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… five-part composition, scored for sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses, and is a much more lively and fast movement (marked Vivace, stridente). The central section of Reggel is marked with a Più mosso. Prestissimo molto leggiero,…

… any information. With the help of an Indian origin police officer Tejpal Singh (Pawan Malhotra) gets to know that his father died years ago in a gangwar in a rivalry with a much more powerful don named Sangram. Somehow Tejpal helps Zorawar in…

Ziva’s relationship with McGee develops to resemble one of a brother and sister. While Ziva teases McGee a great deal, often with Tony, they remain on friendly terms (Ziva’s teasing is far more playful than Tony’s, who takes a much more sadistic…

Tony’s, who takes a much more sadistic approach to the pranks he pulls on McGee). McGee was the first person to point out that Ziva was avoiding Tony at the start of season 7 and that sooner or later she would have to straighten out that relationship. He is much more comfortable and confident around Ziva than her predecessor, Kate Todd.

Zemczak came up with a design which was much easier to use and much simpler. SoftwareValet was used before this package installer and Haiku’s package installer was known to be a better version. More functions were added to it in order to come up with a much more efficient and effective installer.

Zar und Zimmermann was received with very little enthusiasm by the public of Leipzig. However, at subsequent performances in Berlin there was a much more positive reaction. The opera soon appeared on all the stages of Germany, and today is…

Young children who are infected with hepatitis A typically have a milder form of the disease, usually lasting from 1-3 weeks, whereas adults tend to experience a much more severe form of the disease.

… her. Had that happened the court would have taken a much more serious view of this incident. But it was purely fortuitous that she was not deflowered. Had you not ejaculated prematurely she might not have been a virgin today.

Yenna-d Umghar (The Wise Man Has Spoken) is characterised by more complex music and a much more careful presentation of lyrics in Kabyle, French and Arabic with a brief summary in English. The Lounis of Yenna-d Umghar is a far cry from the…

Years later the Smithsonian Institution asked Manly for a monograph about the engine, and he wrote an account that significantly downplayed Balzer’s contribution, reducing it to supplying a non-working design that he rebuilt. Balzer’s family was upset, and the Smithsonian eventually wrote a much more balanced version.

New York sports. The Yankees’ success in the late 1990s was a key factor in the decision, as it had become a much more valuable brand than ever before.

Yale was played by Robert Ellenstein in the TV series The Lawless Years and by Al Ruscio in the original The Untouchables television series. A much more simplified depiction of his murder was featured in the opening scene of an episode of the remake series.

Sábliková skating the fastest time ever in Europe, defeating the three-time Olympic gold medallist on the distance, Pechstein, by more than ten seconds. Pechstein still finished second, while Wüst took third place after a much more consistent race…

Wu Peifu hung a portrait of George Washington in his office. He was a nationalist, and refused to enter foreign concessions–not even to hide from his enemies–because he viewed them as an affront to China, and instead chose a much more perilous method of escape.

… likelihood of some inaccuracies or bias towards an idiosyncratic perception by the choice of genre. A memoir, for example, is allowed to have a much more selective set of experiences than an autobiography which is expected to be more complete and make a greater attempt at balance. Famous memoirists include Frances Vane, Viscountess Vane, and Giacomo Casanova.

… community representatives appointed by the South Australian government since 1916, but now there was a chance for parents to have a much more active role in contributing to the school.

World War II had a much more dramatic impact on the economy than the previous war. It immediately stimulated industry and agriculture effectively ending the Depression. After the introduction of manpower controls and conscription a severe…

Working with George’s nephew who goes under the alias of Jack Scarper, he must discover the culprit of a terrible crime. Once more he must face the anarchists, but this time he has a much more personal reason.

Vietnam war, is his most awarded film in this genre. That Rubbo should have pursued this vision at the National Film Board was particularly striking, as the NFBs English-language production branch had, during Rubbos tenure, generally encouraged a much more objective approach to non-fiction film, including the use of voice-of-God narration.

… desk is even bigger and larger than the Wooton, and despite the use of rich veneers by some makers, it is a much more practical piece of furniture.

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