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…Žalvarinis’s sound, on the other hand, while still influenced by traditional Lithuanian folk music, is more modern – generally speaking, it’s a mix of traditional heavy metal and progressive rock. The first album of the band was metal-influenced, however with later albums, the sound becomes more progressive.

… released her second album called Teď a Tady (“Now And Here”) which is a mix of pop and funky music with elements of jazz or even swing. Vaňková lives in Jirkov and attends school in Most.

…Škola also prepared a mix tape with freestyles from all its guests that was recorded off air. The mix tape was never released but Don Trialeon said he would release it in 2026 (20 years after Radio S.K.C. shut down and the show no longer aired).

…Świetliki (The Fireflies) are a Polish band formed in Cracow in October 1992. They perform music described as a mix of alternative rock and sung poetry.

… (occasionally leaders) of major Japanese political parties, and the rest are usually a mix of famous tarento and prominent foreign personalities. While some of the regulars and guests are also strong debators, many (especially some of the tarento)…

…Łąki Łan was founded in 2002. By the time the band’s debut album Łąki Łan was released on 12 August 2005, it had played over 100 concerts. The album, which was much anticipated, was described by some reviewers as a mix of funk, house, trip hop and drum’n’bass.

…Črna lies in a set of clearings on a slope below Rupe Hill. The surrounding forest is a mix of spruce and beech. Black Gorge (Črna grapa) lies below the settlement and Black Creek (Črna) flows through the gorge.

…Élage sings mainly in wolof, but also in French and English. The album is festive; the songs address many themes such as love, peace, hope, adventure, etc. This album is inspired by many cultures: a mix of folk, blues and world music, it…

…Çufo airs a mix of animated and live-action programming.

…Årvoll is a mix of apartment buildings, single family homes and duplexes. It is adjacent to Grefsenkollen, a hill offering views of the city with walking trails, a small ski area with t-bar lift and a small pond named Trollvann.

… technology research. Professional training incorporates a mix of practical work experience and academic study while, in general, emphasis is placed on obtaining a good level of general education and language ability. As a result, the city is…

Zorio’s Senza titolo (untitled) is a performative sculpture. Zorio took a bowl and filled it with a mix of bright yellow sulphur powder and iron powder. In the bowl of powder is a magnetic handle. As the participant drags the handle along…

Zoo consisted of a mix of comedy news, sports commentary, photos of glamour models, jokes (of the pub joke style), an entertainments guide (covering TV, cinema, video/computer games and music), fashion/grooming and comical/rude pictures sent in by readers.

Zodiac’s style is a mix of hard rock, blues rock and classic rock from the 1970s. Drummer Janosch Rathmer labelled Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top and Joe Bonamassa as influences.

Zito played his last match on 7 November 1967, a 5-0 win against a mix between Ferroviário and Fortaleza at the Estádio Presidente Vargas.

Zion Church measures 24 by 32 meters and is situated on 6,725 square meters of land. An extension was built on the back facade, measuring 6 by 18 meters. It was built above a foundation of 10,000 logs. The construction is designed by E. Ewout Verhagen from Rotterdam. The wall is constructed from bricks glued by a mix of sand and heatproof sugar.

… looked like, not to mention he would be in a mix of soldiers. Zhang therefore turned to psychology. He ordered his troops to shoot weeds, instead of arrows, at a few enemy soldiers. When these soldiers noticed that they were being shot by weeds,…

… to organic principles. Other techniques arepermaculture and no-till farming. Finally, newcomers as the Agro-ecologic system focus on a blend of a more large-scale approach with imbedded natural/organic farming techniques. A farm may choose to adopt a particular method, or a mix of techniques.

Zeno Cosini, the narrator of Italo Svevo’s Zeno’s Conscience, is a typical example of unreliable narrator: in fact the novel is presented as a diary of Zeno himself, who unintentionally distorts the facts to justify his faults. His psychiatrist, who publishes the diary, claims in the introduction that it’s a mix of truths and lies.

… inspiring youth from the television show, B InTune TV in 2005. Zarah, who came to Los Angeles at a young age, is a mix of Filipino, Spaniard and Chinese. She presently hosts the popular music-based teen show B InTune TV, achieving a global…

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