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…Özdere has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa), with warm, dry summers, and with the majority of its annual precipitation falling during its cool to mild winters. With a mean annual temperature of 16.8 C, the town has significantly temperate, even subtropical climate characteristics.

…Île Amsterdam has a mild, oceanic climate under the Köppen climate classification, with a mean annual temperature of , rainfall of 1100 mm, persistent westerly winds and high levels of humidity. Under the Trewartha climate classification…

Zeta Andromedae is a spectroscopic binary whose primary is classified as an orange K-type giant with a mean apparent magnitude of +4.08. In addition to brightness variation due to the ellipsoidal shape of the giant primary star, the system…

… texture map from an agreed surface, such as a spheroid with dimensions defined by a mean surface gravity. In the case of the Earth, the zero-elevation surface is usually taken as sea level.

… upon finding out she was pregnant. When Yuki gets married for real, Kawa helps her move and finds out that her new husband is a mean drunkard.

… brings back the Sleeping Princess will become Master Roshi’s student. Meanwhile, a mean blonde-haired girl named Launch also discovered the information of the Sleeping Princess and planned to take her. The boys continued on their way to the…

Yearly length change measurements have been recorded since 1878. For the period to 1998, the overall retreat was over 1.8 km with a mean annual retreat rate of approximately 17.2 m per year. This long-term average has markedly increased in recent years, receding 30 m per year from 1999-2005. Substantial retreat was ongoing through 2006 as well.

Yang and Schank followed up on this point by using computer simulations to estimate the average onset difference that would occur by among women with variable cycle lengths and a mean cycle length of 29.5 days reported by McClintock. They…

Yaguer is an elevated hilly plateau area in the northern part of the Dikhil Region in Djibouti. It is located about 117 km east of Djibouti City. The mountains constitute the highest point in Dikhil Region. With a mean height of 1379 metres, is the fourth highest point in Djibouti. The average temperature for the highlands is approximately 17°C.

X is then distributed normally with a mean of zero and a variance of α2 / 4.

Wroxham Broad lies about one mile downstream from Wroxham Bridge. The broad has an area of 34.4 hectares and a mean depth of 1.3 metres. It lies to the west of the Bure, with two navigable openings between river and broad. The broad is…

… area of 34.4 hectares (85 acres) and a mean depth of 1.3 metres. It lies to the west of the Bure, with two navigable openings between river and broad. The village and broad lie in an area of fairly intensive agriculture, with areas of wet woodland adjoining the broad and river.

Without a mean of transportation Arcovazzi asks help to a truckload of Wehrmacht soldiers passing by, only to have his sidecar confiscated and to be made prisoner (along with his original prisoner) by the German forces.

Within story Tapestry was an ancient godlike sorceress with a mean streak for obsessive possession and domineering cruelty, the mortal enemy to former Coda Magestrix; Zannah of Khera, who pledged her services to the evil mystic at a…

… to get his sweetheart, box-office girl Sally O’Neil, noticed as a leading girl. Betty Compson plays the temperamental star and Arthur Lake the whiny young male lead. Louise Fazenda is the company’s eccentric comedian. Joe E. Brown plays the part of a mean comedian who constantly argues with Arthur Lake.

This can vary from a high of 480 mm in Misiones province to less than 180 mm. As in summer, much of the precipitation falls during convective thunderstorms. Winter (June-August) is the driest season with a mean precipitation of only 110 mm.

With ovoid grains of 3 – 4 mm length pearl millet has the largest kernels of all varieties of millet (not including sorghum) which can be nearly white, pale yellow, brown, grey, slate blue or purple. The 1000-seed weight can be anything from 2.5 to 14 g with a mean of 8 g.

With all months having a mean temperature below 10 °C, Nagqu has an alpine climate (Köppen EH), with long, very cold and dry winters, and short, cool summers. due to the town’s high altitude.

With a shape parameter k and a mean parameter μ = k/β.

With a mean temperature of -1 C, Sodankylä lies just north of the 0 C mean annual isotherm and experiences a subarctic climate, with short, mild summers and long, freezing, snowy winters. Its extreme northerly location combined with…

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