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Zuckerman is known to be a mentor to and close associate of Daniel M. Snyder, owner of the NFL football team Washington Redskins, and has been a financial backer to Snyder’s business ventures (CampusUSA magazine), and was a shareholder and director in Snyder Communications Inc., a marketing services business which was taken over in 2000 (by Havas Advertising).

Zinkhan had two children, a son and a daughter, with his wife, attorney Marie Bruce. Zinkhan also had three children from a previous marriage. The family lived in the town of Bogart in the U.S. state of Georgia. Zinkhan owned a second home in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, where he was a marketing professor at the Vrije Universiteit.

Zensar has a marketing presence in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and Australia. The company has operations and a customer base spanning 18 countries, including software development centers at Pune and Hyderabad, India and Gdańsk, Poland.

Zanarini was born in Bologna, Italy on 9 September 1952. He started his career in driver management in the early 1970s when he was a Marketing Director for Alfa Romeo in Australia and South Pacific area. After relocating his business…

Zakarian married Margaret Anne Williams, a marketing executive, in 2005. They have two daughters and one son. He was previously married to Heather Karaman for approximately 10 years.

… and tried his luck in the entertainment industry. He is a MBA. He says that a person should prepare a for backup if ever acting turns to be a wrong decision. If not an actor, he would have been a marketing head.

… multiple causes. For example, childhood obesity has not been caused by one ad or product brought out by a marketing company. But it is a health concern that has developed due to multiple factors, that influence how the public reacts to certain ads and products brought out by these companies.

YouTube entered into a marketing and advertising partnership with NBC in June 2006.

Yieldify is a marketing technology company that uses predictive marketing to track and optimize conversion rates for e-commerce companies. Yieldify was founded in June 2013 by brothers Jay and Meelan Radia. The company is headquartered in London and has offices in cities around the world, including New York, Munich, Porto, and Sydney.

… as a marketing representative while moonlighting as a blues singer and pianist by night. Yasmin began her career in advertising as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather and in 1993 she moved to Leo Burnett as joint creative director with Ali Mohammed, eventually rising to executive creative director at the firm’s Kuala Lumpur branch.

Yanga organizes social awareness campaigns and seminars on health and other issues and is also involved with the promotion of traditional crafts of India for which she has founded Himgiri Multi-purpose Co-operative Society, a marketing agency…

Y&R (originally Young & Rubicam) is a marketing and communications company specializing in advertising, digital and social media, sales promotion, direct marketing and brand identity consulting. It is one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. It is a member of WPP, the largest advertising group in the world.

Xue continued to work at Capital Club in Beijing, this time as a marketing director, until late 2005 where she took on a position in Chengdu, China, at the China Club (private business club) as a general manager.

Wu founded, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Through this, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through daily updates on Snapchat on how to hack entrepreneurship.

… regions, indigenous music, neotraditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition intermingle (e.g., mixtures of Western pop and ethnic music). The term was popularized in the 1980s as a marketing category for non-Western traditional music.

Within the Woods, as well as serving as a prototype, had impressed the filmmakers. For a marketing strategy, a screening was arranged at their former high school, with a positive response.

… the importance of multiple components that interact with each other and the customer, with the visual, audio and social aspects of a marketing strategy being crucial for a successful customer journey (2007: 2). The strong importance placed…

With the strong growth in the use of smartphones, app usage has also greatly increased. Therefore, mobile marketers have increasingly taken advantage of smartphone apps as a marketing resource. Marketers aim to optimize the visibility of an app in a store, which will maximize the number of downloads. This practice is called App Store Optimization (ASO).

With the rise of home video, the phrase became more generically used as a marketing term (including things such as comic books and music albums, neither of which actually have directors), and the most commonly seen form of director’s cut…

With the passage of the Philippine Republic Act No. 7722 or the Higher Education Act of 1994, privately controlled educational institutions’ academic fees were deregulated. AMA increased tuition fees then solved the problem of low student population by embarking on a marketing, advertising and information campaign.

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