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… recently deceased where both of them slowly find out that there has been a mistake in the paperwork. They are surprised to learn that according to article 140, they were predestined to be soulmates.

Zvejnieks started in Sochi winter Olympics. He got his best place in Giant Slalom discipline (43 place), but got disqualified in Slalom after a mistake. He didn’t make any improvements in FIS points list in Slalom, but he got better points in Giant Slalom discipline.

… others get caught by the ‘monkey catcher’, leaving Zamir in charge of his own troop. One of the Galta Gang members, Kavi, who was cared for at an animal charity after suffering an electric shock eight months ago, is released and as a

… party where a man gives her unwanted attention. She has sex with Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) when he defends her from an overly-persistent interest and allows him to walk her home. The next day, Denise is embarrassed and tells Fatboy it was a

Yuri Tag was singled out for making a mistake during the performance. Mike Song stated that at 10 pm, the night before the show, the song was changed, forcing the crew to change parts of their choreography.

New Year’s Eve. After accidentally destroying Makoto’s laptop, she tries to train Makoto on how to date her friend Erika Kawai, and even goes on a mock date where she holds up X signs and razzes Makoto whenever he makes a mistake. But in the…

Young says that his marriage to Rose was a mistake and lasted only eighteen months. He is currently married to a Polish-born woman named Marisha.

Young makes a mistake in translating the obelisk setting back his work whilst Champollion using a copy of the obelisk creates a hieroglyphic alphabet that he uses along with Coptic to translate the name of Ramesses the Great from sketches…

… race, causing damage to Young’s car and forcing him out of the race. Round 2 at the Bahrain International Circuit was Young’s strongest weekend of the Championship, finishing in the top 5 but losing the lead after making a mistake on lap…

… father what had happened to the money his family depended on. His father told him he was entitled to make a mistake and that he hoped his son would never do anything worse than this. When Perry was 14, his father became unable to work because of a severe heart condition. Como and his brothers became the support of the household.

York were beaten 1-0 away by Notts County, whose goal came in the 12th minute when Izale McLeod capitalised on a mistake by Flinders. Platt was recalled from his loan at Harrogate, where he made six appearances, after Summerfield sustained…

Yet his Zionism was not that of a secularised state. It was a mistake, he believed, to endeavour to establish a European state in Palestine, as conceived by Theodor Herzl, as opposed to the cultural state envisaged by Ahad Ha-Am. To do so…

… compared to the Gregorian calendar, i.e. 14 January of every year. Probably due to a mistake of the first cultural associations asking to return to this traditional celebration, the opinion that the traditional date is 12 January is very widespread, especially in Algeria.

… dilemma over it: if it isn’t love/why do I feel this way/why does she stay on my mind? The song has a memorable breakdown similar to that of The Jackson 5, where lead singer Ralph Tresvant admits that he made a mistake and he realizes he does…

… five months instead of rushing into a new relationship. However, she finds her resolve tested by the arrival of new love interest Lolli (Vanessa Dunn), as well as the nagging suspicion that breaking up with Robyn may have been a mistake.

Writing in 1934 the architect Isoya Yoshida encouraged architects to design in the sukiya-style using modern materials. He said that it was important to display the natural characteristics of the wood although it would be a mistake to use anything that might catch the eye as this was not in the spirit of the style.

Vestini were Pinna, Avia, Amiternum (a mistake, probably Aufina) and Angulus. Pliny the Elder mentions also Peltuina. He lists the Vestini in Augustus’ Regio IV.

a mistake and from their initial mistake grew the terrible drama of errors, errors of omission rather than commission, resulting in these needless casualties. Some commanders involved, including Admiral Chester Nimitz, Admiral Raymond…

… decisions of the lower courts. He believed that the court that heard the case and pronounced judgment was generally able to make a decision that was superior to appellate courts’ decisions. He believed the appellate process should be reserved for the more serious cases and cases where the lower court had clearly made a mistake.

Working on the assembly line at the Todd toy manufacturing company, Jane Rogers makes a mistake and is called before company general manager Lee Stevens, a man she has admired from afar. Lee’s secretary is fired, at the request of his sweetheart Alice, daughter of factory owner T. J. Todd.

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