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… described in terms of, for example, sensitivity and specificity or likelihood ratio. Another factor is the pre-test probability, with a lower pre-test probability resulting in a lower absolute difference, with the consequence that even very…

Vladikavkaz. After the club was relegated to a lower league, Žutautas returned to Lithuania and signed a contract with Atlantas Klaipėda until July 2006. Later after, having an unsuccessful short spell at Tavriya Simferopol, he resigned with Atlantas until the end of the season. In 2010 the defender played for Platanias F.C. in Greek Gamma Ethniki (=Third Division).

… offered a two-way contract, one that would pay him at a lower rate if he played in the AHL. Because of these contract differences, Židlický opted to stay in Finland and continue playing for HIFK.

…Šmartno ob Savi lies along the road from Hrastje to Stožice. It is a roadside village on a terrace above the Sava River. Most of the houses stand on the edge of the terrace, but some also stand on a lower terrace further north, towards the…

Uhrovec. He acquired his basic education, including the study of Latin, from his father Samuel, who was a teacher. From 1827-1829, he studied in Győr where he attended a lower grammar school. There, he improved his knowledge of history, and the…

Å (lower case: å) — referred to as a Swedish a or volle — represents various (although often very similar) sounds in several languages. It is considered a separate letter in the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, North Frisian, Walloon,…

Zurcherella is a Lower Cretaceous (Upper Barremian – Upper Aptian desmoceratid ammonite from France and Colombia (Apón and Yuruma Formations, La Guajira). Its shell is moderately compressed and rather involute (outer whorls covering most…

Zungeru is surrounded by mountains, giving it a lower elevation than the surrounding topography Mountains are located nearby. In addition to the Kaduna, the smaller Nnamaye and Tosheta Rivers flow near the town.

Zoonekynd was selected as the flag bearer for South Africa for the opening ceremony at the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia. She suffered a thigh injury during the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia. She suffered a lower back injury in…

… zinc atoms at 6 of the vertices of a distorted cube. ZnP2 has two forms a lower temperature red tetragonal form and a black monoclinic form. In both of these there are chains of P atoms, helical in the tetragonal, semi-spiral in the monoclinic.

Zircotec’s primary range was developed as a lower cost derivative of its Thermohold coatings. Suitable up to 900 °C, it offers less thermal performance to the Performance Range with a 25% reduction in exhaust system temperatures. Currently Zircotec only offers a black finish, but there are plans to make more colours available.

… basic than tetragonal, as it forms stronger bonds with CO2. Adsorption of CO shows that the tetragonal phase has more acidic Lewis acid sites than the monoclinic phase, but that it has a lower concentration of Lewis acid sites.

… bulged section on bikes with very narrow chainstays. The new 101 wheelset featured the first aluminum clincher rim with a fully toroidal profile and reaches a lower price point than Zipp’s carbon wheels. 2010 also saw a redesign of the 303 wheelset with claimed improvements to strength, durability, and aerodynamics.

… non-toxic because of its insolubility in water. Molybdates possess a lower toxicity than chromates or lead salts and are therefore seen as an interesting alternative to these salts for corrosion inhibition. It can be synthesized by mixing aqueous solutions of sodium molybdate and zinc chloride: the insoluble zinc molybdate will crystallize from this mixture.

… nebulous because it is spinning rapidly, causing the lines to broaden because of the Doppler effect. The projected rotational velocity is 245, giving a lower limit on the star’s actual equatorial azimuthal velocity.

Zero XU is a lightweight electric motorcycle introduced in 2011 by Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley, CA. The XU uses the Zero X dirtbike frame, road tires and a lower suspension for street riding.

… coefficient is lower than at the bottom of the liquid film. Because the bottom of the liquid transfers heat better, it requires a lower wall temperature near the bottom than at the top to boil the zeotropic mixture.

… pattern to dramatically highlight areas where too much light is falling on the image sensor. Often, a threshold level can be set, e.g. 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% (with 100% meaning pure white, or over-exposed, AKA 100 IRE). A lower threshold like 70-80% can help correctly expose many skin tones, while higher numbers help ensure correct overall scene exposure.

… 31 October, coming on as a 70th-minute substitute in a Scottish Premiership match against Partick Thistle at Firhill Stadium, replacing Sam Nicholson in a 4-0 win. In January 2016, Zanatta was originally expected to be loaned to a lower division club, but he impressed Hearts coach Robbie Neilson enough to stay with the first team.

Yuzhoupliosaurus is an extinct genus of plesiosaur from the Middle Jurassic of China. The genus is known only from a lower jaw, a vertebra, and fragments of a pectoral girdle. It is believed this genus lived in fresh water.

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