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… as a meal and a staple food of the western Nigerians. It is often eaten with richly made soups and stews, with beef, stockfish or mutton depending on personal taste.

…Тraditional liquid desserts that accompany a meal include saladucha (саладуха), a thick liquid made of rye flour and honey that was popular in the 18th century, and kissel, the traditional jelly drink of Eastern Europe made from the pulp…

Zwack Unicum: For over 150 years, a blend of 40 Hungarian herbs has been used to create the liqueur Unicum. Unicum is a bitter, dark-coloured liqueur that can be drunk as an apéritif or after a meal, thus helping the digestion. The recipe is held secret by the Zwack family.

… the Dragon Boat Festival, but may be eaten at any time of the year. It is popular as an easily transported snack, or a meal to consume while traveling. It is a common food among Chinese in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Ziprasidone absorption is optimally achieved when administered with food. Without a meal preceding dose, the bioavailability of the drug is reduced by approximately 50%.

Zambrero is an Australian restaurant chain serving Mexican food. It was founded in 2005 in Canberra by then-medical student Sam Prince with the idea of using the profits to support humanitarian causes. The chain donates a meal to someone in need in the developing world for every meal purchased through their Plate4Plate program.

… and his dish was, despite its plain appearance, a perfect meal that encompassed the very essence of curry as a meal for friends and family.

… he is losing sight in one of his eyes and when the fact is discovered by his coach, he is pulled off the matches and disqualified from being a boxer. One day, while the couple is having a meal in a restaurant, Yu-mei is overcome with…

Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels was a programme idea that originated from the city of Ypsilanti’s Mayor’s Council on Aging. As a result of the Council’s recommendation in the spring of 1973, the City Council agreed to appropriate $8000 to a meal delivery…

… still alive, but lets him go, believing he’ll manage without him. However, the clone is found by the two Vietnamese chefs and turned into a meal.

Yogurt soup (yoğurtlu çorba), sometimes known as yayla çorbası (“highland soup”), is a meal of Turkish cuisine. It is a yogurt soup cooked with a variety of herbs (mint, spinach, parsley and others), rice, and (sometimes) chickpeas.

Yogurt is a typical part of every meal in all the regions of Karnataka and is probably the most popular dairy product. Generally, yogurt with rice constitute the final course of a meal. Buttermilk laced with spices and curry leaves is also served with meals, especially during the summer. Ghee and butter are popular cooking mediums for those who can afford them, and are mostly reserved for festivals and special occasions.

Yeosu is famous for gejang as well as gat kimchi (갓김치). A meal emphasizing ganjang gejang is called gejang baekgan (게장백반) that consists of a plate ganjang gejang, various plates of banchan (side dishes), and a bowl of cooked rice.

… and their politicians were used to. One of his campaign promises, which he has recently reiterated, was the plan to feed a school child a meal per day. Beyond feeding the school children, he has recently emphasized that this plan will create jobs (another campaign promise) for those who will make it happen.

Yellow goatfish are benthic feeders, using a pair of long chemosensory barbels (“whiskers”) protruding from their chins to rifle through the sediments in search of a meal. They usually feed on smaller fish, hunting in a school during the day, and alone at night.

Bengali boyfriend, Sam, for a meal and is sure he is going to propose, she rushes her work and makes a damning mistake on the report her private banker boss, Zachary Khan, has asked her to prepare for an important meeting. Zach fires her the…

Y Gegin Fawr (The Big Kitchen) was built in the 13th century as a communal kitchen where pilgrims could claim a meal on their way to Bardsey Island. Aberdaron was the last place on the route for rest and refreshment and pilgrims often had to wait weeks in the village for a chance to cross the treacherous waters of Bardsey Sound (Swnt Enlli).

Xató is Sitges’ most typical dish. Its first recorded mention is in local newspaper Eco de Sitges report on Maundy Thursday, published on 16 February 1896. The report refers to a meal that three days before had gathered together a selected…

X 2000, also called X2, is a tilting train operated by SJ in Sweden. It was constructed by Kalmar Verkstad in Kalmar, Sweden (prior to the company being bought by Adtranz in 1996) and launched in 1990 as a first-class only train with a

… that led to the serum and that Carnage found Catrall first, and took the serum. Carnage is planning to put the serum in a meal being made for some homeless people during a fundraiser being put together by Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man finds…

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