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… the Oriental Institute Expedition to Semna South which excavated a Middle Kingdom Fortress and a large Meroitic cemetery. His interests covered Egyptian religion, Ptolemaic hieroglyphs and Nubiology.His 1968 book on the concept of the ba in Ancient Egypt was the first in depth study of the subject.

…Švob was born in Zagreb to a middle class Jewish family. As a child she survived the horror of the Holocaust and the NDH regime under a false identity. After the war, she attended a Gymnasium in Zagreb. Having completed her secondary education, she studied biology at the University of Zagreb from where she graduated successfully.

…Šinkovec was born in a middle class family in Ljubljana, then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.He attended the Poljane Grammar School in Ljubljana, where he was also classmate of the later historian and politician Vasko…

…Ōnakatomi no Yoshinobu (921-991, 大中臣 能宣, also Ōnakatomi no Yoshinobu Ason 大中臣能宣朝臣) was a middle Heian period waka poet and Japanese nobleman. His granddaughter was the famous later Heian poet Ise no Taiu. He is designated as a member of…

…İlham Tanui Özbilen (born William Biwott Tanui on 5 March 1990 in Kocholwo, Kenya) is a middle distance runner now representing Turkey. The 1.77 m tall athlete weighs 60 kg. He is coached by Kenyan Patrick Sang.

… he played as a middle blocker. He was a member of the national team representing Serbia and Montenegro at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

…École Le Mascaret (French for Le Mascaret School) is a middle school located in Eastern Moncton. Le Mascaret shares the same building as École L’Odyssée, a public francophone high school.Le Mascaret accommodates 575 students from grades 6 to 8. The new complex replaced the old Vanier and Beauséjour schools, which were shut down in 2005.

Zouch remained at Cambridge until 1770. He was ordained deacon in 1761, and gained the members’ prize for a Latin essay twice – in 1762 as a middle bachelor, and in 1763 as a senior bachelor. In 1762 he was elected minor fellow of his…

Zhu was born in Xiayi County, Henan in January 1955. He graduated from Northwest University in Xi’an, majoring in economics. He returned to his home county in 1973 to become a middle school teacher at Liulou School Between 1976 and 1977 he…

Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School was founded in 1996 when it had its first intake of junior middle school students only. In August 1997, it had its first intake of senior middle school students and became a middle school with both junior and senior students.

Zhao was born in Laixi, Shandong province. Zhao Kezhi entered the work force in March 1973 as a middle school teacher in his native Laixi, Shandong province, and joined the Communist Party of China in January 1975. In April 1984 he became…

Zackery Lystedt is a former youth football player who, in 2006, spent 31 days in a coma following a brain injury sustained during a middle school football game. Lystedt, then 13, returned to the field after banging his helmet hard on the…

Zachary Michael Thomas (born September 1, 1973) is a former American college and professional football player who was a middle linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons. He played college football for Texas Tech…

ZSL has offices in North America (Canada, US), Europe (UK, Switzerland, France, Germany), Asia (Singapore) and a Middle East office in Dubai, UAE.

Yves announces that he must leave as he has been summoned by the king of a Middle Eastern country. Xaviera breaks down crying. He hands her a large envelope containing cash. Although it makes her feel like a prostitute, she realizes quickly that this may be her calling in life because she loves sex and money. She starts meeting up with Yves’ friends.

Yves Duhoux (1977) dates the disc to between 1850 B.C. and 1600 B.C. (MMIII) on the basis of Luigi Pernier’s report, which says that the Disc was in a Middle Minoan undisturbed context. Jeppesen (1963) dates it to after 1400 (LMII-III).

Yukiko Tsuji (Kinuyo Tanaka) is a gentle, affectionate take on a middle aged bar hostess, struggling to bring up a child alone and facing financial, sexual and end of career issues, as well as the implied disapproval of society.

First, early youth workers, often from the middle classes, frequently saw working with deserving young people as an expression of their Christian faith. Secondly there was a concern to instill a middle class set of values in working class youth.

Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy (YWCPA) is a middle and high school secondary school for girls in Houston, Texas that is a part of the Houston Independent School District. It opened in 2011 in the former Contemporary Learning Center (CLC) building.

Yosef’s position could be seen as a middle ground between the Religious Zionists, for whom saying Hallel is compulsory, and the Ashkenazi Haredim, who do not say Hallel at all.

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