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… in Furs or Simple Twist of Fate, Soul of a Man) and Dutch. They musically sound between The Smiths and Jacques Dutronc, with a singer inspired by Bertrand Cantat of Noir Desir.

Zuykpar (Զույգապար) – Zuykpar is a duet done by a man and woman. It features a liveliness to it and normally includes both dancers doing symmetrical movements.

Zoroastrian weddings are a religious ceremony in Zoroastrianism in which two individuals, a man and a woman are united. In Zoroastrianism, marriage within the community is encouraged, and is greatly favored in religious texts.

Zina also includes rape, prostitution, homosexuality, sodomy (anal sex or liwat), incest, zoophilia/bestiality as well as any type of heterosexual sex between a man and a woman outside marriage that does not involve penetration of penis into vagina (non-penetrative sex).

… his fondest wish, which is to become a man, and occurs whenever a comet passes in the vicinity of Earth. In the Post-Crisis DC Universe, the established pre-30th century history of Zerox is ignored, and Sorcerers’ World is instead amalgamated with Gemworld.

Yūshi Hōgen (“The Rake’s Patois”) (1770): a man and his son visit Yoshiwara. The man attempts to flaunt his knowledge of the latest fashions and trends, but is wrong and ridiculed by courtesans. The naive son receives better treatment.

Yorkeys Knob got its name from George Lawson, a Yorkshire-born, Cairns-based beche-de-mer fisherman. On 10 June 1886 Yorkey Lawson reported the loss of a man and his wife from Green Island. They had left to visit the wreck of the Upolu,…

… him the responsibility of a man and not be wondernose or get distracted. Later on in the story lightening strikes the barn and starts a fire. Yonie figures how to save all the animals, in which he did and proved to his father he is a man by saving the animals.

… apart from songs of hedonism sung in revelry and in drinking bouts. In Yemenite poetry, such themes serve a mystical meaning, not to be understood in its literal context of a marriage between a man and a woman in the flesh, but of the…

… starts with a usual pastime in which Kyle and Raymond converse at gay bars and then meet up with JJ for dinner. Kyle, the more promiscuous of the two, picks up a man and also introduces a man which Raymond finds quite attractive. They…

Yaana (ಯಾನ) is a novel written by novelist S.L. Bhyrappa, which has a story of two astronauts (a man and a woman) traveling in a spaceship to Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the earth which is around 4-6 light years away. The journey…

Xiao Lu’s infamous work at the China Avant-garde Exhibition, Dialogue(1989), shows a man and a woman talking to each other in phone booths; between them is a red phone with its receiver dangling off the hook. Dialogue(1989) could be called China’s first major feminist contemporary work of art.

Would you kill someone for love? Someone did. A man and a woman die from shotgun wounds. Kling’s girlfriend says she would, and Carella won’t answer.

Working with William Dakin and the Sydney Camouflage Group, Hinder was seconded to the Camouflage Wing of the Royal Australian Engineers during World War II where he designed the Hinder Spider, a garnished conical frame for concealing a man, and dummy aircraft such as the Hindup.

… legal between a man and a woman. The documentary was produced for Andrew Cohen at Bravo, and Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato at World of Wonder. An extended version of the film premiered at the AFI festival in 2004 to a riotous response. It ended up winning the festival’s documentary prize and gaining a distribution deal on DVD.

… command, and prohibiting any further missions with Worf and Dax as a team), but as a man and a husband, he would have done the same thing.

… actual restaurant and barks orders at a very flustered manager. Looks prove to be deceiving, as a booty call gets sticky. Also featured: an amateur reporter who shows up too late to catch the action, A parody of Punk*D! called Trik*D!, a guy so desperate he has to rent a friend, and an epic struggle between a man and a smelly bathroom.

Within the Celtic spiritual sphere there is considerable variation. The 4th and early 3rd century BC burials in Wrocław and Ślęża region are skeletal. Sometimes a man and a woman were buried together, suggesting the known Celtic practice…

… preach God’s Word is too much for half a man. And to minister a temporal kingdom is too much for half a man also. Either other requireth an sic whole man” (68). The king is to enforce the law as it is written in scripture. The king is not more…

With Parn Puong Bopha spending a budget of her own $20,000, the opera proved a success. Still the plot provides a more creative and idealized story promising a more diverse and unique plot-line in Khmer future films rather than the typical story of a romance between a man and a woman and his ex interfering with their relationship.

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