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… a black donor. On top of that, Jackson is a loud, self-promoting car salesman, which clashes with Sarah’s intellectualism. The film revolves around Zora and her mother’s rocky relationship with Jackson. Jackson eventually comes to have feelings for his daughter and her mother.

… brute strength. The remaining enemy soldiers did not dare to advance further, while Dian Wei continued attacking and killing several of them until he reached his threshold, when he let out a loud yell and died. Zhang Xiu’s men dared not move forward to take his head until they were sure he was dead and finally returned to their camp.

Zee Blakely (Elizabeth Taylor) is a loud, coarse, forty-something socialite, whose marriage to her architect husband Robert (Michael Caine) is on the rocks, as witnessed by their frequent verbal sparring matches. Sick of Zee’s antics, Robert is drawn to quiet boutique owner Stella (Susannah York) who is the complete antithesis to Zee in terms of personality.

Zebra finches are loud and boisterous singers. Their calls can be a loud beep, meep, oi! or a-ha!. Their song is a few small beeps, leading up to a rhythmic song of varying complexity in males. Each male’s song is different, although birds…

Zack Allen discovers in Medlab that the link has been switched. Later he orders a loud noise sent to the dead security guard’s link, which reveals the would-be assassin who is apprehended.

Yellow-breasted flycatchers are inconspicuous birds, tending to keep to high perches from which they sally forth to catch insects. The call is a loud whistled peeee-it.

Yeah, it’s real racing. That said, between the thick scrum of crapcans in front of you and our aversion to long, flat-out straightaways, you’re not going to set any speed records. It’s kinda like a loud, hot, noisy version of driving to…

Yaşar Kemal attended the premiere together with his wife Ayşe Semiha Baban Kemal and the Turkish Diva Leyla Gencer in the royal box. After the performance, he took a bow along with the cast, and received a loud applause from the audience.

Yazid bin Moqal, an ally of Abdul Qais moved towards the camp of Husayn and reaching near, he called out in a loud voice to Burayr ibn Khuzayr, asking how did he find what God had destined for him. Burayr replied that God had sent good…

… delivery, which hit him in front of the stumps and prompted a loud lbw appeal, and did the same thing to the next ball. During this spell, Toshack conceded only seven runs from eight overs, but was taken off as Bradman wanted to take the new…

… leg wound and near fainting from the blood loss, he repeatedly shouted in a loud voice to keep himself awake in the cockpit. He was unable to operate levers on the starboard side of the cockpit to unload flaps or landing gears yet he…

… requirement of the equipment to be carried. For example, fairing could not be present if the payload is a loud speaker for broadcasting messages. JY = Jing Yong (警用, meaning police applications in Chinese).

… that they could not see the aircraft, as the area was covered by cloud. They reported that shortly after, there was a loud bang above their village and the sound of the aircraft stopped. Port Moresby ATC then lost contact with Flight 4684.

Witness Coleen Swarts observed the airplane reverse its course and then heard a loud sound as it crashed.

With the tempo indication as Allegro moderato e maetoso, 4/4 (common) times, it begins with a half march-like character, with tension slowly building up and the flow of the music increasing. It is the only movement in this composition with a loud ending.

… alternative way to communicate with computers when typing is less desirable. However, in a loud environment, the audition modality is not quite effective. This exemplifies how certain modalities…

… upperparts, wings and tail are rufous. The underparts are olive-brown. The bill is long, slightly decurved, and hooked at the tip. The upper mandible is dark grey, while the lower mainly is pale greyish-horn. The normal call is a loud chev-re chev-re.

William Murdoch, a Scottish inventor, installed a number of his own innovations in his house, built in Birmingham in 1817; one of these was a loud doorbell, that worked using a piped system of compressed air. A precursor to the electric…

Will, Simon and Neil arrive and their experience does not get off to a good start – as the boys are eating dinner in the Cartwrights’ caravan, Jay’s dad goes to the toilet in a loud and unhygienic manner.

… and soft bark. Both sexes contribute to nest building and feeding the young. It has a loud, clear, musical song, described as the best of all the honeyeaters.

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