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…Ḩeşārū’īyeh served as the stronghold of the Ismailis, and is home to many Ismailies who have contributed a lot in building Shahr-e-Babak when they ruled Shahr-e Babak 150 to 200 years ago in the 1800s.

…Žinčica tastes a lot like yoghurt, only a bit more liquidic. Of course, recipe can vary from house to house. It isn’t so good for thirst, because is basically fat, but great as side liquid dish with Bryndzové halušky, Haruľe or Prézle. Some do not like invasive taste of this diary, but this may be caused by world-wide Lactose intolerance.

Tournament H-B in Mostar. In 1997 he changed his club to ŠK Široki Brijeg. From 1997 on, he won the Open Tournament of Dubrovnik in 2003 and became the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He won a lot of rapid tournaments while representing each of his clubs.

…Żoliborz has a lot of beautiful architecture: charming old villas and colonies – properties built in the 1930s by the socialist Warsaw Housing Cooperative (WSM), which used to have common laundries, kindergartens and dining-rooms.

Wojciech was built here between 999 and 1243, and on its location now there is the parish church at Łany Wielkie. King Kazimierz Wielki contributed a lot to the development and prosperity of the town. It was due to his initiative that a castle…

Albanian residents of Šum derive the origin of their village’s name as stemming from the Albanian word shumë (meaning: a lot, much) from there being a lot of water due to the river. Šum is also located nearby Struga and in between there are…

…Šmarčna is the site of a mass grave from the end of the Second World War. The Šmarčna Čeček Field Mass Grave (Grobišče Šmarčna na čečkovi njivi) lies south of the settlement on a lot by the house at Šmarčna no. 2. It contains the remains of eight Ustaša soldiers killed in May 1945 while withdrawing towards Austria.

Bor Zuljan and replaced him with Rok Petkovič, with whom they made their 14th album Senca sebe which received a lot of success. In January 2011, the bassist Cvetko Polak and the singer Matjaž Jelen left the group because of disagreements. The group disbanded after that. The group reassembled in 2014 with a different line-up.

…Şevket Çoruh (born June 30, 1973 – Istanbul) is a successful Turkish actor best known as one of the actors who played İnşaat, Anlat İstanbul beside a lot of Turkish series like Arka Sokaklar, Gönül, Yılan Hikayesi, Çiçek Taksi and the…

…Şehir is the first album by Turkish rock band Mor ve Ötesi. The album is published on November 12, 1997 by the recording company Ada Müzik Yapım. The album encouraged a lot of Turkish alternative rock bands in late 1990s. There are also songs which are written in English. From time to time, they are still writing English songs.

…Ľubica (Leibic, Leibitz, Любіца) is a large village and municipality in Kežmarok District in the Prešov Region of north Slovakia. It is now mostly housing development district with a lot of panel block houses.

…İvedik is a fearsome-looking uncultivated driver with a lot of aggression but a spark of goodness in him. Involved by accident in a street fight, he rescues the wallet of the owner of an Antalya luxury hotel and hitchhikes his way south to…

…Đông Hòa is a rural district (huyện) of Phú Yên Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. Đông Hòa is a new district. However it is now dramatically developing with a lot of foreign investments such as Hoa Hiep and Hoa Tham Industrial zones. Notable sights in the district include Bia Mountain, Han Dam and Vung Ro Harbor.

…Čert is not the devil, although they might have a lot in common. Sometimes, hell is full of čert and is ruled by devil (or archdevil) Lucifer.

…Čaruga’s demise attracted a lot of popular attention at the time, and numerous popular books. In 1991 the movie Čaruga was directed by Rajko Grlić. He remains a well-known historic figure in the Balkans.

… movements became slower, causing visitors to wonder if the alligator was even alive. He spent a lot of time in the water as it became difficult for him to walk on dry land. Čabulītis died of lung disease and heart failure. A memorial was planned for Čabulītis, and his remains will be stuffed and exhibited in the zoo along with his skeleton.

…Øystein Bogen gained a lot of international attention ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sotchi when he and TV 2 cameraman Aage Aune were arrested and questioned for several days by Russian police while working on critical reports of the organisation of the event.

…Østfold sits between the Oslo Fjord and Sweden. It is dominated by flat landscape with a lot of woodland in the north and along the Swedish border, a major lake system in the central part, and densely populated lowland area along the coast, with a relatively large archipelago.

… met Hjalmar, who had fifteen ships. Hjalmar could not accept such an uneven balance of strength and sent away ten of his own ships so that the forces would be even. The two warriors fought for two days with a lot of blood-letting and poetry,…

… praises the return to the antique objects displaced by current props of music groups in circulation.Ödland’s influences are Frédéric Chopin, Béla Bartók, Franz Liszt, Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, Georges Bizet apart from a lot of traditional…

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