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Zlydzens play their nasty tricks all together, because like many other small and harmful creatures they are cowards and afraid to act individually. When the owner leaves the house, Zlydzens emerge from their shelters and start a mess. They…

… a hero out of somebody else and somehow come out of the series of events unscathed. Zindagi jalebi is a story where everyone’s life is jumbling up in a mess and then how they come out of this mess.

… whatever legal action it takes. Beside Yukihira’s success at work, her private life is a mess after creating a public scandal at a hostage-taking scene.

… the problem. Children punish themselves for small missteps such as a bad grade or a mess, believing that their actions are contributing to the continuation of the alcoholism. They do not understand that it is not possible to create alcoholism in another person, and that it is not their fault.

You cannot expect Europeans to form in a queue with dirty people, possibly an old mfazi with an infant on her back, mewling and puking and making a mess of everything… It is perfectly obvious to anyone that the system we have in Southern…

… friendship they have built over time ties them together. The story is how things get turbulent in life when one of their friend finds herself caught in a mess and in the end will they be able to recover or fall apart.

You are always making a mess in the study.

Ying Yang – Very much all over the place in a mess – at sixes and sevens.

Yet in spite of all that, Mwakikagile unequivocally states in Africa is in A Mess that he does not support any attempt or scheme, by anybody, to recolonise Africa, but also bluntly states that African countries have lost their sovereignty…

… the Cape from the Dutch for the second time and retained ownership until South Africa’s independence. On Blaauwberg Hill, several buildings were constructed during World War II, including a radar station, a lookout and a mess room.

Such a

… insurance agent he has just met, Bob Egan, to the farm of an elderly man named Gorvy Hauer. The house is a mess and Gorvy is absent-minded, perhaps a tad senile. He does not have much money and, the little he has, he seems to keep in a jar. Mickey tries to sell the old man some insurance anyway.

Wilson finally sought out “an old friend of mine, an extremely able lawyer,” who told him that he was in danger of heavy fines and jail time and was in his opinion “in such a mess that he thought the best thing I could do was to become a…

… ceremony, which proceeds smoothly in spite of several aggrieved attendees. When no one speaks out against the marriage, Jack and Avery simultaneously question the crowd, admitting that they only got married because of their baby. They agree to divorce on the spot. Jack finishes the episode admitting to Liz that his love life is a mess.

While the number of sergeants (including the first sergeant) authorized in an infantry company fluctuated from three to five during various periods of history, by the American Civil War it was relatively fixed at four sergeants, a first sergeant, and a company quartermaster sergeant (added in 1861). In 1898 the infantry company was expanded to three platoons, increasing the number of sergeants in each company to six, along with a first sergeant and a company quartermaster sergeant. In 1905 the company quartermaster sergeant was renamed as company supply sergeant and a mess sergeant was added to the company.

While it has been reported that Lorillard’s son, Griswold Lorillard, introduced the then-unnamed tuxedo to the United States in 1886 at the Tuxedo Club’s Autumn Ball, this is now known to be incorrect. While Griswold and his friends did create a stir by wearing unorthodox clothing, their jackets were closer to tailcoats without tails, or what would now be called a mess jacket.

While fixing the electrical outlet, Pierce damages the circuit and the wiring in the wall burns a line down the wall. To cover it up, Pierce decides to paint over the wall. Instead, he makes a mess of the paint and ends up getting high over paint fumes.

While babysitting, House is momentarily distracted by trying to leave Wilson to babysit Rachel, and Rachel makes a mess of his Chinese takeout food. Wilson pulls a coin from her mouth and fears she has swallowed the change from the Chinese food. House and Wilson surreptitiously keeps her under observation after they think that there is a dime missing from the change, but they later realize that they had miscalculated the bill and that all of the change was accounted for.

When they arrive, the crew examine Starbug to find most of the landing jets missing and the underside a mess of rust and badly-repaired damage. Unable to understand how it happened, but realising that on the backwards Earth they will need the landing jets to perform a take-off, they begin searching for the missing jets. While searching Kryten discovers the body of a hillbilly, who has been killed with a pickaxe. He panics when the corpse begins returning to life and removes the pickaxe from the man’s chest. Once the man leaves, Kryten replays the incident ‘forwards’ and realises he was responsible for killing the man, a serious breach of his programming not to harm humans. Overwhelmed by guilt, Kryten shuts himself down. Upon learning what’s happened, Lister realises that this was…

When the infected are killed alien larva cracks out of their skulls and escape. Jean and Thomas try to save her friends but they are a mess and Todd barely remembers Jean. Jean just gets them to safety when Todd turns on them. Thomas shows…

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