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… political and social equality for women, until 1927. The organization spread across the country and served as a means of uniting their varying cultures to a common cause. She saw socialism as a means of reorganizing society’s attitudes…

… by a polish prince Henryk Brodaty (1202-1238) whose idea was to enhance the economic and political significance of the Silesia region as a means to unify the Polish Kingdom. At around 1235 he granted the settlement a special law, based on…

Nyayasutras, Shabda as a means of true knowledge depends on an agreed convention on what words mean, the structure of sentences, establishing context and their import. The source must be reliable and comprehensible, and the receiver of knowledge must be able to understand the knowledge therefrom.

… expulsion, of Albanians from Kosovo as a geopolitical measure, a means to prevent Albanian irredentism and to secure a Yugoslav Kosovo.

…Émile Durkheim states that gods represent an extension of human social life to include supernatural beings. According to Matt Rossano, God concepts may be a means of enforcing morality and building more cooperative community groups.

Zumbi’s brother continued resistance, but Palmares was ultimately destroyed, and Velho and his followers were given land grants in the territory of Angola Janga, which they occupied as a means of keeping the kingdom from being…

… beds lower down the beach are exhausted. At least some of the seeds of eel grass have been found to germinate freely after they have passed through the gut of wildfowl and this provides a means by which the eel grass may travel dozens of…

… singular work of complex Female Gothic that speaks to its time by challenging various established views regarding women’s nature and roles”.Dacre’s act of hiding her authorship behind a pen name serves as a means of distancing herself from the accusation of writing material considered offensive, devious, and inappropriate for the nineteenth century.

… country’s reserve. Since abandoning the Zimbabwean dollar in 2009 after it went into hyperinflation the country began using a number of foreign currencies including the U.S. dollar, South African rand, British pound and Chinese yuan as a

Zimbabwe’s game reserves are managed by the government. They were initially founded as a means of using unproductive land. Little regard was given to modern conservation values, but once these evolved, the country became a world leader in wildlife management.

… (1604)) —which broke the Anglo-Dutch axis that Morocco was relying upon as a means of protection from Spain, and so caused the Spanish navy to resume devastating raids on the Moroccan coast— and the rebellion of one of his provincial governors…

… mathematical calculation methods. Unlike proponents of the Han learning, Cunyu was never interested in philology per se. For him, it was always only a means for the political goal.

Zhou, as well as many other like-minded Chinese netizens, provide on-the-scene information on events like this, as a means to give voice to ordinary Chinese whose stories get overlooked or censored in a country where all the media is under the control of China’s Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

Zheng immigrated to the United States in 1996, while he continued to explore the experimental side of contemporary ink painting and calligraphy, he also continued to use his body itself as a means to ponder immigration, assimilation and…

Zevs’ Visual Attacks similarly utilized existing advertisements as a means to literally attack commercialism. In these pieces, Zevs painted billboards of major fashion lines, including Gap, H&M and Yves Saint Laurent, so that the models look as if they have been shot.

Zero Install is a means of distributing and packaging software for multiple operating systems (Linux and Unix-like, OS X, and Windows). Many distributions offer it as an additional non-default component.

Chassidus synagogue in Williamsburg, New York. His children, later, utilized the synagogue in order to save other Jews in Europe from the Holocaust by providing them with a means of immigration to the US by hiring them as a Rabbi and firing them soon afterwards.

… writing poetry as a means to express her thoughts and emotions. Her later writing was affected by her trips to rural areas of Bengal and the Punjab, including her father’s birthplace, the Bengali village of Tajpur. She was educated at the Loreto House Convent.

Zayed University has adopted an outcomes-based academic program model. The programs are outcomes-based and designed with reference to the Zayed University Learning Outcomes. These were designed by hired U.S. consultants as a means of developing the necessary outcomes to prepare students for the world.

Zapmail was a service, launched in 1984 by Federal Express (FedEx) whereby fax transmission was offered to customers as a means to expedite delivery of documents. This was before the widespread availability and use of fax services in homes and businesses. Eventually judged a commercial failure, it was discontinued just over two years later.

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