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…Šuto Orizari is the only municipality in the country where Romani make up a majority of the population. Out of a total population of 17,357 in the 2002 census, 13,311 people (76.6%) were of Roma ethnicity. Other significant ethnic groups…

… buy-out of the business and currently holds a majority stake. He was elected Executive Chairman of Vífilfell Coca-Cola in 2005.

Division 1. Özen transferred to Allsvenskan club Mjällby AIF for the 2012 season. After having only played five matches for the club in his debut season, Özen made a breakthrough for the 2013 season where he played a majority of the club’s…

… completely in 1930. The conservatives was by far the largest party and had a majority of its own with 18 seats in 1922. After the municipal elections of 1950 the situation had changed. The conservatives was the smallest party with 10…

…Étapisme (French for gradualism) is the term for a strategy for independence dominant in the Parti Québécois since 1974. It is associated with the figure of Claude Morin, who convinced Parti Québécois leader René Lévesque and eventually a majority of party delegates to adopt its principles. Proponents of the strategy are called étapistes.

…Édouard Dunglas (1891-1952) was a French physician, historian, geographer, and politician who spent a majority of his life in Dahomey (now Benin).

…Éditions Philippe Amaury (EPA), also known as Groupe EPA or the Amaury Group, is a French media group founded by Philippe Amaury, whose widow Marie-Odile Amaury owns a majority of the company.

…Çukurova is the largest and most fertile delta plain in Turkey. A majority of the delta is used for agriculture. Major agricultural products include cotton, rice, melon, watermelon, strawberry, and grains; citruses are also common. When…

Zwicker filled in for an injured James Thompson against UFC veteran Houston Alexander on October 17, 2014 at Bellator 129. The fight ended in a majority draw as Alexander was docked a point for repeated illegal headbutting.

Zukor and Lasky sold Hodkinson more of their film rights and, using that money, they purchased Paramount stock to, by 1916, gain a majority of it. Then with Abrams, Steele and Sherry they used this majority to vote Hodkinson out. Abrams took over as president and Steele as treasurer.

… history of music with authentic sounds, as opposed to cantatas, which were generally sung. A majority of his prominent pieces were released between the late 1740s and the mid-1760s.

Kosovo. Since most factories were established as branches of main Serbian factory chains to serve the Kosovo market, their workers are still employed but work and get paid irregularly. A majority of products sold in the municipality are imported from Serbia.

Zrinjski was banned (1945-92) for playing in the fascist league, no games between the rival teams were played. During that period, Velež became a successful club in former Yugoslavia, and it was supported by a majority of Mostarian inhabitants.

Zoli, an anti-fascist, resigned the post of Prime Minister soon after it became clear that he would have needed to rely on the votes of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement to form a majority in the Parliament. He was then convinced by…

Zoido sought reelection in the 2015 elections, but the PP failed to achieve a majority of the council, and an agreement of the Socialist Party, Participa Sevilla (a list supported by Podemos) and United Left, ousted Zoido.

… going on to rematch Wallis in the semis. He was unable to reproduce his earlier performance, however, and lost a majority decision.

Zilwaukee Township is a civil township of Saginaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the township population was 67. The city of Zilwaukee is southwest of the township, but is administered separately. The township is home to the Crow Island State Game Area, which covers a majority of the township area.

Zia returned to Pakistan the following year and was promoted to Major and transferred in October 1970 to be second-in-command of the 8th East Bengal regiment stationed in Chittagong. East Pakistan had been devastated by the 1970 Bhola cyclone, and the population had been embittered by the slow response of the central government and the political conflict between Pakistan’s two major parties, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Awami League, and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s PPP. In the 1970 Pakistan Parliamentary elections the Awami League had won a majority and it leader Sheikh Mujib laid claim to form a government, but Pakistan President Yahya Khan postponed the convening of the legislature under pressure from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP party.

… after the Bhutto assassination, the elections were postponed six weeks to 18 February. In January 2008, he suggested that if his party did win a majority, it might form a coalition with Musharraf’s Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q). He and…

Direct Democracy any issue may be voted on, any issue may be brought up to be voted on, and all decisions are passed by a majority vote. There are no restrictions on who may govern or who may vote. Since December 1994, the Zapatistas had been…

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