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… when she saw how strongly he held to his ideals even when tested, so much so that Criet was shocked upon seeing her behaving like a love sick teenager before composing herself. Helga becomes very depressed when she finds out that he has a daughter.

… him away, he keeps coming back. One day Burcu sends a box of chocolate and a love note to her brother, but she signs it with Öykü’s name. When Öykü finds out about what happened, she runs to Mete’s office to take the present with the note…

…Éva Vica Kerekes – Zuzana – A journalist and a love interest of Vedral. She later helps Cajthaml.

… was three years old.After this Émile lived as a boarder at Tarbes and then as an officer’s son at the Prytanée National Militaire in La Flèche, where he developed a love of rugby football.

…Çalışkan’s first novel, A Bar Philosopher is a love story based on a true story.

Zzyzx Rd. is a love song written to Taylor’s wife for helping him in his struggles against alcoholism and contemplation of suicide. The road referenced in the title is Zzyzx Rd, which is located off of I-15 in California approximately 105 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NV.

Zypora Spaisman assayed the role of Sheva Haddas in Paul Mazursky’s film Enemies, a Love Story (1989), an adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel of the same name.

Zoë Eeles as Tina: Ex-Girlfriend of Wyman Norris (Series 4): was the assistant of Tarquin Pearce and a love interest for Wyman Norris. It is speculated that she has had a sexual relationship with Tarquin. Tina and Wyman’s romance ended when the Lads completed their work in Cuba.

… also one of the defenders of Petrarch and Dante. In this, he acted as a humanist with a love of the language of his birthplace. In Difesa del Petrarcna, one of his pamphlets, Zoppio fiercely attacked the Muzio. Fontanini pretended that this…

Zola, E. Une page d’amour, translated as A Love Episode by C.C. Starkweather (1910).

Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney), is a shy, eccentric and misunderstood computer animator who has a love for 1970s and 80s pop music. While heading home after a few drinks one night, she is forced into her car by a stalker who steers her into a police officer, knocking him off his bicycle and killing him.

Zhang Wuji saves Zhou Zhiruo from Chen Youliang’s clutches and foils Song Qingshu’s attempt to take over the Wudang Sect. A love triangle gradually develops between him, Zhao Min and Zhou Zhiruo. He decides to marry Zhou Zhiruo to prove…

Zeyer’s dramatic poem is a love story, combining classical fairy-tale motifs with mythological references. Radúz and Mahulena, from feuding kingdoms, fall in love, but have to face various challenges, including the sorcery of Queen Runa. As well as Slovak myths and fairy tales, the story also draws from the Indian drama Sakuntala by the poet Kalidasa.

Zetterstrøm (Ulrich Thomsen) once had a love affair with a woman (Helena Christensen), then left her and forgot all about his past, in favour of his musical career. While he is away from Copenhagen, a supernatural incident occurs, making…

Zero Degree is a 2015 Bangladeshi psychological thriller film written and directed by Animesh Aich, starring Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan, and Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee in lead roles. The film focuses on a love triangle that later turns fatal and…

Zaw Win Htut has a love for and is a supporter of other forms of arts. One of his dreams is to live in a house full of beautiful paintings. He has a collection of about 100 paintings by famous artists and others who are not so well known.

Zaryan was born in Warsaw, Poland. At an early age, she traveled throughout Europe with her parents. Her father was a classical pianist, and her mother was an English language educator and author. Her parents shared a love for Stevie…

Zarnack was best known after his death for his work in music and compilation of folk music. He put lyrics to a version of O Tannenbaum that was more a love song (Liebeslieder). Zarnack’s version was published in 1819 – 1820. Ernst Anschütz…

… lived since the Chaldean civilisation. His master Mejnor warns him against a love affair but Zanoni does not heed. He finally marries Viola and they have a child. As Zanoni experiences an increase in humanity, he begins to lose his gift of immortality. He finally dies in the guillotine during the French Revolution.

… is sometimes called moukhammas mardoud quintain), leading to ghazal recitations in various forms such as the muwaššah, which, in its Lebanese zajal incarnation, is a joyous and flirtatious genre. The whole is accompanied by a chorus with tambourines and other percussion instruments. The meet often concludes with a love lament, typically in the Shruqi form.

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