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…Ó hEinieí he was filmed for the 6-part BBC documentary In Search of the Trojan War, which was brodcast in 1985. He also featured on a Morning Ireland report brodcast on 25 July that year.

…Æthelthryth made an early first marriage in around 652 to Tondberct, chief or prince of the South Gyrwe. She managed to persuade her husband to respect her vow of perpetual virginity that she had made prior to their marriage. Upon his death in 655, she retired to the Isle of Ely, which she had received from Tondberct as a morning gift.

Zigler has appeared as a guest expert on Orange County News network in Orange County, California, as well as Good Morning Texas, a morning show produced by the ABC affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas. He has been consulted numerous times regarding the spinal injuries of such high-profile celebrities as Christopher Reeve and Jason Priestley.

Youth – With an enrollment of approximately 400 children, the Youth program is the largest program at the Center. The program consists of a morning session for novice students and an afternoon session for advanced students. There are a total of ten sessions over the summer season. Each Friday, the program brings a group of about sixty students out to a Boston Harbor Island.

Yanzhao Metropolis Daily (Chinese: 燕赵都市报; Pinyin: Yānzhào Dūshì Bào) is a morning newspaper published in the Hebei province of the People’s Republic of China. It is owned by Hebei Daily Newspaper Group, which also publishes Hebei Daily.

Yang was born in the Chinese city of Harbin and remains a Chinese citizen. In 2008, she won the 139th Akutagawa Prize for her (Japanese language) novel Tokiga nijimu asa (literally, A Morning When Time Blurs). She is thus far the only Chinese national and only non-native Japanese speaker to win the award.

… on the ground in the garden, was convinced of the truth of Xquic’s story. Dennis Tedlock suggests that the net impression is a reference to the daybearer K’at and a thus possible reference to the emergence of Venus as a morning star; Xmucane, one of the original pair of daykeepers, was certainly able to read such signs.

XM172 quickly developed into full-time sports talk format, with original programming of three programs: a morning, noon, and afternoon show, as well as some original weekend programs. It continued to evolve and later added a live show to…

… essential part of learning. However, Nat Bhairav is a morning raag, commonly sung at the end of the concert. The raag reflects the mood of slight pathos with heroic exuberance. It shares the notes with Ahir Bhairav which has a sombre temperament.

… essential part of learning. However, Bhairav is a morning raag, commonly sung at the end of the concert. The raag is grave in mood and suggests seriousness, introversion as well as devotional attitude. By the mature deep temperament of this raag the musician expect to make the mood sombre. It shares the notes with Ahir Bhairav which has a sombre temperament.

Worship is in the Modern Catholic style of the Anglican Church. Each Sunday there is a morning Holy Communion service using the Book of Common Prayer and (except on the fifth Sunday) another service later in the morning. Another Holy Communion service is held on Thursday mornings.

World News Today is a current affairs news programme, produced by BBC News, presented by Philippa Thomas, Kasia Madera, Alice Baxter, Alpa Patel and Karin Giannone. It was originally conceived as a morning television show aimed at American…

… an early afternoon slot (2.00pm). The programme’s move to a morning slot was unpopular among some listeners who, for family or other reasons, work only in the morning. Michael Green, the then controller of Radio 4, made his decision the…

… professorship in 1975 and from his journal editorship in 1981. He died in Utrecht in 1990, sitting on a bench in a park where he always took a morning walk.

With the exception of two new signal boxes and associated greatly improved colour light signalling, track circuiting and electrically operated track points, train operation at Crewe changed little in over fifty years. The trains did become longer and heavier and were hauled by larger engines, which required increased supplies of water to be taken on board before departure, but the number of passenger trains using Crewe Station and the method of operation did not vary greatly despite the passage of two world wars. Trains continued to divide at Crewe with the front portion for Manchester and the rear for Liverpool. The station pilot engine always had a pair of restaurant cars in a bay platform ready to attach to a morning service to London. Always there were extra coaches waiting to be attached to overcrowded trains. In addition to passengers there were vast…

… after more than a month of stalemate, Li Cunxu sent Zhou to provoke Wang and Han into engaging his troops and crossing the river. They fought for a morning, and the Later Liang army began to tire. Wang’s own troops withdrew slightly, when…

With democracy fully restored, El Independiente published its final number on May 31, 1958. The next day, June 1, El Espectador circulated again, with a morning edition directed by Gabriel Cano and other one in the afternoon, led by Guillermo Cano.

William Randolph Hearst hired S.S. (Sam) Chamberlain, who had started the first American newspaper in Paris, as managing editor and Arthur McEwen as editor, and changed the Examiner from an evening to a morning paper. Under him, the…

William Randolph Hearst had opened up two newspapers in Chicago one being an evening edition the Chicago American and a morning edition the Chicago Examiner. Hearst management had signed a joint contract for five years covering the…

… and one of his daily chores was a morning delivery to Fort Carlisle (now Fort Davis) with a consignment of meat for the troops. It was from Fort Carlisle that he joined the army.

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