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…Štefánik worked in astrophysics and solar physics, and became well known for his spectral analysis of the sun’s corona. He was involved in perfecting spectrography and has been considered a predecessor of Bernard Lyot. He also attempted to construct a machine for colour photography and cinematography, and he had his design patented in 1911.

…Émile Sacré’s father was Auguste Sacré, an engineer who had invented a machine dividing the bast of hemp and flax with a hatchel (hackle) to make it safe to be spun, and who was manager of the Société de Saint-Gilles linen mill near…

Zúñiga y Miranda was born in Zacatecas into a family of old Spanish nobility. He went to Mexico City to study law and became a lawyer, but first gained fame in 1887 when he claimed to have invented a machine that could predict earthquakes.

… address was not printed on the outside of the board, and thus was invisible once installed in the PC. Nor was the MAC address printed in a machine readable (bar code) format. Cox added these to the CM prior to installation, and tracked the…

… later 19th century. It is a two-story, four-bay dwelling with three large rear appendages. The property also includes a carriage barn with an attached shed, three barns, and a machine shed.

Yurka: The evolutia of Destruction, he may also be Linear’s brother. After visiting her a few times at hotel he convinces Linear to leave Mag under the presumtion that if she stays with Mag he will be in danger. He later combines Linear’s power and his own to power a machine called Ulticannon. Linear is brought out of a trance that Yurka put her in by Mag when he plays the…

Young subsequently moved to British Columbia, where he worked as a machine operator and was a member of the United Steelworkers. He campaigned for Vancouver East in the 1993 federal election in Vancouver East. He moved to Montreal later in the 1990s, worked in a packing plant near the city, and was a member of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 501.

You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine was recorded from February to April 2004 at The Chemical Sound in Toronto. Additional recording was done at Studio Plateau in Montreal and the album was engineered and produced by Al-P, with the exception of the Montreal sessions which were engineered by Drew Malamud.

You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine is the debut studio album by Canadian rock band Death from Above (then known as Death from Above 1979), released on October 26, 2004 by Vice Records in the United States, Last Gang Records in Canada, Ache Records on vinyl, and Victor Entertainment in Japan. It was certified gold in Canada in July 2006.

Yorktown, as it turned out, floated throughout the night. Two men were still alive on board her; one attracted attention by firing a machine gun, heard by the sole attending destroyer, Hughes. The escort picked up the men, one of whom…

Division as an infantry private, and went to France in 1918. In October 1918, as a newly promoted corporal, York was one of a group of 17 soldiers assigned to infiltrate German lines and silence a machine gun position. After the American…

Yet further factors that can lead to failure of moving parts include failures in the cooling and lubrication systems of a machine.

Red Guy follows the sound of the dream song to a machine with monitors showing Yellow Guy. Red Guy presses buttons that transform the lamp into other characters including Tony and Colin. Roy taps Red Guy on the shoulder with a massively…

… the former Black Ranger, was an insatiable action junkie who became a Machine Empire enforcer and was assassinated after a threesome with Divatox and Scorpina; Billy Cranston, the former Blue Ranger, became an openly-gay trillionaire weapons manufacturer who seemingly committed suicide.

Yam (Yamaha) – The Bannus. A machine, designed to make sure that the process of selection of the Reigners would be absolutely fair.

… left the Haganah following an argument with its commander Yitzhak Sadeh over the inclusion of a machine gun as part of standard squad equipment.

… grab a machine gun while he was limping and fired back at the Japanese warplanes and cursed the Japanese as dogs in his native Salar language.

Xavier has been hooked up to a machine that will use his psychic power to kill all of the world’s mutants via cerebral hemorrhage. At a revival meeting, where a popular US Senator (who is a closeted mutant) is in attendance, Magneto and…

… is used in Titan, the world’s second fastest supercomputer in the November 2013 list as ranked by the TOP500 organization. Other customers include the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre which has a 272 node machine and Blue Waters has a

Worrall was born in London in 1898. He served as a machine gunner during World War I. Having been captured by German forces in 1917, he escaped in the following year prior to the end of the war. In 1931 he graduated from the Royal College of Art. He moved to Grimsby in 1932, working as a teacher at Wintringham Grammar School.

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