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…Żurawlew was born at Rostov-on-Don in Russia in 1886. He studied with Aleksander Michałowski at the Warsaw Conservatory until 1913, and taught there himself from 1923. In 1916 he founded a music school in Minsk (now Belarus), and in 1920 one in Białystok.

…Škerjanc was also a music critic and writer about music and is the author of three monographs on Slovene composers, five pedagogical handbooks and a book Od Bacha do Šostakoviča literally meaning From Bach to Shostakovich.

… imitated the voice of the woman who presented the bird songs in his child’s records. This was how they got the idea to recruit a music teacher for Ōe. His parents arranged a piano teacher, Kumiko Tamura, for him. Instead of speaking, Ōe began to express his feelings in music and through musical composition. Eventually he was taught musical notation.

…İstemihan Taviloğlu (15 April 194517 March 2006) was a Turkish composer and a music educator. He’s most known piece is the Clarinet Concerto which happens to be the first ever Clarinet Concerto composition from a Turkish Compositor. He is…

…İstanbul Plak is a music publishing company of Turkey, established in 1963 and based in Unkapanı, Istanbul.

… (Inferno Plan), Slovene youth film from 1989. She started to appear on TV more often from 1997, as a host of music program for younger generations called Atlantis which was broadcast on Kanal A. Since 2005 she has hosted a music program…

…Özçalkan’s last album, namely Suspus, was released on 26 May 2015, after a long hiatus. He filmed a music video for the title track Suspus, and he expressed interest in releasing more music videos for his other songs on the album as well.

…Öpik also gained media attention for his part in a music video by unsigned band The Good Suns. The video featured the politician dancing and miming lyrics to their debut song Pop Wound.

…Óttar is married to Elo Vazquez. They have collaborated on some projects, including cartoons which appeared in the Reykjavík Grapevine, and directing a music video for the Spanish band I Am Dive in 2013.

…Ó Riada’s career began as a music director at Radio Éireann from 1954, after which he worked at the Abbey Theatre from 1955 to 1962. He lectured in music at University College Cork from 1963 until his death in 1971. He became a household…

…Élysée Montmartre (L’Élysée Montmartre) is a music venue located at 72 Boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris, France. It opened in 1807, burned down in 2011, reopened in 2016, and has a capacity of 1,380 patrons. The nearest métro station is Anvers.

…Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre (commonly referred to as L’Oiseau-Lyre) is a music publishing company financed and established in Paris in 1932 by Louise Dyer (later Hanson-Dyer), an Australian pianist and philanthropist.

…Éditions Russes de Musique was a music publishing company operating in Germany, Russia, France, the UK and the USA.

…ÉDMS is a junior high school containing grades 5 – 8. There is a slightly larger gym as well as a music room for the students beginning in the band programs.

Zzaj is also the name of an artist of ill repute from Western Washington state; he has been responsible over the years for production of 65 CD’s and a music review magazine called IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION.

Zune Music Pass is a music subscription service, which allows subscribers to download an unlimited number of songs for as long as their subscription is active. The songs can be played on up to 3 Windows PCs and on up to 3 other…

Sonora where she worked for forty years as a music teacher, choral director, lecturer and radio program producer and songwriter. She died in the State of Sonora General Hospital on 26 May 1987 at the age of 98.

Zoviet France (also known as :$OVIET:FRANCE:, Soviet France, :Zoviet-France: and latterly usually written as :zoviet*france:) is a music group from Newcastle upon Tyne in north east England. While often dissonant and made of industrial…

Zorbing was released as the first single of Beachcomber’s Windowsill, however it failed to chart in the UK Official top 200. It was self-released by the band and a music video was released on YouTube. The unofficial video, home-made by the band with help from friend Hilary O’Hare, reached 1,000,000 views in October 2012.

Zomò is one of the most popular singer at Saint-Marc. In 2014, he featured in a music called Lifes goes on which was one of the best in Haiti.

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