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…Âu Cơ was a young, beautiful fairy who lived high in the mountains. She traveled to heal those who suffered because she was skillful in medicine and had a sympathetic heart. One day, a monster frightened her, so she turned into a crane to…

Zither – One of the Archeomusiologists that Sho encounters in Semplice. He warned Sho about his powers and for the fact that Sho will become a monster, due to the exposure of the Vipa wave that he received back then.

Zealotus is the offspring of a monster father and a human mother. Because of the prejudice of her monster half, Zealotus and her mother were forced to leave their village. The cruelty of the villagers left a deep hatred of humans in…

… summons and fuses with his own clones, and mutates into a monster, forcing Zack to kill him. Before he dies, Angeal gives Zack his Buster Sword, telling him to protect his honor.

… being reborn as a human girl (even sharing Sachiko’s DNA) and losing her memories of being a monster. As a child, she lacked common sense because she was adapting to her human body and behaved like a monster. She is the one who gave Utsutsu the scar across his eye, and was also responsible for transforming him into a monster like her.

Yuki (Yuki): A girl who Fujimiya rescues during a monster attack in episode 20; she runs into him frequently after the rescue.

Ys II introduced magic spells to the series (e.g. shooting fireballs), and the ability to transform into a monster, which allows the player to both scare human non-player characters for unique dialogues, and interact with non-boss monsters.

You start the game with a limited number of grenades, which if used at the correct range will destroy a monster (the number of grenades you have are shown on the top left of the screen).

… changed at an archaeological dig that Adam and Teela went on with Man-At-Arms, with Cringer in tow because he did not want to leave Adam’s side. They inadvertently broke open a door releasing a monster, and to attempt to stop the monster Adam…

… boy wouldn’t want to be best friends with a monster in the woods, especially if he’s being tormented by bullies? The creature, who he names Owen, may be the answer to his problems…

Yashin released their 2nd Studio Album We Created A Monster on 25 June 2012.

Wylie also argues that the view of Shaka as a monster who started the Mfecane does not hold up under hard analysis, and that regional upheavals and other factors were already in play in the environment when Shaka appeared.

Pivnik, whose formula for an oral suntan lotion transforms the hapless scientist into a monster. Salem and Brown were inspired by Woody Allen’s redubbing of the 1965 Japanese spy thriller film Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi, which…

Worthy racked up a monster triple-double: 36 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. For that and his earlier efforts in the series, he was named the Finals MVP.

… ability to transform into a monster, which allows the player to both scare human non-player characters, prompting unique dialogues, as well as interact with monsters. This is a recurring feature in the series, offering the player insight into the enemies to an extent that very few other games allow to this day.

… discovers that she is pregnant with Wol-ryung’s child and gives birth to a son. Realizing that the baby isn’t a monster and regretting her betrayal to Wol-ryung, Seo-hwa entrusts the baby in the care of a monk, So-jung (Kim Hee-won). She then confronts Gwan-woong, but is killed.

Witten later changed his mind, and argued that nonperturbatively 2+1D topological gravity differs from Chern-Simons because the functional measure is only over nonsingular vielbeins. He suggested the CFT dual is a Monster conformal field theory, and computed the entropy of BTZ black holes.

With two separate greens, this hole features a fascinating strategy contrast. When the pin is on the left green, a monster bunker protects the hole and the player will need to fight through dense rough. The right green is open, but has a long right dog leg.

… himself into a monster with the aid of the Precioustone, forcing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy to fight him. The group uses the light switches to defeat Void. Lumina reunites with Void and they merge into Lumina, their true form. She…

She-Wolf of London, starring June Lockhart. The House of Horrors gave him his best-remembered role beyond Goebbels, as an insane sculptor, Marcel De Lange, who saves a monster from drowning and gets revenge by having the monster kill his critics.

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