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…İhsan Hakan (1965, Ankara-1 November 1993, Ankara), also known as Mustafa Deniz, was a PKK defector who was killed, according to some as part of a cover-up of the suspected assassination of general Eşref Bitlis, in a mysterious plane crash.

…ČEZ was said to have selected a mysterious company called CEEI to construct a billion dollar nuclear storage facility for the Czech Republic. The company’s paper trace ends in U.B.I.E, a company registered in Liechtenstein. Russia’s…

Zurta, a mysterious and sinister character, boards the train with an accomplice to search for the stolen painting, which he believes to be in the possession of Poole. Poole attempts to avoid being found by hiding in his sleeping compartment.

Zoombini Isle, the Zoombinis’ homeland, has been taken over by the evil Bloats. The Zoombinis flee but end up in a mysterious and treacherous land. Players must guide the Zoombinis through this land to reach the safety of Zoombiniville, a land of hope and prosperity for the Zoombinis. The game was made in 1995, and released in 1996.

Zoombies is a 2016 American low-budget science fiction zombie film directed by Glenn R. Miller and written by Scotty Mullen. The story follows a small staff and some visitors of a to-be-opened zoo affected by a mysterious virus which turns the animals into meat-seeking aggressive zombies.

Zikonian (Zik): The Zikonians are a mysterious race about whom not much is known. It is claimed that they are an ancient race come to claim domination over the universe, others say that they are a rebel offspring of the Cathaar. They have the uncommon ability to steal enemy ships, thus giving them a variety of ships from each race.

… find the compass, he finds a tribe of men preparing to sacrifice a young virgin woman to their water god. Hercules saves the girl from being sacrificed, while unknowingly being watched by a mysterious robed figure. The woman tells Hercules…

… the central part of Copenhagen inaccessible, over time it becomes impossible to enter the area due to some invisible shield. When Zetterstrøm returns to Copenhagen, he is oblivious of this incident, and is guided by a mysterious man (Henning Moritzen) into the zone. Inside the zone, Zetterstrøm must re-experience his unresolved and traumatic love affair.

Zero quickly discovers that the blackmailer is Gloria Sullivan, an EMT with a mysterious past. Zero becomes attracted to Gloria and they sleep together, compromising his trademark objectivity. He lets his guard down and tells her that his abusive father killed his mother and himself.

Zeph: Young assistant to Delezar, who was killed. He always wears a mysterious blindfold. He is now an archmage.

Zeph: Delezar’s young assistant who always wears a mysterious blindfold.

Zelazny refers in passing to B. Traven, a mysterious German novelist who lived most of his life in Mexico. He is known for his novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Zeke is a mysterious dark warrior that all the heroes encounter, he has great power and skill. He works for Mad Company, but is not truly interested in their goals. Once he has done what he was paid to do, he simply leaves.

… in Lunch no Jouou she plays an active girl with a mysterious past. Egao No Hōsoku shows her experience meeting new people while supporting a manga writer, and in Pride she is a symbol of the good old days to the main character, played by…

… organ grinder, a mysterious young woman, a prostitute and last not least, Sayyid Marzuq, a rich business man who invites him in order to tell him his story. In the evening Marzuq asks Yusuf to look after his expensive car for a moment. A while…

Yury Shchekochikhin, a renowned journalist and deputy in the State Duma, had also worked for the newspaper as an investigative journalist and had been a deputy Editor-in-Chief until he died after a mysterious and severe allergy on 3 July…

Yuriko Kuraki is the biological mother of both Suzuna and Mizuna, widow of her late husband Zenzirō and matriarch of the house. A mysterious and voluptuous woman, Yuriko is by far the most influential figure over the household and the paranormal force that manifests within it; exhibiting this position with formality in both her voice and clothes.

Yuno, a mysterious holographic image girl who was encountered by Lutina and the protagonist. Voiced by Saori Hayami.

a mysterious girl falls on top of him. This girl, named Merry Nightmare, is actually a dream demon (muma), who’s searching for a way to get back to her world. Yumeji decides to help her, and a gate to the world of dreams opens again, this…

Yuko Amamiya (voiced by: Yumiko Nakajima (Japanese), Carli Mosier (English)), a mysterious girl dressed like a nun, and Yu Himura (voiced by: Kōichi Tōchika (Japanese), David Matranga (English)), a mysterious gentleman who is somehow…

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