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…Ḫarapšili was probably a daughter of princess Ḫaštayara and a man called Maratti. Her grandfather was king Hattusili I and her brother was king Mursili I (c. 1556 – 1526 BC).

…Лъэу/Сыд ыджы къыпIотэщт? – What else will You say?, Ащ бэрэ лъэхъугъ, ау къыгъотыжьыгъэп – I was looking for him for a long time, but I did not find, E улIэн, e улIын – Die or be a man! (Adyghe proverb).

… frequently. One night, Sena persuaded Šemsa to come with her to the kafana. That night Šemsa discovered her talent for singing and the next day the owner of the kafana asked her to start singing there nightly. Her music career officially began in 1971 in that restaurant owned by a man named Josip Soft in the Nedžarići part of Sarajevo.

… three scrolls total about 148 ft (45 m) in length. Ōkyo tried to find models for the people depicted in them, even for the shocking images such as a man being ripped in two by frightened bulls. His introduction to the work states that he…

Chantalle. Later, she portrayed Sophie in the 2015 film Danny Collins about a man who realizes that he received a letter from John Lennon.

… honorary consul is named as its director. The company is believed to be under Russian control.CEEI’s directors include Václav Klaus’s former chief of staff (Jiří Kovář) and a man who is jail for kidnapping.

… of interlocutor in many of the recorded dialogues. He is the subject of a special panegyric delivered by the Buddha just before the Buddha’s parinibbana (the Mahaparinibbana Sutta (DN 16)); it is a panegyric for a man who is kindly, unselfish, popular, and thoughtful toward others.

… encounter, however a third son, named Þórmóðr, managed to escape with his life. Early the next year, the fleet headed northwards through the Hebrides back home. When it approached the island of Lewis, a man named Þórmóðr Þórkelson fled for his life, leaving behind his wife and possessions to be taken by the marauding fleet.

… about fifty combatants who were killed on that day. Þórir’s executioner was a man allowed to perform the execution to avenge Þórir’s killing of his brother at the Battle of Bær, which occurred on April 28, 1237.

…Östergötland Runic Inscription 65 or Ög 65 is the designation for an inscription that was recorded at the Bjälbo church that has since been lost. The stone, based on its partial reconstructed text, was raised by a man as a memorial to his wife who may have been named Ragnhildr.

… musical ambitions. Stupid and gullible but well meaning, Ólafur is often on the receiving end of bad situations, becoming involved in advance-fee fraud with a man from Nigeria, and falling foul of a Chinese protein shake which induces lactation. He is submissive and often follows Georg’s instructions, no matter how unusual, without question.

Haukr Valdísarson, a man otherwise unknown. The poem consists of 26 dróttkvætt stanzas and the first two lines of the 27th. At that point the preserved part of the manuscript terminates and the end of the poem is lost.

…Ímar was probably the son of Aralt mac Amlaíb (died 999), a man whose death at the Battle of Glenn Máma is recorded by the seventeenth-century texts Annals of Clonmacnoise and Annals of the Four Masters, the fifteenth-sixteenth-century…

…Ímar mac Arailt (died 1054) was an eleventh-century ruler of the Kingdom of Dublin and perhaps the Kingdom of the Isles. He was the son of a man named Aralt, and appears to have been a grandson of Amlaíb Cuarán, King of Northumbria and…

… in Furs or Simple Twist of Fate, Soul of a Man) and Dutch. They musically sound between The Smiths and Jacques Dutronc, with a singer inspired by Bertrand Cantat of Noir Desir.

…Élizabeth travels further into the village to look for help and is approached by a man whose head is covered with the infection. He smashes his head against the car window until it breaks and Élizabeth shoots him. She comes across a blind…

…Édouard came from a family of average height. His father reached 5’ 8”, an average height for a man of French Canadian descent. His mother was 5’ 4”, also an average height for women.

…Çitaku was a refugee during the Kosovo War and has been involved with politics since 1999. She states that she has overcome the stereotypes in politics that one must be old and a man.

Donnchad – Diarmait’s enemy and Echmarcach’s associate – a man who then controlled the Norse-Gaelic enclaves of Limerick and possibly Waterford. Furthermore, although Diarmait appears to have gained overlordship of Mann by 1061, Echmarcach…

…Ásgeir comes across a camera containing a short film of Sigurður quarrelling with a man named Geirmundur, who is believed to be the murder victim. When the police try to question Sigurður, he runs away. They follow him to his boat in the harbour, where they find the missing torso in the hold. Sigurður, apparently in a catatonic state, offers no explanation.

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