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… courageously outspoken. Despite putting a significant focus on the Hindu religious context as a religious leader, her poems and activism themes heavily revolved on female and minority rights in the region, which appealed to a lot of people around…

… pRBCs on humans since it will not cause a severe harm on human’s health. At the moment XTF is not a real necessity because a lot of people are willing to donate their blood and there is not a significant shortage on blood. However, it represents a great opportunity for new science as well as an unlimited blood bank for blood transfusions.

With that success under their belt Rathangan started to look for more titles. One of the best periods in Rathangan GAA history was to follow when in 1922 they won their first Leinster Leader Cup. In 1925 they had what a lot of people in…

… used all these things, however, to help a lot of people in need too; there are so many stories about his great goodness.He succeeded also in creating a parish community very united and open to charity.

With experience making an IT system for many big companies, Zaky thought of making something more useful for a lot of people. From here, was founded in 2010.

… opened a Paraguana Mall which is used for that. Two shopping malls are in the area. The mall, Las Virtudes, attracts a lot of people, and the mall, Sambil Paraguana, attracts many tourists, and has a luxury hotel, Lidotel, in it.Western news…

While LOL and similar acronyms are used a lot in real life speech, a lot of people are annoyed with this, say it accidentally or use it ironically.

When he dies, a lot of people are sorry, and some of them remember him for several days.

When Earnhardt, Bonnett’s colleague, won the 1998 Daytona 500, he dedicated the victory to a lot of people including Bonnett.

We can’t see why Hirst’s shark was made so much fuss of when Eddie’s has been in a public London venue all this time. A lot of people admired it in his shop, but I doubt that anyone considered it a work of artistic genius.

… turned this area together. Vintex is seen as an industrial revolution for this area. It made a lot of people to think of Weaving as a source of income next to agriculture.

Vinod meets a lot of people in the village and learns lessons of life from them, chiefly from Anupama (Meera Jasmine) whom he falls in love with. The film is a comedy, but ends up leaving a message for the audience like a typical Sathyan Anthikkadu movie.

Vineyards and wineries in the Shoalhaven Coast region were established in the 1980s. Therefore, most of them are small, but a lot of people are investing massively over the last decade.

District. This is often confused by a lot of people with another village of the same name near Nagercoil in the Kanyakumari District. He moved to Chennai in search of opportunities. In 1955, he opened a shop selling items such as alarm clocks,…

… dishes with their right hand. This embodies Hong Kong’s hectic lifestyle. In rush hour, it is common for a lot of people to queue outside the restaurants.

Upon learning the plans of the Trinitarians on Independence, he was lured to the independence movement. Bobadilla attracted a lot of people so they join of the pro-independence activities. He is considered the author of the Manifesto of 16…

Upon its release at the 52nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival all screenings were crowded with a lot of people watching it standing up on the stairs. The film got the highest number of audience votes in the history of the festival.

Up to Nal dynasty the people were divided into four different classes namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. But after the downfall of Nal dynasty, a lot of people came from outside and also the main castes divided into sub castes. There were around 62 casts in Bastar and Kanker states.

Facility as well as a Helicopter Repair base; however Gosport’s naval history goes a very long way back and it has several buildings of historic interest as well as a lot of people who lived here and became famous. Most of the former naval and…

Unfortunately, this causes a lot of people to search for evidence of this claim in order to own North America. The artifact which proves this claim was later found by Lawyer Sharky, who, since the abbot took a vow of chastity, instead of…

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