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… today are the Kharatara, Tapa and the Tristutik. Major reforms by Vijayanandsuri of the Tapa Gaccha in 1880 led a movement to restore orders of wandering monks, which brought about the near-extinction of the Yati institutions. Acharya Rajendrasuri restored the shramana organisation in the Tristutik Order.

…Đồng Khởi was a movement led by members of the Việt Minh in Southern Vietnam who urged people to revolt against the United States and the Republic Of Vietnam, first of all in large rural areas in southern Vietnam and on Highlands of South…

…Ājīvikas was a movement (extinct from at least the 13th century CE) whose founder, Makkhali Gosala, was a contemporary of Mahavira and Gautama Buddha (the central figures of Jainism and Buddhism, respectively). Gosala and his followers also denied the existence of a creator god.

…Álvarez first received media attention in 2014, after a speech given by her at the Ibero-American Youth Parliament received widespread coverage on social media. She has become well known for her discourses against populism, a movement she believes has resulted in political instability in many Latin-American countries.

Zwingli’s views on baptism were largely a response to Anabaptism, a movement which attacked the practice of infant baptism. He defended the baptism of children by describing it as a sign of a Christian’s covenant with disciples and God just as God made a covenant with Abraham.

Zhang was born in Chenzhou, Hunan in 1956. He received his M.A degree from Zhejiang University in 1988. In 2006, Zhang initiated a movement to call for abolishment of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Zero Point Frontiers Corporation (ZPFC) is a private aerospace firm based in Huntsville, Alabama.They, along with several other companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Firefly Space Systems are proponents of NewSpace: a movement in the…

Zainah was appointed a commissioner with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or Suhakam. However, she left because she felt that as a movement, it was not making a difference.

… as The Eighty-Four The Eighty Four refers to the 84% of youth in Massachusetts that do not use tobacco products. The Eighty Four is a movement created by MTCP to encourage youth to actively participate in fighting…

… waves appeared to become young people taking the news of Jesus into all the nations of the world. He envisioned a movement that would send young people out into various nations to share the message of Jesus, and which would involve Christians of all non-catholic denominations.

… modifier which makes a forced march of 1 MP almost certain to be obtained, giving French infantry a movement allowance of 4 MP for practical purposes.

Yogyakarta Principles in Action is a movement for activists and human rights defenders to promote human rights, especially those of LGBTI around the Yogyakarta Principles, supported by ARC International, Hivos and Dreilinden Gesellschaft für gemeinnütziges Privatkapitel, Germany.

Hungary, where his father and grandfather served as Grand Rabbis. After surviving the Holocaust, he continued their legacy by founding a yeshiva and a movement in their name, first in Hungary and then a few years later in Jerusalem, Israel.

Yet historians differ as to whether Mannerism is a style, a movement, or a period; and while the term remains controversial it is still commonly used to identify European art and culture of the 16th century.

… theatre for Young Spectators, the Volkhonka (a popular chamber theatre), and the Kolyada theatre (a chamber theatre founded by Russian playwright, producer and actor Nikolai Kolyada). Yekaterinburg is the centre of New Drama, a movement of…

… had only become involved due to the activism of leaders of the Kahal (the autonomous administrative body) of the Jewish community of Vilna. The Kahal leaders viewed Hasidism as a movement that threatened the social order and their economic…

Yasser Borhami is an Egyptian Salafi Muslim activist and preacher. He is one of the founders of the Salafist Call, a movement that created the Salafist Al Nour Party in 2011. He is also the vice president of the Salafist Call. Borhamy was…

… svit (“Ukrainian World”). Orantism is a movement centred around the cult of Berehynia, linked to Ukrainian national identity, non-violence and resistance to global assimilation.

Yadunandan Sharma (also spelled Jadunandan) (1896-1975) was an Indian peasant leader and national liberation figure from the Indian state of Bihar. He had started a movement for the rights of tillers against the zamindars and Britishers at Reora celebrated as the Reora Satyagraha.

Wenyi’s support and carried out his plan by taking over several newspapers and journals, and by enrolling its members in universities. Its scheme of forging a movement for a new culture was adopted by Chiang, and on February 19, 1934, he…

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