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Cyprus lira in 1960. Güney’s design was unique, as the Republic of Cyprus is the first country in the world to display a map on its flag. Kosovo, whose status is disputed and recognized by 109 countries , adopted a flag in 2008 which also displays a map.

Zzap!64 published a map of Tir Na Nog in 1985.

Artus tells Tamara that Conan left a map behind and she follows him, meeting with him in a cave, where they have sex. The next day, as she is returning to the boat, Zym’s men and daughter capture her.

Zumper is an apartment rental website which enables its users to search through real, live-time listings across the USA. Zumper’s available apartment inventory is displayed on a map or in a curated news feed, on the web and in mobile apps.

… assessment. Zones of visual influence have been used extensively in wind farm development. A map will be created showing the number of wind turbines that are visible from a particular area. A cumulative zone of visual influence is used to define the cumulative effects of many developments.

Zhang was sent by Liu Zhang as an envoy to meet Cao Cao. He brought with him a map of Sichuan, hoping to present it to Cao and aid Cao in taking over Yi Province from Liu Zhang. However, Cao disliked him for his appearance and treated him rudely. In retaliation, Zhang made sarcastic remarks to humiliate Cao. The angry Cao ordered Zhang to be beaten up and driven away.

Zero-dimensional points are used for geographical features that can best be expressed by a single point reference—in other words, by simple location. Examples include wells, peaks, features of interest, and trailheads. Points convey the least amount of information of these file types. Points can also be used to represent areas when displayed at a small scale. For example, cities on a map of the world might be represented by points rather than polygons. No measurements are possible with point features.

ZFS for FreeBSD introduced support for TRIM on September 23, 2012. The code builds a map of regions of data that were freed; on every write the code consults the map and eventually removes ranges that were freed before, but are now overwritten. There is a low-priority thread that TRIMs ranges when the time comes.

Yıldırım pleaded not guilty. Bie stated in an interview that he was an anti-communist and had tried to block Hall’s espionage activities by withholding the documents and burying them in West Germany. Attorney Walter and some FBI agents went to Germany and recovered classified material with the help of a map provided by Yıldırım. Documents were found in a cemetery buried in a plastic jerrycan next to a casket; in a railroad embankment; in a suitcase in the storage room of an apartment building; and in a paint bucket beneath the Berlin Wall.

Yuan Hsieh (d. +1220) was Director-General of governmental grain stores. In pursuance of his schemes for the relief of famines he issued orders that each pao (village) should prepare a map which would show the fields and mountains, the…

YourBus, founded by BITS-Pilani graduates Rajesh Mallipeddi and Satya Padmanabham in 2011, is a GPS-based bus tracking and analytics platform. The YourBus application on a smartphone shows users the location of a bus in real time on a map. It also tells users the arrival time at their pickup point, with SMS updates.

… one of the photographs. And in the cache lies a replica of a map, made by his father who was once killed unlocking a mystery of treasure. Eventually some of his father’s murderers discover Vicky, and abduct him. In the meantime, Vicky’s…

Royal Nigeria Regiment in 1958. He was posted to the War Office in 1961 and became General Officer Commanding Cyprus District in 1962. At the original ceasefire in 1964 Young drew a line on a map with a blunt green chinagraph pencil…

… drunkenly talks about treasure. Soon after, Bones is visited by Black Dog (Charles McNaughton) then Pew (William V. Mong), and drops dead, leaving a chest, which he bragged contained gold and jewels. Instead of money, Jim finds a map that…

Young Jim Hawkins (Toby Regbo) discovers a map to a legendary island of treasure belonging to the infamous Captain Flint (Donald Sutherland) and embarks on a journey aboard the ship Hispaniola to find it; however, the enigmatic Long John Silver (Eddie Izzard) and crew have other plans.

… character on a map. Rarely, you will get a power-up where it adds half a life bar or an extra paintball grenade. Sometimes, you will get a random minigame where you shoot paintball bombs thrown at you. It was one of the many games on the Game…

Year of the Phoenix was designed by Martin Wixted, and was published in 1986 by Fantasy Games Unlimited as a boxed set with an 80-page book, a 48-page book, a cardstock screen, eight sheets, two cardstock counter sheets, a map, and dice.

Ybarra (Ibarra) had earlier sent Alvaro Mexia a cartographer on a mission further south to meet and develop diplomatic ties with the Ais Indian nation as well as produce a map.

Yards included a horse yard, and a milking yard around a calf pen and milking bails. A stockyard enclosed 10 small yards, and included a branding lane, speying bails, a killing yard and gallows. A herding yard was attached. A map of…

Yahoo! offers a number of low-level APIs to support maps, for geocoding, getting a map image, searching for a local business, or retrieving traffic information. Some other Yahoo! services, such asFlickr and Upcoming.org, have their content available through web services, with interesting potential for mashups.

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