferraço.

With a less talented team and no big names to excite the fans, ticket sales predictably flat-lined, in spite of Hoffman sinking a lot of money into advertising. Fans were not happy that Hoffman had, for all intents and purposes, jettisoned the third-best team in the league in favor of an also-ran. Just prior to the season, a frustrated Hoffman walked away from the Blitz, leaving the team to the minority owners. The Hoffman era ended before his new team had even played a down.

With Beethoven’s help, Missy escapes from Regina’s condominium, and the two fall in love. Ted and Emily become aware of Beethoven constantly sneaking out of the house and follow him, where they discover he and Missy had four puppies in the basement of the building. At the same time, the janitor of the building, Gus, also finds them and informs Regina. She reclaims Missy and plans to get rid of the puppies, even if it means killing them, but Gus points out that pedigree St. Bernards are worth a lot of money and suggests that Regina sell them.

Wimsey discovers that along with a dukedom he has inherited the position of Visitor of an Oxford college. St Severin’s finds itself in the middle of an acrimonious dispute over whether or not to sell a valuable manuscript (a copy of The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, with annotations which some believe to be by Alfred the Great) to finance the purchase of a piece of land which might or might not be worth a lot of money if planning permission can be obtained on it. Two of the Fellows appeal to him to resolve the dispute, and before he has even arrived there, some of the Fellows turn up on his doorstep to try and convince him of the wisdom of either course of action.

… often felt odd entering areas primarily inhabited by whites. Collette’s family did not have a lot of money, but his childhood gave him the chance to mix with all sorts of different people. The “melting pot” of Watts framed the way he saw his position as a black man in the future.

… find a few tons of heavy water; deuterium would not absorb neutrons like ordinary hydrogen, but would have the similar value as a moderator. Such quantities of materiel would require a lot of money.

While the global awareness and popularity of the Tour grew during this time, its finances became stretched. Goddet and Lévitan continued to clash over the running of the race. Lévitan launched the Tour of America, as a precursor to his plans to take the Tour de France to the US. The Tour of America lost a lot of money, and it appeared to have been cross-financed by the Tour de France. In the years before 1987, Lévitan’s position had always been protected by Émilien Amaury, the then owner of ASO, but recently, Émilien Amaury had retired and his son Philippe Amaury was now responsible. When Lévitan arrived at his office on 17 March 1987, he found that his doors were locked and he was fired. The organisation of the 1987 Tour de France was taken over by Jean-François Naquet-Radiguet. He was not successful in acquiring more funds, and was fired within one year.

While the ACPA contemplated the purchase of domain names for resale to trademark owners, it did not contemplate the more modern practice of domaining. Domaining is the business of registering a domain name and parking it or placing pay-per-click ads on it. Domainers rely on type-in traffic, which is when Internet surfers type in the domain name rather than using a search engine. Domainers can make a lot of money by buying and selling domain names.

While some clubs do well out of the increased money in football, other clubs can get into trouble trying to keep up. Leeds United attempted to do this by spending a lot of money, and were successful for a few seasons. However the debts became unmanageable, the successful players were sold off, and the team were eventually relegated twice, first from the Premier League to The Championship, and then to League One.

While reverberatory furnaces have very low copper losses to slag, they are not very energy-efficient and the low concentrations of sulfur dioxide in their offgases make its capture uneconomic. Consequently, smelter operators devoted a lot of money in the 1970s and 1980s to developing new, more efficient copper smelting processes. In addition, flash smelting technologies had been developed in earlier years and began to replace reverberatory furnaces. By 2002, 20 of the 30 reverberatory furnaces still operating in 1994 had been shut down.

While readers adored Ethel M. Dell’s novels, critics hated them with a passion; but she did not care what the critics thought. She considered herself a good storyteller – nothing more and nothing less. Ethel M. Dell continued to write novels for a number of years. She made quite a lot of money, from £20,000 to £30,000 a year, but remained quiet and almost pathologically shy.

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