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…Αs early as the 1930s, there were thoughts of creating a Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. The Macedonian Educational Brotherhood (1940) and later the Society for Macedonian Studies took an active part in establishing this museum. After…

…Žmuidzinavičius Museum, known as the Devils’ Museum (Velnių muziejus), is a museum in Kaunas, , dedicated to collecting and exhibiting sculptures and carvings of devils from all over the world. The collection was started by artist Antanas…

…Şanlıurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum is a museum in Şanlıurfa (also known as Urfa), Turkey. The museum contains remains of Şanlıurfa (known as Edessa in antiquity), Harran (another ancient city which lies 44 km southeast of Şanlıurfa), and ruins found in the hydroelectric dam reservoirs of Atatürk Dam, Birecik Dam and Karkamış Dam.

…Ōya-ji – a Buddhist temple including a museum with artifacts dating back to the Jōmon Period.

…Ōta-juku Nakasendō Museum (Ōta-juku Nakasendō Kaikan) is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Nakasendō’s Ōta-juku and is located in the city of Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

…İzmir Toy Museum (also called “Ümran Baradan Toy Museum”) is a museum of toys in İzmir , Turkey.

…İstanbul Modern, a.k.a. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, (İstanbul Modern Sanat Müzesi) is a museum of contemporary art in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey. Inaugurated on December 11, 2004, the museum features the work of Turkish artists. The director of the museum is Levent Çalıkoglu, and the chair of the board of directors is Oya Eczacıbaşı.

…İskenderun Naval Museum is a museum in İskenderun, Turkey.

… called Malatya Technology Development Zone in Malatya. Over 90,000 students have graduated since 1975 from İnönü University. Inside the university, there is a museum commemorating Ismet Inonu, along-with another museum commemorating Turgut Ozal.

…Đống Đa Mound is located within the Đống Đa Park. On top of Đống Đa Mound is a temple gate which has on its top 3 Han Chinese words Trung Liệt miếu (Trung Liệt shrine). There was supposed to be a temple which doesn’t exist anymore. From the foot of the mount leads a paved way to the statue of King Quang Trung-Nguyễn Huệ with two relievos and a museum.

…Český Krumlov Castle is a Museum located in the city Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It dates back to 1240 when the first castle was built by the Witigonen family, the main branch of the powerful Rosenberg family.

…Øregård came under new ownership and was converted into a museum and was ultimately acquired by Gentofte Municipality in 1917 and converted into a museum. The park was carefully renovated by Gudmund Nyeland Brandt, municipal gardener and later parks director in Hentofte from 1914 to 1841, and was converted into a public park.

…Ödemiş Museum is a museum in Ödemiş ilçe (district) of İzmir Province, Turkey.It is on Turkish state highway 310 situated slightly to the east of the town centre.

…Ópera station has a museum with a floor space of 234 m² where 16th- and 17th-century remains may be observed, such as the Caños del Peral Fountain, which delivered water to the Royal Palace via the Amaniel Aqueduct, as well as other water supply works discovered during the remodelling works, such as the Arenal Sewer. Users may see the remains on display at the station and visit a room equipped with an audiovisuals to learn the history of the archaeological remains found.

… administration when the islands were used as a penal settlement. With an elevation of 66 m, the island is the highest of the group. It contains a museum and a hotel (l’Auberge des Îles du Salut) as well as an optical and infrared tracking site that supports space launches from the nearby Kourou facility.

…Çengelhan Rahmi Koç Museum is a museum of industrial technology situated in Çengel Han, an Ottoman era Inn which was completed in 1523, during the early years of the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The exhibits include…

…Çanakkale Archaeological Museum (Çanakkele Arkeoloji Müzesi) is a museum in Çanakkale, Turkey.

…Çamlıca Republic Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is the largest mosque in Asia Minor and was inaugurated on 1 July 2016. Çamlıca Mosque is able to accommodate 37,500 people, and includes a museum, art gallery, library, conference hall, and underground parking lot.

…Çamlıca Mosque is set to be completed as the largest mosque in Asia Minor by the end of 2016, able to accommodate 37,500 people, and will include a museum, art gallery, library, conference hall, and underground parking lot.

…Çambel was also active in promoting the preservation of Turkey’s cultural heritage. In the 1950s, she resisted the government’s attempt to move the artifacts from Karatepe to a museum. The government eventually agreed, and in 1960…

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