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… movements became slower, causing visitors to wonder if the alligator was even alive. He spent a lot of time in the water as it became difficult for him to walk on dry land. Čabulītis died of lung disease and heart failure. A memorial was planned for Čabulītis, and his remains will be stuffed and exhibited in the zoo along with his skeleton.

Zandar and Zarana operated several scams and schemes for Cobra, using their advanced skills as con artists. Later Zarana spent a lot of time with Cobra Commander and Zandar was nowhere to be seen.

ZWCAD Architecture 2017 is based on ZWCAD 2017 SP1,and it can automatically create and modify elevations and sections, which greatly helps to streamline process and saves a lot of time.

Young Košutić spent a lot of time in Radić’s home to help him with writing and redaction of his articles, brochures and books. Košutić entered the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, but because of World War I, he stopped his study as he…

Youd earned patent #4,840,230 for a system to retrievably install instruments into a borehole.He spent a lot of time on the theory of plate tectonics with success in many different categories.

… conditions on factory ships, and for short stories such as The Prostitute 淫売婦(imbaifu), an early (1925) example of proletarian literature in Japan. He spent a lot of time in jail due to his involvement with the labor movement, but later turned away from Marxism and became an enthusiastic supporter of Japanese imperialism.

Worth’s success on the Country Music charts, went down greatly after 1968. However, Worth didn’t stop performing. Her hobby was to study the history of the world, which she focused a lot of time on after her chart success faded away.

Working conditions for lighting technicians vary a great deal from one job to another. Lighting technicians generally spend a lot of time on their feet and the pace of work can become hectic. Last-minute changes are often required and…

… understand this event of Italian football, we have waited a lot of time. The disallowed goal gave rise to a huge controversy that endures in anti-Juventus circles – such as in the strong rivalry with Roma.

With the few colors available on early computers, different quantization algorithms produced very different-looking output images. As a result, a lot of time was spent on writing sophisticated algorithms to be more lifelike.

With his friend Måns Groundstroem, Edward Vesala (who was not to spend a lot of time in the band) and British expatriate Jim Pembroke, Walli initiated a new band dedicated to this sound, which was baptized Blues Section, and which was to…

With a steep orbital inclination of 74.2° this comet does not spend a lot of time near the ecliptic. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) website shows that between the years 1900 and 2200, that the comet was and will be most…

… shredded tyre. The mechanics set to work changing the tyre and pulling away some of the dangling bodywork. Having lost a lot of time, Moss and his co-driver, Fitch would drive flat-out in an effort to catch up with Hawthorn, and with it a shot at the win.

With Tess gone and Alex dead, Kyle and Isabel are the only two members of the group of six who are not romantically involved with another, and end up spending a lot of time together, becoming close friends. Kyle is the first to learn about…

Winslade was born in Surrey in 1965 and spent a lot of time indoors as a child because of a heart murmur. His main source of entertainment were Marvel like Howard the Duck and Deathlok. However, it wasn’t until he attended Birmingham…

Wilson spent a lot of time in Canada at AWA Superstars of Wrestling. He teamed up with Harry Smith to take part in the Grapple Cup Tournament where they beat Cadillac Caliss and WildCard in the finals. In 2006 he beat Harry Smith for the AWA Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship and held it for five months before losing it to Laramie Lexow.

Williams currently lives and frequently performs in Los Angeles. Williams moved to Los Angeles with her immediate family in 2012 after graduating from school. Williams likes animals and considered being a veterinarian or marine biologist as a child. She often spends a lot of time outdoors with her dogs, trying to find new areas of the city to explore.

Will (Eric McCormack) feels neglected by his best friend, Grace (Debra Messing), as she spends a lot of time with her work. When Will calls Grace to confirm for a lunch date, Grace cannot go as she is too busy creating interior designs.

Whitcombe and Clues became great friends when their playing days were over. They used to spend a lot of time in Whitcombe’s public house The Kings Head in Bradford. Whitcombe took on the role of self-appointed ‘minder’ for Bradford Northern’s slightly built, mercurial Welsh stand-off Willie Davies when he was targeted by opposing teams.

Whilst working on his debut album Mugison spent a lot of time listening to Andy Votel and Matthew Herbert, these electronic artists were very important to him and they both ran small record labels (Twisted Nerve Records & Accidental Records) and influenced his own music making.

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